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Biography and appearance
RaceGlowing one
Hair StyleHairChildMCurly (HairChildMCurly)Hair Color?
AffiliationDoctor Barrows
RoleSubject of observation
LocationMuseum of American History
The Chop Shop
Dialogue FileEthyl's dialogue
Combat StyleDefault
assistanceHelps Nobody
Alignment0 Neutral
SPECIALStrength: 6
Perception: 5
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 6
Luck: 4
Derived StatsHit Points: 10
Fatigue: 50
Critical chance:
Melee damage:
Unarmed damage:
Poison resistance:
Radiation resistance:
Tag SkillsSettler (Settler)
Barter: 41
Big Guns: 12
Energy Weapons: 14
Explosives: 14
Lockpick: 14
Medicine: 12
Melee Weapons: 16
Repair: 12
Science: 12
Small Guns: 45
Sneak: 16
Speech: 12
Throwing, unused: 0
Unarmed: 41
PerksSPLO - Actor Effect: SPEL - Actor Effect [000617BE] <GhoulRadHeal> "Radiation Healing" SPLO - Actor Effect: SPEL - Actor Effect [000617BD] <RadResistGhoul> "Radiation Resistance"
Calculated: 1 → 1
Editor RaceGhoul
Editor IDEthyl
Base ID000300a2Ref ID00095eb7
ScriptSCRI - Script: SCPT - Script [0003193A] <EthylSCRIPT>
Editor FactionsUnderworldResidentFaction
Actor00061EA8 (FemaleGenericGhoul)
Special Head GearThe Gettysburg (BeardGoatee)

Ethyl is one of two glowing ones in The Chop Shop's containment area in Underworld in Fallout 3.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ethyl is a seemingly friendly glowing one wandering around an observation room in the back of The Chop Shop. She is there for research purposes.[1]

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Interactions overview[edit | edit source]

This character has no special interactions.

Effects of player actions[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to kill her with a flamer as the fire goes right through the glass windows.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Icon armored vault suit.png
Assault carbine icon.png
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

According to the G.E.C.K., there is another Ethyl that is not feral, but isn't present in the actual game.

Icon cut content.pngEnd of information based on Fallout 3 cut content.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Ethyl appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.72: "Ethyl
    When he's not operating on Ghouls with a variety of odd ailments, Doctor Barrows is closely studying a small collection of patients who have succumbed to massive amount of radiation, turned feral, and become Glowing One subjects, such as Ethyl (whose picture was taken before she "turned"). Ethyl is housed in an inaccessible containment chamber adjacent to his Chop Shop surgery."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)