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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Deputy Fry.}
{101}{}{I’ve been hoping to run into you, child killer. I hope your stay isn’t long. I’ll be playing close attention to you while you’re here. Keep your nose clean in my city, I’m just dying for an excuse to get rid of scum like you.}
{102}{}{Hello friend, Deputy Tony Fry at your service.}
{103}{}{What is this place?}
{104}{}{Nice to meet you. Bye.}
{107}{}{Oh, a newcomer! Welcome to the Hub! You've reached the biggest city on the coast. Heck, maybe the biggest city in the world for all we know. I thought you were part of the caravan, did you come in with them?}
{110}{}{I’m not surprised. Most of the new members of our city come in with the caravans, even with the missing caravans we’ve had. It’s a fine city but be careful who you associate with. People like Decker and his thugs can get you into a lot of trouble.}
{111}{}{That’s surprising. It’s been pretty rough out there, especially with the missing caravans. But you’re safe now, just stay away from the Maltese Falcon. They're a bunch of trouble makers, Decker and his crew.}
{112}{}{Who's Decker?}
{113}{}{Yeah, well . . . I'm pretty rough.}
{114}{}{What was that about missing caravans?}
{115}{}{Where can I make some money?}
{116}{}{That's it, thanks.}
{117}{}{If you say so. So, did you have any other questions?}
{118}{}{It’s a tragedy really. Some caravans have turned up missing. Butch over at the Far Go Traders is offering a reward for information or something. You should check at the merchant market if you’re interested.}
{119}{}{He owns the Maltese Falcon in the merchant market, but I wouldn’t associate with him if you want to stay out of trouble. He’s nothing but a murdering animal, but the Sheriff won’t let me arrest him without proof.}
{120}{}{No problem. Believe it or not, our city is quite safe and our police are all very highly trained peace keepers. You shouldn’t have any problems, just avoid the Maltese Falcon.}
{121}{}{I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Maybe you need healing? The Children of the Cathedral are south. Head straight down past the Merchant Market down to the Water Merchants. They’re right next to the Water Merchants.}
{122}{}{I'm still watching you, child killer.}
{123}{}{Murdering animal!}
{124}{}{I can't believe the Sheriff's dead . . .}
{125}{}{There you are, you thieving little snake! I almost didn’t recognize you. Guards!}
{127}{}{Catch me if you can.}
{130}{}{Hello again. I hope you like our town. A nice young man such as yourself, is always welcome. If you should decide to stay, I’m sure you would make a valuable addition to the Hub.}
{131}{}{Hello again. I hope you like our town. A lovely lady such as yourself, is always welcome. If you should decide to stay, I’m sure you would make a valuable addition to the Hub.}
{132}{}{Hello again. What can I do for you?}
{133}{}{Yes? I don't have all day. I'm trying to watch the front gate.}
{134}{}{I have a crime to report!}
{135}{}{Do you have a hospital, I'm injured.}
{136}{}{Where are the shops?}
{137}{}{Where's there work around here?}
{141}{}{Really? I, uh, you should talk to the Sheriff. I can’t leave my post right now. I’ve got to . . . uh, fend off any raiders that might come. Plus, I’m not very good with reports.}
{142}{}{Oh, sorry. I hadn’t noticed. The Children run the Hospital next to the Water Merchants. Go south past the Merchant market and you’ll see it just northwest of the Water Merchants. I hope everything goes okay.}
{143}{}{That’s hard to miss. It’s by far the busiest part of town. The Merchant Market is a few miles south of here. You’ll be most interested in the northern section, that’s where most of our locals buy and sell to the public.}
{144}{}{Why that would be in the Merchant Market, a few miles south of here. Two of the caravan houses are located there, the third is further south. I’d recommend the Far Go Traders. They pay well and they're not too crazy.}
{145}{}{Dead… they’re all dead . . .}
{146}{}{Pfffftttt . . . Chrrrr . . .}
{147}{}{Do you know where I could find a Water Chip? My vault's chip malfunctioned, and we need another immediately.}
{148}{}{Water Chip? Well, I've never heard of one. If it has to do with water, though, you should talk to the Water Merchants. Their headquarters are located further south, past the Downtown area.}