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Fallout 4 legendary apparel effects

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Fallout 4 apparel can have various legendary effects. They are dropped at random by legendary enemies (distinguished by a star by their name) and can have one effect from the list below.

For an analogous list for weapons, see here.

List of effects


Name of effect Description Notes
Acrobat’s Reduces falling damage by 50%.
Almost Unbreakable Quadruples durability.
Assassin’s Reduces damage from humans by 15%.
Bolstering Grants increasing energy and damage resistance the lower your Health (up to +35).
Cavalier’s Reduces damage while blocking or sprinting by 15%.
Chameleon Enemies have a harder time detecting you while you’re sneaking and not moving.
Cunning Agility +1, Perception +1.
Duelist’s 10% chance to disarm melee attacker on hit.
Exterminator’s Reduces damage from Mirelurks and bugs by 15%.
Fortifying Strength +1, Endurance +1.
Freefall Prevents falling damage.
Ghoul Slayer’s Reduces damage from Ghouls by 15%.
Herbalist’s +25 poison resistance.
Hunter’s Reduces damage from animals by 15%.
Low Weight Low carry weight.
Lucky Luck +2.
Martyr’s Temporarily slows time during combat when you are at 20% or less Health.
Mutant Slayer’s Reduces damage from Super Mutants by 15%.
Powered Increases Action Point refresh speed.
Punishing Reflects 10% of melee damage back on attacker.
Safecracker’s Increases size of sweet spot while picking locks.
Sharp Charisma +1, Intelligence +1.
Sprinter’s Increases wearer’s movement speed by 15%.
Titan’s Reduces damage while standing and not moving by 15%.
Troubleshooter’s Reduces damage from robots by 15%.
V.A.T.S. Enhanced 10% reduction in Action Point costs in V.A.T.S.

Far Harbor

Name of effect Description Notes
Incendiary 30% chance to ignite melee attackers, once every 20 seconds.
Cryogenic 10% chance to freeze melee attackers, once every 20 seconds.
Cloaking Being hit in melee generates a Stealth Field for 10 sec once per 60 seconds.
Unyielding +3 to all stats when you are at 25% or less health.
Auto Stim Automatically use a Stimpak when hit while health is 25% or less, once every 60 seconds.
Rad Powered Grants additional Strength the higher your rads.


Name of effect Description Notes
Overboss Tesla Coils Deals Energy damage to nearby enemies. Raider power armor
Nuka-Cola Paint Job +3 Agility with all pieces equipped. T-51 power armor
Quantum Increases Action Point refresh speed with all pieces equipped. X-01 power armor