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Fallout 4 containers and storage

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A container is an object that the player can activate to bring up an inventory in which you can put in, or take out items from your inventory. Items placed in a container will disappear over time.

Image Item Description
[[File:|150px]] Meat bag A bag made from metal chain containing the remains of what was hunted by super mutants. This offal is also used as decoration around super mutant camps.
[[File:|150px]] Footlocker A storage box used to store belongings. They came to be known as "footlockers" because they were essentially a type of locker which was usually located at the "foot" of a bunk or bed.
[[File:|150px]] Locker
[[File:|150px]] Trunk Large cuboid containers for holding clothes and other personal belongings, generally about 30 inches to 36 inches long with varying widths of 16 to 22 inches and various heights.
[[File:|150px]] Cooler
[[File:|150px]] Chem cooler
[[File:|150px]] Lunch pail A large, metal, food storage container.
[[File:|150px]] Duffel bag A large cylindrical bag made of cloth or other fabric with a top closure.
[[File:|150px]] Wooden crate
[[File:|150px]] Toolbox
[[File:|150px]] Tool chest
[[File:|150px]] Trash can
[[File:|150px]] Safe
[[File:|150px]] Tool case
[[File:|150px]] Washer
[[File:|150px]] Dryer
[[File:|150px]] Test baby
[[File:|150px]] Desk
[[File:|150px]] Bureau A tall standing cabinet with ornate legs and moldings. The upper part of the unit is four shelves and the lower is 4 drawers. The bottom two stretch the length of the unit and the upper sit side by side, each taking up half the width.
[[File:|150px]] Milk vending machine These Little Cobb Company freestanding commercial pink and white refrigerators are a fairly common sight throughout the Commonwealth. The stylized name of the company, and its contents, are promoted on the raised band on the door. The product itself is accessible through the trap door at the bottom of the machine. Coin slot, buttons and locks are on the right.
[[File:|150px]] [[]]
[[File:|150px]] [[]]

Base game

3D63B	REMerchant02VendorChest	Locker
35AD7	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Refrigerator01_Yellow	Refrigerator
17E84	MilkVendingMachine01	Milk Vending Machine
43F89	DN020_PrincipalDeskKeyToLibrary	Principal Tanner's Desk
BD537	OfficeDesk01_Beige	Desk
B342A	OfficeFileCabinet01_Beige_Vault	File Cabinet
19017	WarwickHomesteadChest	Locker
913F6	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Washer01	Washer
10843D	DN050BabyContainer	Test Baby
9FE59	Prewar_Fancy_Curio01	Curio
D1176	BoSAliasLocker	File Cabinet
14A18C	MS07c_NatickEvidenceLocker_01	Evidence Locker
143B1C	IceMachine01	Ice Cooler
11CB14	DN123_SkylanesSecretCompartment	Hidden Compartment
10C800	DN056_BloodRefrigeratorWhite	Blood Storage Refrigerator
10FCC4	WorkshopVendorChestMisc03	Locker
18F7B	Prewar_Locker_01	Locker
16628C	TrashBin01	Trash Bin
18C552	PlayerHouse_Ruin_BathroomMirror02_EMPTY	Mirror
166A4A	BoSM02_InitiateClarkeFootlocker	Footlocker
64A35	Loot_Raider_Medkit_Chems	Chem Box
11B471	DN120_Loot_Prewar_Safe_Plants	Margaret's Safe
913F7	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Dryer01	Dryer
64A39	Loot_Prewar_Safe_Floor	Safe
D20A3	Vault111OfficeFileCabinet02_Steel	File Cabinet
9C8F2	DEBUG_HandmadeGuns_Tier4	Pipe Guns - Various Tier IV Mods
20D57	Arena_Wager_Container	Locker
913FB	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Dresser02	Dresser
64A3C	Loot_Prewar_Suitcase_Clothes	Suitcase
34D44	Prewar_Refrigerator_Broken	Refrigerator
38A0A	Loot_Raider_Cooler	Cooler
10FCC7	WorkshopVendorChestClothing02	Locker
E4676	Loot_Prewar_Medkit_Empty	First Aid
A0705	DN027_CroupDresser	Dresser
BD538	OfficeDesk01_Steel	Desk
BD533	OfficeFileCabinet03_Beige	File Cabinet
55EF0	RoachFakeActorContCOPY0000	Preggers Roach
2F5FE	REMerchant01VendorChest	Locker
49DA2	Prewar_Cabinet_Garage_04	Cabinet
58814	Loot_Raider_Safe_Floor_Boss	Floor Safe
90E68	Vault111_LootLocker_01	Locker
144F32	AbernathyFarmVendorChest	Locker
17C0D	CigaretteMachine01	Cigarette Machine
112547	InstituteCabinetSpecial01	Cabinet
1900C	GraygardenChest	Locker
26831	WorkshopResourceContainerHostile	Workshop Container
1814F5	VendorInstituteMisc	Chest
10C045	WorkshopVendorChestWeapon03	Locker
6D0E1	DN009_Password_Toolbox	Toolbox
49D9C	Prewar_Cabinet_Garage_05	Cabinet
11333F	WorkshopVendorChestMisc04	Locker
A170F	Vault111_LootLocker_02	Locker
CD29D	MetalBox	Metal Box
AE52D	OfficeFileCabinet01_Beige_Prewar	File Cabinet
10C808	DN056_BloodRefrigeratorStainlessSteel	Blood Storage Refrigerator
18A6DA	REChokepointCT02_MerchantVendorChest	Locker
76442	brahminCorpseContainer	Brahmin
1504FD	Loot_Prewar_TrunkSilver_Empty	Footlocker
10FCBF	WorkshopVendorChestArmor01	Locker
BD52F	OfficeFileCabinet03_Steel	File Cabinet
C1899	MS02Missile	Missile
DB859	InstituteTrashCan01	Trash Can
AEFA2	CastleArmoryArtillerySmokeGrenadeContainer	Ammo Box
1F435	FederalistDresserShort01_Prewar	Dresser
18AC41	CashRegisterContainer_EMPTY	Cash Register
887E6	DN152_Loot_Raider_DuffleBag_Guns	Duffel Bag
913F9	PlayerHouse_Ruin_ChangingTable01	Dresser
10274D	DN075_DuffleBag_Cash	Duffel Bag
6356C	Prewar_OvenRange01	Oven Range
B97FC	Vault111OfficeFileCabinet01_Steel	File Cabinet
1478E7	REObjectKMK_MQ206Object	Refrigerator
130D97	VendorVault81Food	Merchant Chest
C51E9	MS11ChipCabinet	File Cabinet
BD536	OfficeFileCabinet02_Steel_Vault	File Cabinet
BD539	OfficeDesk01_Beige_Vault	Desk
166A4B	BoSM02_KnightLuciaFootlocker	Footlocker
1F450	FederalistFileCabinet01_Prewar	Filing Cabinet
BD529	OfficeFileCabinet02_Beige_Vault	File Cabinet
4B6E9	Loot_Prewar_Medkit	First Aid
B21DC	Vault_Desk_01	Desk
35AD6	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Refrigerator01_StainlessSteel	Refrigerator
1102FF	WorkshopVendorChestArmor04	Locker
E5273	DN049_VendorChest_Maddens	Chest
AE52A	OfficeFileCabinet01_Steel_Prewar	File Cabinet
22268	MS02CouplerStorage	Thermal Coupler Storage
18BC38	terminalHackerDummySafe	Dummy Safe - Should Always be Empty
1846B5	RRDeadDrop	Mailbox
EA1B7	ModernDomesticDresser01Dirty	Dresser
FDC84	InstituteCabinet01Office	Office Cabinet
11333E	WorkshopVendorChestBar04	Locker
16A7C5	WarwickHomesteadVendorChest	Locker
35AD9	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Refrigerator01_BareMetal	Refrigerator
913F5	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Refrigerator01_Blue	Refrigerator
10C041	WorkshopVendorChestWeapon01	Locker
4424D	WoodCrate_Empty	Wooden Crate
F1295	DN137ResourceContainer	Workshop Container
64A47	Loot_DuffleBag_Guns	Duffle Bag
CF888	Loot_Raider_TrunkSilver_Boss	Steamer Trunk
14EB98	TheSlogVendorChest	Locker
15E980	GraygardenFarmVendorChest	Locker
60CB4	Loot_AmmoBox	Ammo Box
6356B	Prewar_Grill01	Grill
64A36	Loot_Raider_Safe	Safe
180A15	CashRegisterContainer	Cash Register
21E7A	Prewar_TrashCan	Trash Can
BD52B	OfficeFileCabinet02_Beige	File Cabinet
38C1D	Loot_Raider_Toolbox	Toolbox
72315	Loot_Prewar_Trunk_Boss	Steamer Trunk
1F453	FederalistDesk01_Prewar	Desk
10FCC0	WorkshopVendorChestArmor02	Locker
6F3AD	DN149_WattzRepairLocker	Locker
62553	WorkshopVendorChestClothing01	Locker
8CD00	Loot_Prewar_Safe	Safe
1236A6	DN035_EasyCityDownsWallSafe	Racetrack Lockbox
288E1	MS02FactoryPowerCore	Power Core
10103C	DN021_ChestnutHillockBrahmin	Bess
49DA3	Prewar_Office_Desk_01	Desk
35AD8	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Refrigerator01_White	Refrigerator
18752E	REObjectCT03_BrahminCorpse	Brahmin
913FC	PlayerHouse_Ruin_WetBar01	Cabinet
FC017	DN088_SafeEmpty	Safe
E6957	InstituteMedkit01	Medkit
1900F	TheSlogChest	Locker
CF88C	Loot_Prewar_TrunkSilver_Boss	Steamer Trunk
38C1F	Loot_Raider_Trunk_Boss	Steamer Trunk
175500	FootLocker01	Footlocker
BD531	OfficeFileCabinet03	File Cabinet
147D5B	MS07b_GildedGrashopper	Gilded Grasshopper
670B1	Loot_Prewar_ToolBox	Toolbox
AE536	Prewar_Office_Desk_01_Steel	Desk
B97FD	Vault111OfficeFileCabinet01_Steel_02	File Cabinet
8A84F	DN101_Safe_Wall	Pickman's Safe
61C0F	WorkshopWorldResourceContainer	Workshop Container
9C8F1	DEBUG_HandmadeGuns_Tier3	Pipe Guns - Various Tier III Mods
2BDE8	RETreasureHuntTempNoteContainer	Note Container
1338E5	VendorVault81Medicine	Merchant Chest
3594D	REObject01Refrigerator	Refrigerator
36929	Loot_Raider_Cooler_Chems	Chem Cooler
10FCC8	WorkshopVendorChestClothing03	Locker
222CF	Prewar_Mailbox	Mailbox
80216	DN094_TestContainer	Ship's Storage
22261	YangtzeChest	Locker
38C23	Loot_Raider_Toolcase_Guns	Tool Case
91431	PlayerHouse_Ruin_BathroomMirror02	Mirror
161F22	FinchVendorChest	Locker
38C22	Loot_Raider_Suitcase_Armor	Suitcase
B342B	OfficeFileCabinet01_Steel_Vault	File Cabinet
B97F9	Vault111OfficeFileCabinet01_Beige	File Cabinet
CA877	Loot_IndustrialTrunk_Boss	Industrial Trunk
8622A	SanctuaryMailboxEmpty	Mailbox
10C043	WorkshopVendorChestWeapon02	Locker
58801	Loot_Raider_Safe_Wall_Boss	Wall Safe
130D9A	VendorVault81Misc	Merchant Chest
12E2C4	WorkshopWorkbenchInterior	Workshop
9F428	Prewar_Fancy_TableConsole01	Console
10FCC2	WorkshopVendorChestMisc01	Locker
9C8F0	DEBUG_HandmadeGuns_Tier2	Pipe Guns - Various Tier II Mods
43B48	DN001_BADTFLCheifFileCabinet	File Cabinet
118B1B	DN154_MarcWilsonsDesk	Desk
59A9A	Loot_Toolbox	Toolbox
49D9F	Prewar_Cabinet_Garage_01	Cabinet
10FCC6	WorkshopVendorChestBar03	Locker
FEC93	DN001_ChiefsSafe	Safe
4C91B	FinchFarmChest	Locker
23869	Prewar_NewsStand	News Stand
DDB32	DN046_FederalistDesk01_Prewar	Desk
11B472	Loot_Prewar_Medkit_Wall_Empty	First Aid
A1213	InstM01BillsChest	Chest
BB844	Vault111_Ruin_BathroomMirror02	Mirror
BD53C	OfficeDesk01	Desk
38C21	Loot_Raider_ExplosivesBox	Explosives Box
BD535	OfficeFileCabinet03_Beige_Vault	File Cabinet
49DA1	Prewar_Cabinet_Garage_03	Cabinet
10FCC3	WorkshopVendorChestMisc02	Locker
9F42A	Prewar_Fancy_Bureau01	Bureau
11EB5B	Prewar_Locker_Wall02	Locker
BD534	OfficeFileCabinet03_Beige_Prewar	File Cabinet
17F332	DN137Prewar_Refrigerator_Broken	Refrigerator
55F0D	RoachFakeActorContReviz	Pregnant Roach
10130F	DN089Toolcase_withKey	Instrument Case
43B49	DN001_BADTFLCheifDesk	Desk
482DF	DN110_Loot_Prewar_Suitcase_Diary	Runaway's Suitcase
13AD1	MS13ChemsCrate	Chems Crate
10FCC1	WorkshopVendorChestArmor03	Locker
49DA0	Prewar_Cabinet_Garage_02	Cabinet
8B1B9	DN124_Loot_Slocums_Safe	Safe
20C70	RoachFakeActorCont	Rad Roach Nurse
184493	RETravelCT03_MerchantVendorChest	Locker
5D8F8	Loot_Prewar_Cooler	Cooler
15F724	DN010_Loot_Prewar_Suitcase_Clothes	Suitcase
55E95	MQ102V111GuardSkeletonContainer	Vault 111 Security
BD52E	OfficeFileCabinet02	File Cabinet
B1E36	Vault_Dresser_01	Dresser
E934E	DN049_VendorChest_Fallons	Chest
11EB5C	Prewar_Locker_Wall01	Locker
127587	DN123_SkylanesSecretCompartmentEMPTY	Hidden Compartment
16A071	VendorInstituteFood	Merchant Chest
C1AEC	WorkshopWorkbenchWireOnly	Workshop
B3657	WorkshopResourceContainerCastle	Workshop Container
49622	OfficeFileCabinet01_Prewar	File Cabinet
6355F	Loot_Trunk_Boss	Steamer Trunk
D3940	SanctuaryWorkshopResourceContainer	Workshop Container
A158B	Loot_Raider_WoodCrate	Wooden Crate
108446	DN050Safe	Safe
9C8EF	DEBUG_HandmadeGuns_Tier1	Pipe Guns - Various Tier I Mods
6D4C3	Loot_Prewar_Safe_Wall	Safe
8C17D	Vault_Locker_01	Locker
14EEFB	DN084_Loot_Prewar_Medkit	First Aid
8F6B7	Loot_Prewar_Toolcase	Tool Case
D5C67	Loot_Raider_Medkit_Chems_Wall	Chem Box
913FA	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Dresser01	Dresser
147D59	MS07b_ShemDrowneGrave	Shem Drowne's Grave
655D6	Loot_Prewar_WoodCrate	Wooden Crate
A0703	DN027_CroupDesk	Desk
84910	DebugJPCompanionContainer	Locker
1F434	FederalistDresser01_Prewar	Dresser
4B6EA	Loot_Prewar_Medkit_Wall	First Aid
BD52C	OfficeFileCabinet02_Steel	File Cabinet
43F83	DN020_LunchboxKeyToPrincipal	Rusty's Lunch
AEBB6	SanctuaryMailbox	Mailbox
1103E3	DN140_ToolcaseIntelKey	Instrument Case
BD52A	OfficeFileCabinet02_Beige_Prewar	File Cabinet
38C1B	Loot_Raider_DuffleBag_Guns	Duffle Bag
1102FE	WorkshopVendorChestWeapon04	Locker
BD53A	OfficeDesk01_Steel_Vault	Desk
62557	WorkshopVendorChestBar01	Locker
38C1E	Loot_Raider_AmmoBox	Ammo Box
C1AEB	WorkshopWorkbench	Workshop
9FE56	Prewar_Fancy_Dresser01	Dresser
10FCC5	WorkshopVendorChestBar02	Locker
AE537	Prewar_Office_Desk_01_Beige	Desk
190967	DN160_LootStarsSuitcase	Suitcase
1002A4	DN041_Suitcase	Bill's Suitcase
1939CB	Loot_Raider_TrunkMilitary_Boss	Trunk
1932CA	ACUnit01_Container	Air Condenser
1939CA	Loot_Prewar_TrunkMilitary_Boss	Trunk
190E59	WorkshopVendorChestMisc04TraderRylee	Locker
19537A	Loot_Chargen_Suitcase_Clothes	Suitcase
1932CB	ACUnit02_Container	Air Condenser
198CBE	WorkshopSafeFloor01	Safe
19AC73	HighTechTrashCan01Dirty	Trash Can
19AB66	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Dresser02_Empty	Dresser
19AB65	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Dresser01_Empty	Dresser
19AB75	PlayerHouse_Ruin_WetBar01_empty	Cabinet
19AC72	HighTechTrashcan01	Trash Can
19F80A	DN127EmptySafe	Safe
1A6E3C	HighTechDesk01	Desk
1A7204	HighTechFilingCabinet01ACleanShort	File Cabinet
1A720F	HighTechFilingCabinet01BWeatheredShort	File Cabinet
1A720B	HighTechFilingCabinet01AWeatheredTall	File Cabinet
19F4C7	PortADiner01DirtyDoor	Door
1A7202	HighTechFilingCabinet01BCleanTall	File Cabinet
19FF08	DN023_FootLocker02	Footlocker
1A6E50	ModernDomesticSideTableSm01_Dirty	Table
1A037F	Loot_ToolboxLarge	Large Toolbox
19E985	DN094_Loot_Prewar_ToolBox	Toolbox
1A6E4D	ModernDomesticSideTableLrg01_Dirty	Table
1A5606	DN056_CoolerChemStash	Chem Stash
19EDE2	DN007_DeadDrop	Dead Drop
1A633F	Prewar_TrashCan_Empty	Trash Can
1A6E48	HighTechDesk01_Dirty	Desk
19FEFE	DN023_FootLocker01	Footlocker
1A71FE	HighTechFilingCabinet01ACleanTall	File Cabinet
1A6366	TrashBin01Empty	Trash Bin
1A6E49	HighTechDesk02	Desk
1A7210	HighTechFilingCabinet01BWeatheredTall	File Cabinet
1A7206	HighTechFilingCabinet01BCleanShort	File Cabinet
1A0380	Loot_ToolChest	Tool Chest
19F4C9	PortADiner01Door	Door
1A6E4A	HighTechDesk02_Dirty	Desk
1A6E4B	ModernDomesticSideTableLrg01	Table
1A6B0E	InstituteCabinet01Clothes	Dresser
1A720A	HighTechFilingCabinet01AWeatheredShort	File Cabinet
1A6E4E	ModernDomesticSideTableSm01	Table
1B341	ContainerMarker	Container
1939B	SanctuaryWorkshopResourceContainerOLD	Workshop Container
1930B	Vault111_Prewar_ToolBox_Empty	Toolbox
1A8B74	RR201RebelChest	Locker
1D0FB	DN156_StarlightFootLocker01	Starlight Drive-in Key
2B6E2	LunchPail	Lunch Pail
3D3E3	DN116MilitaryBotChest	Trunk
50DC8	DN156_FootLocker01	Footlocker
5238C	WorkshopVendorChestWeaponRonnieShaw	Locker
56903	DN054_AtomCatsPowerArmorVendorChest	Chest
56900	DN054_AtomCatsVendorChest	Chest
6A33A	DN010_PlayerHouse_Ruin_Dresser02	Dresser
7132E	Loot_Prewar_Medkit_Chems_Wall	First Aid
65F7A	DmndMayorSafe	Mayor's Safe
707F9	Loot_Prewar_Medkit_Chems	First Aid
65F8F	MQ105GenevaDesk	Geneva's Desk
6636E	DN015QuestContainer	Trash Can
8E59E	DN088_JacqsBag	Jacq's Duffel Bag
8E5AE	DN088_MarthasToolbox	Toolbox
92144	DN015_OutputContainer	Fabricator Output
99D14	DN057_ToolBox	Toolbox
A4718	WorkshopResourceContainerFarm04	Workshop Container
A471A	WorkshopResourceContainerFarm06	Workshop Container
A4715	WorkshopResourceContainerFarm01	Workshop Container
A4712	WorkshopResourceContainerGraygarden	Workshop Container
A4717	WorkshopResourceContainerFarm03	Workshop Container
A4711	WorkshopResourceContainerWarwick	Workshop Container
A4716	WorkshopResourceContainerFarm02	Workshop Container
A470F	WorkshopResourceContainerAbernathy	Workshop Container
A4714	WorkshopResourceContainerSlog	Workshop Container
A4713	WorkshopResourceContainerFinch	Workshop Container
A4719	WorkshopResourceContainerFarm05	Workshop Container
C45E9	MS17CovenantTrashCan	Trash Can
135E6A	BobbleheadStandContainer	Bobblehead Stand
D2941	WorkshopResourceContainerDmndPlayerHouse	Workshop Container
15076D	DN101_Loot_Painting_ToolBox	Toolbox
14419E	CambridgeConstructionLunchbox	Cooler
157ACD	DN049_VendorChest_Bakery	Container
157ADF	DN049_VendorChest_Diner	Container
15DBC4	HighTechCubicle01	Desk
157AC5	DN049_VendorChest_Slocums	Container
15DBC5	HighTechCubicle02	Desk
157BFE	DN049_VendorChest_Outlet	Chest
187B01	Inst305_PartsBox	Radio Parts Crate
194363	DN120_Loot_Prewar_Safe_Boats	Mortimer's Safe
195F49	MS05B_DeathclawNest	Deathclaw Nest
194364	DN120_Loot_Prewar_Safe_Paintings	Ethel's Safe
194365	DN120_Loot_Prewar_Safe_Books	Edward's Safe
19435E	DN120_Loot_Prewar_Safe_Wildlife	Randall's Safe
18B217	Loot_DuffleBag_Cash	Duffle Bag
194366	DN120_Loot_Prewar_Safe_Cats	Catherine's Safe
2044A	PlayerHouse_BathroomMirror02	Mirror
1AD493	REObjectRJ03_VendorChestBar	Locker
1AC6E0	ScienceCenterVendorChest	Vendor
19FDF5	DN005Storage_ToolBox	Toolbox
1A9616	REMerchant04VendorChest	Locker
1AB88E	WorkshopResourceContainerAirport	Workshop Container
19B65C	DeathclawNest01_Container	Deathclaw Nest
1C0292	TheaterTickerTape_Safe	Safe
1BBC92	CastleArmoryVertibirdSmokeFlareContainer	Vertibird Smoke Flares
1C402F	WorkshopVendorChestClothing04	Locker
1C19BE	Institute_Locker01	Locker
1C4913	MS07WinterSuitcase	Suitcase
1C6167	InstituteCabinet01BCleanShort	File Cabinet
1C3FB2	DN170_MetalBox_Key	Metal Box
1C6168	InstituteCabinet01BCleanTall	File Cabinet
1C6165	InstituteCabinet01ACleanShort	File Cabinet
1C6166	InstituteCabinet01ACleanTall	File Cabinet
1C4035	REMerchant05VendorChest	Locker
1D5D30	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Washer01_Empty	Washer
1D038F	DN098Loot_Prewar_Safe_Wall	Safe
1D4A6F	MagazineRackContainer01	Magazine Rack
1D4A72	MagazineRackContainer02	Magazine Rack
1D88AD	DN136_ShaunsInstituteCabinet01Office	Office Cabinet
1E0989	POIJSLoot_Prewar_Safe_Candy	Safe
1E1F3E	POISC06_VendorChest	Eleanor's Chest
1D9FEB	FederalistDesk01_Prewar_Empty	Desk
1D9FEC	Prewar_Fancy_Dresser01_Empty	Dresser
1E7DA2	QAArmorChest	All Armor
1E8111	POIRJ11VendorChest	Leonard's Chest
1E7DA9	QAHolotapeGamesChest	Holotape Games
1E7DA6	QABookChest	All Books
1E7DA4	QAWeaponChest	All Weapons
1E7DC9	QAMiscComponentChest	All Misc. Compent Items
1E7DAF	QAHolotapesChest	Holotapes
1E7DC6	QAScrapChest	All Scrap
1E7DC8	QAConsumableChest	All Consumables
1EE932	DN109_MamaMurphysStash	Mama Murphy's Stash
1F8545	QALegendaryContainer	Legendary Items
1F2B6A	DN054Loot_Prewar_Safe	Zeke's Safe
1F07CA	Vault81_GraveLocker	Locker
1F7B41	POISC11_SurvivorsStash	Quincy Survivor's Stash
205A5F	Vault81_GraveLocker_Urn	Locker
20A6FD	Loot_Medkit_Chems_Dirty	First Aid
20A700	Loot_Medkit_Chems_Wall_Dirty	First Aid
216AA3	HollowedOutRockChest	Hollowed-Out Rock
21A172	Loot_Prewar_Safe_Drugs	Safe
2269A4	WorkshopVendorChestWeaponRonnieShawNoRespawn	Locker
222DC0	PlayerHouse_Ruin_Dryer01_Empty	Dryer
2269A7	BoSPlayerStorageBox	Storage
2269A1	WorkshopVendorChestArmor05NoRespawn	Locker
224302	DN068_Dryer01	Dryer
2269A2	WorkshopVendorChestWeapon05NoRespawn	Locker
2269A3	WorkshopVendorChestMisc05NoRespawn	Locker
22B17D	Workshop_Prewar_ToolBox	Toolbox
22B17B	Workshop_Prewar_Suitcase_Clothes	Suitcase
22BF74	WorkshopResourceContainerFree	Workshop Container
22B17E	Workshop_ToolChest	Tool Chest
22BF75	WorkshopResourceContainerSettlement	Workshop Container
22B4A2	Prewar_Cooler_Empty	Cooler
22B17C	Workshop_Prewar_Cooler	Cooler
22F91E	BoSPrydwenSSCase	Sharpshooter Stowage
1E781F	Loot_AmmoBoxInstituteRed01	Ammo Box
1E7820	Loot_AmmoBoxInstituteGreen01	Ammo Box
2381BA	Workshop_WoodCrate	Wooden Crate
2381C2	Workshop_BossTrunk	Steamer Trunk
23B2A6	MassBayMedical_MRIContainer	Compartment
54836	PlayerHouse_Dresser01	Dresser
23C9C0	WorkshopOfficeDesk01NOEDIT	Desk
23D2C8	MetalBoxWorkshop	Metal Box
54837	PlayerHouse_Dresser02	Dresser
B8448	Loot_Trunk_Vault81	Steamer Trunk
B844C	Loot_Trunk_Vault75	Steamer Trunk
B844F	Loot_Trunk_Vault95	Steamer Trunk
B8453	Loot_Trunk_Vault114	Steamer Trunk
913F8	PlayerHouse_KitchenRefrigerator01	Refrigerator
B8446	Loot_Trunk_Vault81PreWar	Steamer Trunk
23F662	WorkshopVendorChestBase	Locker
B8455	Loot_Trunk_Vault111	Steamer Trunk
245AA8	MeatBag_Floor002	Meat Bag
245AA6	MeatBag002	Meat Bag
245AA7	MeatBag_Floor001	Meat Bag
245AA5	MeatBag001	Meat Bag
20C71	CorpseSuckedBrahmin01	Brahmin
245FB7	DN124_FederalistDesk01_Prewar	Desk
246F86	WorkshopWorkbenchNonSettlement	Workshop
247516	DN096_OfficeDesk01_WithPassword	Desk
247513	DN096_OfficeDesk01_WithKey	Desk
249860	POIJS011MerchantVendorChest	Locker