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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a guard for the Far Go Traders.}
{101}{}{Those damn Water Merchants are ripp'n us all off.}
{102}{}{Be sure to pay the FLC on time, they're a deadly lot.}
{103}{}{You'll want to talk to Rutger.}
{104}{}{Far Go Traders are the best.}
{105}{}{The Crimson Caravan are a bunch of idiots and lunatics.}
{106}{}{Hmm, I've a craving for some iguana on a stick.}
{107}{}{Who the hell is stealing our caravans?}
{108}{}{My brother was on the last caravan that disappeared.}
{109}{}{Those water misers are responsible, I know it.}
{110}{}{Mutants took the caravans I hear. Terrible thing.}
{111}{}{Heard you say some Mutants. Hope you made'em pay.}
{112}{}{I thought the Death Claw was responsible, damn mutants.}
{113}{}{We're closed. Come back in the morning.}
{114}{}{Hey, this isn't the Falcon. Get the hell out.}
{115}{}{What are you? Some kind of a Skag? Get the hell out.}
{116}{}{Beat it!}
{117}{}{We're only open during the day.}
{118}{}{Are you on chems? Get lost.}
{119}{}{You need to come back in the morning.}