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This page lists all addictions in Fallout 4.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For addictions in other Fallout games, please see "Addiction".
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Using chems or alcohol can provide powerful temporary boosts, but can also lead to addiction. When addicted, you have to consistently take the chem or alcohol - failing to do so will inflict a severe stat penalty.

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Addiction is simplified in Fallout 4, as the usage monitor has been removed. All addictive substances have their own addiction chances that occur per use and do not stack.

Types of addiction


  • Risk is a base chance of addiction per use.
  • Duration is the length of time required to pass without consuming the drug for the accumulated UMON value to be reduced.
Item Class Risk Withdrawal effects
Any alcohol Alcohol 15-25% -1 Agility

-1 Charisma

Buffout Buffout 25% -1 Endurance

-1 Strength



Calmex Calmex 35% -1 Perception

-1 Agility

Calmex silk
Daddy-O 35% -1 Perception

-1 Intelligence

Daytripper 35% -1 Charisma

-1 Luck

Fury 35% -1 Perception

-1 Strength

Jet Jet 25% -1 Agility
Jet Fuel

Ultra Jet

Med-X 25% -1 Agility

-10 Damage Resistance

Mentats Mentats 25% -1 Charisma
Grape Mentats

Orange Mentats

Berry Mentats

Smooth Operator 10%
Overdrive 35% -1 Agility

-1 Strength

Psycho Psycho 25% -1 Strength

-10 Damage Resistance

Psycho Jet



Behind the scenes

  • There are unique addictions for varieties of base drugs set up. For instance, Jet Fuel has an unique addiction that would also reduce Action Points by 5. Other varieties have the same effect as the base addiction, including flavored Mentats, Buffout, and Psycho variants.
  • Certain items also have cut addictions, including Slocum's BuzzBites (-20 AP), the Cabot serum (-1 Strength, -1 radiation resistance), Nuka Quantum (-1 Charisma and -1 Strength),