Failed FEV subject

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Failed FEV subject
Failed FEV.PNG
LocationVault 87
AffiliationVault 87

Failed FEV subjects are mutated humans who can be found in Vault 87.


These are hideously mutated vault test subjects. If you hacked some of the terminals you'll find out a vast majority of the deaths logged in the computers were caused by this experimentation.



They all have lumps covering their bodies. Their upper bodies are much larger than that of a normal human, though their legs have remained a somewhat normal size and their heads still have some human-like characteristics. It also seems they have gained a fair amount of muscle on their upper body, much like super mutants. They wear torn Vault 87 jumpsuits.


They can be found in Vault 87 in the test labs. They are all dead and their holding cells have a small amount of radiation. According to Vault 87 laboratory computer, they are among many of the FEV test subjects that have died due to their brains being unable to support even the most simple actions of human body and behavior after being injected with FEV.


The two Failed FEV Experiment's entries in the G.E.C.K. suggest they were originally planned to be live enemies at some point, with their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes are already written out, and in possession of super mutant dialogue.

However, they have no AI or animations, so upon resurrection they will lie where they are, spouting super mutant dialogue and appearing as red blips on the Radar. Any damage to their bodies, however, will cause the game to freeze.

They serve no purpose except to add to the background of the FEV experimentation at Vault 87.


  • Attempting to resurrect an FEV subject will make the subject do a super-mutant yell and cause the game to freeze. However, if you successfully resurrect them, it will not move and will just yell super-mutant battle cries.
  • Should you try to move the corpses with grenades, the corpse will appear in a different spot and position. They have no ragdoll animation.


The failed FEV subject only appears in Fallout 3.