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The console is a debugging tool in the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. It is useful for developing and quality assurance, but can also be used to cheat.

WARNING: Using console commands in the Steam version of Fallout: New Vegas will prevent you from obtaining achievements for that session! To re-enable them, exit the game and start it again. Make sure you do this before completing a quest or achievement. Furthermore, changing any of the values described here, apart from those which are extremely minor (like adding items, experience, caps, etc.), will likely cause bugs in your game. You have been warned.

To access the console, use the backquote key (`) while in-game (Unpaused). The backquote key shifts to tilde (~) on US keyboards, and the not symbol (¬) on UK keyboards. Other keyboards will differ, but the key is usually to the left of 1, and just under the Escape key (Esc). The key is the top left key under escape, on non-US keyboards. (Example: §, ½ or | on Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian etc), circumflex (^) on German keyboards, ² on French ones, \ or | on Italian keyboards, ` on Brazilian keyboards, " on Turkish keyboards). The HUD will disappear and you will get a prompt (|) in the lower left corner of the screen where you can type-in code(s).

  • The game will pause, making you unable to look around while using it -be sure to be looking at what you want to change, unlock, etc.
  • The mouse will control a cursor, rather than move the camera; and left clicking will select visible objects, rather than shoot them.
  • The left side of the console might not be visible if you are not using a widescreen display. In this case, type several tabs to move the cursor in before entering your commands. They will still work.


  • Go into your Fallout New Vegas install directory, find Fallout_default.ini (make sure it is not read-only) and open it in notepad. Then use ctrl+f to find the iConsoleTextXPos line and change the 30 to a larger number, 200 for example. This will make the console appear in the right place.

Note: Most commands are the same in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas because both games use the same engine.

Enter help for the list of all console commands

Player Faction and Reputation

Fallout: New Vegas reputations
Name ID
Boomers 000ffae8
Brotherhood of Steel 0011e662
Caesar's Legion 000f43dd
Followers (of the Apocalypse) 00124ad1
Great Khans 0011989b
Powder Gangers 001558e6
NCR 000f43de
White Glove Society 00116f16
Freeside 00129a7a
Goodsprings 00104c22
Novac 00129a79
Primm 000f2406
The Strip 00118f61
  • addreputation <base_id> <variable> <amount> - adds player reputation with faction, the value will max out at its normal maximum value of somewhere above 15. The variable will determine if the amount is added to the factions fame or infamy, 0=infamy, 1=fame.
  • removereputation <base_id> <variable> <amount> - removes player reputation with faction, the value will max out at its normal minimum value of 0. The variable will determine if the amount is added to the factions fame or infamy, 0=infamy, 1=fame.
  • setreputation <base_id> <variable> <amount> - sets player reputation with faction, the value will max out at its normal minimum and maximum values of 0 and 15+. The variable will determine if the amount is added to the factions fame or infamy, 0=infamy, 1=fame.
addreputation 000ffae8 1 8 - adds 8 fame to the Boomers faction.
removereputation 000ffae8 1 8 - removes 8 fame from the Boomers faction.
setreputation 000ffae8 1 8 - sets fame for the Boomers faction to 8.
Note: If a player wishes to obtain a idolized reputation with any faction, they must both increase fame value to above 15 and reduce infamy value to below 4.
Fallout: New Vegas factions
Name ID
Black Mountain (Mutant) 000e9480
Black Mountain (nightkin) 000e9481
Boomers 000fed3f
Brotherhood of Steel 00154307
Caesar's Legion 000ee68a
Followers (of the Apocalypse) 00117e12
Freeside Locals 0011640a
Goodsprings 00104c6e
Great Khans 000e78c5
NCR 000a46e7
Novac 000bb9e8
Omertas 0010c6f8
Player 0001b2a4
Powder Gangers 00101f42
Primm Residents 000d7f56
The Strip 00000000
Tops Casino (Chairmen) 00117508
White Glove Society 00116f10
Van Graffs 00118368
Creature Factions
Creature Faction 00000013
Deathclaw Faction 00021474
Feral ghoul faction 0001c6d3
Fire gecko faction 0014f3f5
Nightkin faction 0013f893
  • removefromallfactions - removes player from all factions. Also removes player from 'Player' faction. Use player.AddToFaction 0001b2a4 1 to fix.
  • setally <base_id_1> <base_id_2> <variable_1> <variable_2> - sets factions allied statues with each other. The variable will determine the statues of each faction to the other, 0=friend, 1=ally.
  • setenemy <base_id_1> <base_id_2> <variable_1> <variable_2> - sets factions enemy statues with each other. The variable will determine the statues of each faction to the other, 0=enemy, 1=neutral.
setally 000fed3f 00154307 1 0 - will set Boomers allied statues for BoS to allies, and BoS allied statues for Boomers to friends.


CompleteQuest X - Complete the current quest. (X = Quest ID#)

resetquest X - Resets the quest and removes from your questlog. (X = Quest ID#) (WARNING: May make some quests unable to be completed such as killing the person that gave the quest).

movetoqt - move player to current quest target

showquestlog - show the quest log, everything the player has encountered and done

GetQuestCompleted-checks if the current quest is complete. if true = 0 false = 1

sqt-list current quest targets

Inventory and Item Manipulation

player.setweaponhealthperc X - Sets currently equipped weapon's health. (X = percentage of weapon health) For example "player.setweaponhealthperc 100" would fully repair the currently equipped weapon.

player.addperk P give player selected perk (P= Id of selected Perk, for list of perks click the list of items here)

player.removeperk P removes the selected perk (P= Id of perk you wish to remove.)

player.additem I X - Get indicated amount of the selected item (I = Item ID, X = amount of the item)

player.additem F X - Get indicated amount of caps (X = amount)

setownership - make the item yours by mouse left click on item and typing "setownership"(for instance a cabinet or a bed)

unlock - unlock doors, safes, terminals or any other locked containers. You can get the unique ID of an item by clicking on it while you have the console open, causing it to print out on the command line, preferably after you type "unlock " and a space. Please note that the "unlock" command may not work on a very limited number of locks, safes and/or terminals. However, it will open anything that is meant to be opened directly from the door/safe/container, and some more that are game breaking, like the elevator behind Benny's room leads to a vault, and the doors that are not meant to be opened will lead to bottomless gray pits. If you jump into the pit it drops you to the stairs under the Vault 21 gift shop.

lock - lock doors, safes, terminals or any other unlocked containers. Adding a number after lock sets the difficulty. For example lock 1-25 would create an easy lock, lock 0 a very easy, and lock 100 a very hard lock. Lock 101 will make the item unpick-able (Requires Key).

player.srm - Self repair of items up to your current repair skill. Note that you can't repair all items in one command ('A' on PC) if the total cost of the repair is more caps than you currently have, forcing you to do repair individual items until the total amount needed to repair all items in a single command, is less than your total caps on hand. Regardless of method, all caps "spent" on repairs are paid to you, netting a total cost of zero. This is particularly handy before you sell items, raising their value considerably.

setpccanusepowerarmor 1 - Toggle power armor use; 1 = can use, 0 = cannot

For a full and extended list of all item codes and perks, visit this website: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/113/1130669p1.html [Fallout:NV includes many buried item codes left over from Fallout 3, such as armor & clothing (e.g. vault jumpsuits) and other items not naturally found in New Vegas.]

Player Manipulation

player.setscale - 1 is default, 0.1 is ultimately microscopic, 10 is gigantic (not recommended for indoor use).

player.modav A X - Add or subtract from Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. (Example: "player.modav energyweapons 25" +25 to Energy Weapons)

player.getav - Get the current value of Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. See Fallout 3 console commands for list. These can be modified with the modav command.

player.forceav A X - Set precise value of Skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. level. A = Skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. name; X = amount - Skill range from (1-100), S.P.E.C.I.A.L. from(1-10) (Example: "player.forceav medicine 50" sets medicine level on 50)

player.advlevel - Levels the player up one level.

showracemenu - Allows race editing, whenever.

showbarbermenu - Allows the player to edit hairstyle, facial hair, and hair color.

Actor Manipulation

"Actor" refers to a class in which non-player characters, Creatures, and "Talking Activators" belong. These work on creatures and non-player characters both. If you kill a non-player character using the console, quests that involve this non-player character can fail, or change the quest future(Ex: If you kill Chief Hanlon before finishing the quest Return to Sender, you will not be able to accuse him of falsify field reports. Because when you speak to Reyes, she will simply reply that it is impossible to know who is falsifying the field reports since the Chief Hanlon is dead. No matter if you killed him and resurrected him by the console later).

resurrect - Revives non-player character

kill - Kills non-player character

placeatme X - Spawns Creature/Non-player character. X is the ID of the creature you wish to spawn.

addtofaction F X - Makes selected non-player character a member of a specific faction. Replace F with a faction ID. Replace X with "1" to make the non-player character an ally of the faction or "0" to simply make him/her friendly with it. Be sure to click on each character you want to add to the faction before entering the command. So, for example, to add an non-player character to your own Player Character's faction as a friend, you would first click on them and then enter addtofaction 1B2A4 0. Remember you will then need to use the stopcombat function right afterward if the non-player character was already attacking.

removefromfaction F - Removes non-player character from a specific faction. (For example, removefromfaction 1B2A4 will remove him/her from your own Player Character's faction). These previous two commands are useful when you need to turn a hostile non-player character friendly in order to talk to them/begin a quest related to them that you otherwise couldn't start. Add them to your faction, talk to them & complete their quest, and then remove them from your faction and they will return to being hostile.

tcai - Toggle all non-player character combat AI (non-player character doesn't fight)

tai - Toggle all or selected non-player character AI (disables AI processing)

OpenTeammateContainer 1 - Will open their inventory, as though they were a companion, for the transfer of inventory items.

setrestrained X - Will cause an actor to stand in place, not engaging in combat or carrying out movement AI packages (though they will continue to pick 'think' packages, such as detecting threats and yelling alarms, as well as entering dialogue). Set X to 1 to restrain, and 0 to remove restraint, with desired NPC targeted.

Playidle X - Plays an idle, where X is the idle's EditorID string (not the FormID). The number of EditorIDs are too numerous to list here.

PushActorAway X Y - Causes another actor (variable X, an Actor reference formID) to go into a ragdoll state and gets impelled away at a force of Y, away from the calling reference (selectable by clicking on a ref in console mode or by using the 'prid' command)

Display Manipulation and Debugging

tfc X - Toggle Free Camera (where X is an optional variable in which a value of 1 will freeze all in the scene except any running scripts)

sucsm X - Set UFO cam movement speed (IE: freecam speed), where X is a multiplier

tlb - Toggle Light Brite (disables lighting and shadowing, all materials at full brightness, normal bump shading won't function)

tcl - No clipping mode

tmm 1/0 - Show/hide all mapmarkers

tdt - Toggle debug display

tlv - Toggle leaves

tg - Toggle grass

tp - Toggle view of projectiles and spawns

tfow - Toggle fog of war on local map

tgm - God mode (infinite health, unlimited ammunition, no need to reload, able to carry unlimited items)

tdm - Demigod mode (infinite health, limited ammunition, need to reload, able to carry unlimited items)

enableplayercontrols - Enables player controls (when disabled by quasi-cutscenes)

movetoqt - Instantly shifts you to the quest spot or next optional quest spot.

coc X - Center of cell – forces fast travel to town/area/building (Example: coc Jacobstown)

tcg - Toggle Collision Geometry Visibility

twf - Toggle Wireframe


  • The coc command doesn't work for all locations in the game, it's also fairly heavy on lower-end systems and can cause freezing.
  • Several Fallout 3 console commands remain the same, i.e. player.modav carryweight. Refer to these commands here.


  • On the Steam version of the game, the console may not appear when playing in hardcore mode.
  • Sometimes, when changing your reputation whilst disguised and *after* having attacked a certain faction, they may be hostile even though your reputation with them has changed from bad to good. However, this "IS" a continuance error and may be rectified after spending enough time away from said faction while out of combat. (Test in 21 different ways).
  • If you cannot pull up the console, check Control Panel - Device Manager - Keyboards for Microsoft home MCIR devices. These interfere with the Tilde (console) key. Remove these devices and restart Fallout New Vegas. You should now be able to enter console mode. Also works for Fallout 3.
  • The coc command, when used for certain locations, will drop you into a black pit. Can be fixed by reloading the game or using fast traveling somewhere else/ using coc command to go somewhere else. Also using the tcl command to leave. (Confirmed)
  • Sometimes, when using the command, you will be stuck inside a blank room. using tcl will cause you to always teleport back to the center. only way to fix it is to load a previous save.
  • Sometimes, when using the console command, your followers' apparel or weapons will reset to their original state. Therefore losing the items you gave them which they were equipped with, the inventory will not be changed if the follower was not wearing or using the item.

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