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This page lists all locations in Fallout 4.
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General information[edit | edit source]

There are at least 325 marked locations in total in the base game of Fallout 4, spread throughout the Commonwealth, Boston (situated in the center of the Commonwealth, by the Charles River) and the Glowing Sea (situated in the southwest corner of the Commonwealth). 30 of these locations are workshop settlements, which allow the player to build unique structures and farms on the land in and around the location.

For an interactive map of locations, see here.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Inhabited (see top level article for details on how to unlock them)

Boston[edit | edit source]

Commonwealth[edit | edit source]

Glowing Sea[edit | edit source]

Vaults[edit | edit source]

Far Harbor[edit | edit source]

Vault-Tec Workshop[edit | edit source]

Nuka-World[edit | edit source]