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Fallout 4 trailer

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The Fallout 4 trailer (called Fallout 4 - Official Trailer) officially announced Fallout 4 on June 3, 2015. It shifted between a series of pre- and post-War scenes and featured in-engine gameplay footage.


The trailer starts out focused on a TV screen, which displays the "PLEASE STAND BY" Indian test signal, then the camera slowly pans out revealing the interior of a ruined house, with the The Ink Spots' It's All Over But the Crying playing in the background. A German shepherd sniffs around and explores the house, spliced with scenes of the house before the Great War. As the song fades out, a newscaster on the radio (voiced by Ron Perlman) reports that nuclear detonations have been confirmed. As the German shepherd runs out of the house and down a street, scenes depict American citizens running from their homes and toward the gated-in Vault 111 as the newscaster laments that "War. War never changes."

The trailer then depicts the closing and opening of Vault 111, and proceeds with numerous scenes of the Commonwealth, before cutting back to the Great War in progress as a nuclear shockwave encroaches on civilians trying to get into a vault, before it cuts to black. The German shepherd who was sniffing around the house then finds the Sole Survivor from Vault 111, who remarks, "Let's go, pal" before the screen cuts to black and the Fallout 4 logo appears.



  • The trailer begins in a manner similar to the intro of Fallout.
  • Like previous Fallout games, the Fallout 4 trailer's music is provided by The Ink Spots.

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