Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Tour of Operation: Anchorage

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This page contains transcripts of the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition, Tour of Operation: Anchorage section.

TOUR OF OPERATION: ANCHORAGE[edit | edit source]

Operation: Anchorage-D.C. Locations[edit | edit source]

TOPOGRAPHICAL OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]



Located on the western edge of the D.C. Metro ruins, a previously unexplored and hidden underground area has recently been excavated and catalogued by the Brotherhood Outcasts under the leadership of Protector McGraw. After stumbling upon a door near the Red Racer Factory, the Outcasts cleared the rubble from Bailey's Crossroads Station and explored a series of ruins before locating an area of interest: an underground facility built before the Great War by Virtual Strategic Solutions, a private weapons contractor.

Note: the Bailey's Crossroads Station HAS to have been accessible long before the Outcasts got there, due to the heavy Super Mutant presence, Ghoul remnants, and the Cage Skeleton and Rubble and Alcoholic Forager's Hidey-Hole.

OA2: BAILEY'S CROSSROADS METRO (LAT 03 / LONG -15)[edit | edit source]


Cage Skeleton and Rubble[edit | edit source]


The telltale sign of a Super Mutant catchment area, the trussed-up skeletons strike fear into foragers. Claim the weapon nearby.

  • Sawed-Off Shotgun (and Ammo)
  • Jet

Alcoholic Forager's Hidey-Hole[edit | edit source]


Clamber over the half-buried train carriages to reach this corner spot, complete with a Super Mutant dummy, several empty bottles, and the following;

  • First Aid Box
  • Ammunition Box

OA.U.2: OUTCAST OUTPOST (ENTRANCE ELEVATOR; LAT 03/LONG -06)[edit | edit source]



A side faction of Brotherhood Outcasts, under Protector McGraw's leadership, is currently attempting to scavenge this underground weapons depot that used to belong to the VSS corporation. Despite the years passed since the Great War, this bunker's weapons repository is firmly locked, causing much consteration among the Outcasts
currently attempting to bypass the power to the only room they can't access. Further exploration] has revealed that completing a military simulation may unlock the sealed blast door. Unfortunately, the Outcasts don't have the appropriate interfacing device to start the simulation.

Generator Room[edit | edit source]


Siphoning power has failed to open the sealed blast door to the south. Current power supply nodes can be seen on the map inside this chamber.

Medical Bay (Locked: Easy)[edit | edit source]


The remains of a Vault 108 resident lie here. The missing arm indicated Gary 23 may have had a Pip-Boy that the Outcasts took by force but still weren't able to interface with.

Operation: Anchorage—Alaskan Locations[edit | edit source]


TOPOGRAPHICAL OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]


You have now begun the Anchorage Reclamation simulation, created for the U.S. Army by the VSS Corporation. Although incredibly realistic, there are certain differences between this and reality: First, any equipment you collect during the simulation is not available once you return to the Outcast Outpost. Second, enemies digitally disintegrate, and you cannot search them. Third, equipment is available only from certain designated spots (as shown in the lists blow) and will pulsate red. Further research into this simulation reveals discrepancies between it and actual events, courtesy of General Chase.

1: ANCHORAGE CLIFFS (LAT 17 / LONG 14)[edit | edit source]



Breathtaking vistas and vicious Chinese Soldiers await you as you slowly ascend this treacherous series of pathways, pipes and bridges. Interspersed along the way are caves and field storage chambers where further investigation is required. You're task is to locate the entrance to the Chinese Artillery Outpost (H) after rendezvousing with the pride of the U.S. Army—Sergeant Montgomery, a worthy fellow who shadows your progress, saving you from numerous Communist surprise attacks along the way.

2: ARTILLERY OVERLOOK ENTRANCE (LAT 15 / LONG 12)[edit | edit source]



This is a sprawling U.S. Army base recently invaded by the Communist Chinese forces. It was the main storage of warheads and the gigantic artillery shells used by the massive exterior cannons designed to defend Anchorage from exactly the type of attack you're attempting to thwart. Amid the gloomy corridors, intermittent earth shaking, and long balcony ledges with precipitous drops, beware of encountering a new and cloaked Chinese Soldier known as the Crimson Dragon.

3: ARTILLERY OVERLOOK (LAT 15 / LONG 11)[edit | edit source]



Three gigantic cannons are pounding away at Anchorage below and to the west as the Chinese operate these big guns in precisely the opposite manner in which they were intended to be used! Sergeant Montgomery offers you sage advice while you plant explosive charges on each of the three cannons. The simulation then shifts to the Anchorage battlefield.

4: U.S. ARMY FIELD HEADQUARTERS (LAT 09 / LONG 14)[edit | edit source]



The remainder of the simulation takes place in various linked locations throughout the battlefield, close to the city of Anchorage. The U.S. Army Field Headquarters, where you receive a briefing and choose Strike Teams for the three separate missions, is your initial location. Chinese Forward Camp Delta, an ice camp to the northwest, is the optimal next location to reach en route to the Chinese Depot, a Chinese plant where experimental tanks are refueled (but not for long). To the northeast is an Abandoned Mining Town, dotted with Chinese forces, followed by a ravine leading to a Listening Post. Stopping the Red Menace gathering intel here is of the utmost importance. The final two main locations are north of the Headquarters and consist of Trenches and the Pulse Field. The Trenches are a maze of pathways to navigate until you reach the Pulse Field. This mine field consists of dozens of Pulse Mines, which you must deactivate to allow the U.S. Army's Powered Armor units though to attack the final location: the Chinese Factory Compound. This is where you face General Jingwei and the last part of Operation: Anchorage.

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