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This page contains a summary of Fallout: New Vegas's plot.

Ain't That Kick in the Head?[edit | edit source]

You, The Courier, are, well, a courier for the Mojave Express delivery company tasked with delivering a suspicious package, a platinum chip, to the entrance to the Vegas Strip. However, before delivery of this package could be completed, the Courier is ambushed by a man in checkered suit and a couple of Great Khans a way's off by Goodsprings. They take the Platinum Chip off the Courier, with the man in the checkered suit shooting the Courier twice in the head, and one of the Great Khans burying the Courier in a shallow grave. As they leave with their prize, a Securitron named Victor digs the Courier out of the shallow grave and brings you to Doc Mitchell, Goodsprings local doctor for medical attention.

A week later, the Courier makes a miraculous recovery and regains consciousness in Doc Mitchell's house, but before sending him off, Mitchell wants runs some tests. He also gives you the items that you had on you when shot and buried, as well as some other supplies.

They Went That-A-Way[edit | edit source]

Once out of Mitchell's house, you head to your only clue, the original recipient of the platinum chip and owner of the local Mojave Express building, Johnson Nash in Primm for anything about the men who attacked you. Once at Primm, though, Primm is under siege by Powder Gangers with the local New California Republic soldier not able to do anything because Primm isn't in their jurisdiction. Johnson Nash, who is held up in the Vikki & Vance Casino along with the rest of the town, doesn't know anything about the men who attacked you, but knows someone who does. Unfortunately, the man who might know something, Deputy Beagle, is being held hostage by the Powder Gangers in Bison Steve Hotel across the street. After acquiring the information from Beagle, it turns out he was spying on the men who attacked you and just happened to take note on the exact route they're going.

According to Beagle, the men that attacked you went south through Nipton and west into Novac to meet someone specific, but you don't know who. You start heading to Nipton and once there, you have you first encounter with Caesar's Legion, who had just murdered near all the inhabitants in the town during a lottery except for two, a lucky winner and lucky loser, and had just begun to raze the town. The leader of the band that had razed the town, Vulpes Inculta, spares you so you can spread the word about Nipton but you learn nothing about the men who attacked you, so you move on to Novac.

Arriving at Novac, no one seems to know about the men who tried to kill you except for one, Manny Vargas the daytime sniper and the person the men came here to meet, but isn't so inclined to share where these men went without a favor. Once you've acquired the information from Manny any way you could, you learn that the checker-suit man and his Great Khans went towards Boulder City.

Boulder City Showdown[edit | edit source]

Heading east from Novac, you arrive at Boulder City and find that the Great Khans are being held up by a detachment of NCR troops in the ruins of Boulder City. After convincing the acting NCR commander to let you deal with the Khans, find that the two Great Khans that are being held up are the same ones that were with the checker-suit man. However, only one, Jessup, is alive at this point and the other, McMurphy, had died before hand. Once you've chosen the way to deal with the Khans, you learn that the man in the checkered-suit is Benny, leader of the Chairmen on the Strip, had left the Khans for dead and made his way back to New Vegas.

Ring-a-Ding-Ding[edit | edit source]

After the player has made their way into the Strip of New Vegas, been contacted by Mr. House about the Platinum Chip Benny has and entered The Tops, the player can then choose how they want to deal with/confront Benny and get the Platinum Chip from him. After leaving the Tops, the player will be approached by representatives of Caesar's Legion and the NCR and given tasks to strengthen their reputation with those factions.

Main Arcs[edit | edit source]

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