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For an overview of power armor in Fallout 76 see: Fallout 76 power armor.

Power armor returns from Fallout 4, retaining many of its core mechanics and introducing a few new gameplay wrinkles. Perhaps the most notable change is that suits now spawn widely, but their appearance is no longer guaranteed: Each power armor only has a chance to spawn and might not appear if the player enters the cell - and even if it does, it might disappear on account of interference from other players. An (R) by the location name indicates the suit found in this spot is most likely a raider power armor, the least of all power armor suits.

Note that certain power armors cannot be found in the wild:

Other armors can be constructed by finding the appropriate recipe. These are difficult to come by:

The Forest[edit | edit source]

Location Description Map image
Aaronholt Homestead (R) Inside the shed by the three silos, in the Power Armor Station. Aaronholt Power Armor.jpg
Black Mountain Ordnance Works Northeast of the Black Mountain works, inside the locked domes.
WV Lumber Co. In the large metal warehouse, near the interior stairs, near a Nuka-cola machine.
Point Pleasant (R) In the power armor station, in the garage below the ruined bridge, at street level; on the roof of the building across the bridge from the garage, north side.
Gorge Junkyard (R) Inside the locked green trailer (L3) amid the junk, in the yard itself.
Morgantown Trainyard In the military cargo car, east side of the main warehouse.
Mama Dolce's Food Processing Booby-trapped warehouse, southwest of the factory building.
Fujiniya Intelligence Base Locked (ID) Armory Closet, in the Liberator launch bay.
Arktos Pharma Vertipod Loading Dock, upper floor inside the building. Requires passing through a scurity gate.
Silva Homestead Inside the silo barn with the tractors.
New River Gorge Bridge - West (R) Locked storage area below the west span of the bridge.
Lewis & Sons Farming Supply In the tractor barn warehouse, near the stairs.
Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant Inside the plant in the sunken loading dock chamber.
Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 Basement workroom, behind the level 2 security gate.
Hornwright Industrial Headquarters In the basement, near the stairs, near the docking station vending machines.
Wade Airport (R) Blue trailer on the southwestern corner of the runway. Level 2 lock.
Hangar to the NE of the Traffic Control Tower.

Toxic Valley[edit | edit source]

Location Description Map image
The Crosshair (R) Alcove above the cooking station.
Eastern Regional Penitentiary In the power armor shop in the prison yard.
Clarksburg (R) Inside the brick tower containing the engine repair shop. Can be entered through the roof or the fire escape steps.
Black Bear Lodge In the small red barn damaged by the falling tree.
Crashed Space Station (R) On the upper edge of the crater to the southeast, near the lookout shed.
Grafton Dam In the shed in the parking lot by the power armor station.

The Ash Heap[edit | edit source]

Location Description Map image
Abandoned Mine Shaft Elaine On the east side of the locker hit, near the power armor station.
AMS Testing Site Corner inside the large warehouse with a curving roof.
Beckley South side of the central fortification wall, near the IFV.
Belching Betty Near the mine entrance, inside the concrete building with the Fire Marshal.
Big Bend Tunnel West Outside a derailed military cargo car, towards Lewisburg Station.
Big Bend Tunnel West Inside the warehouse inside the locked area in the tunnels.
Camden Park (R) In the raider camp with the roller coaster.
Garrahan Mining Headquarters Testing Control and Assessment: Inside the main laboratory.
Testing Control and Assessment: Two pieces on the main laboratory table.
Testing Control and Assessment: Main laboratory, near the overturned yellow cart.
A full Excavator power armor is the main reward for completing Miner Miracles.
Mount Blair Inside the large warehouse with the bulldozers.
Mount Blair Trainyard Power armor station, on the south side of the main yard building, near the entrance door.
Red Rocket Filling Station Power armor station, outside by the wire fence behind the station and the two red fuel tanks.
Rollins Work Camp In a station outside the southwest office pod.
Striker Row Alcove near the two road barriers, across from the caravan and flag. Look for robot parts.
The Burning Mine Inside the mine, by the large red door near the entrance.
The Rusty Pick (R) Behind the level 2 locked double doors at the east end of the mine tunnel.

Savage Divide[edit | edit source]

Location Description Map image
Beckwith Farm (R) At the raider roadblock on Route 105, east of the farm.
Blackwater Mine (R) Near the mechanic's garage. Look for large blue pump cylinders.
Cliffwatch (R) At the foot of the raider tower, outside the defensive wall near the cliff's edge.
Emmett Mountain Disposal Site Inside the disposal site, in the level 2 locked security area in the generator room.
Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 (R) In the storage cage in the main building.
Huntersville Southeast of Huntersville, in the roadside graveyard of the Brotherhood.
Behind the metal garage near the military defensive wall and super mutant hanging cages.
Johnson's Acre (R) East of the cabin, on the promontory with the skeletons.
Lucky Hole Mine Inside the blocked storage area inside the main. To bypass the chains, navigate around and drop down from the gap above (look for a sleeping bag).
Middle Mountain Cabins (R) Outside the middle cabin, left of the entrance steps.
National Isolated Radio Array Inside the large metal warehouse with the two flags and a blue truck trailer.
New Appalachian Central Trainyard Just outside the ramp leading to the military cargo car in the main building.
Pleasant Valley Cabins (R) Inside the arena in the raider settlement.
R&G Station Level 1 locked green trailer near the signal tower (look behind the station proper).
Ripper Alley (R) In a rock alcove with bones and candles, up the hill.
Seneca Gang Camp (R) Near a yellow machine and the cooking station.
Site Alpha In the Storage Area, near the Tinker’s Workbench.
Site Bravo In the Storage Area, near the Tinker’s Workbench.
Site Charlie In the Storage Area, near the Tinker’s Workbench.
Solomon's Pond Near the pump machine on the concrete foundation. Look for a power armor station.
US-13C Bivouac Tent camp, in the tent marked with three blue barrels.
Wendigo Cave (R) At the bottom of the "staircase".

The Mire[edit | edit source]

Location Description Map image
Big B's Rest Stop Around the back of the gas station, in the power armor station.
Camp Venture At the power armor stations at the heart of the base.
Crevasse Dam (R) Inside the locked green trailer, near the unloading area.
Dolly Sods Wilderness Stands in the woods, southeast of the lodge with the derelict Pick-R-Up outside. Look for a tree stump and a campfire.
Dyer Chemical Inside the sewers, at the base of the room with the large vat that leads to the sewer maintenance facility.
Hawke's Refuge (R) Raider: On the connecting wood platform northwest of the main initial cavern.
Sunday Brothers' Cabin In the barn with the workbenches.
Thunder Mountain Power Plant Near the loading dock, in the room with the power armor stations.
A single armor piece is found on the table in the tents outside the main facility.
Treehouse Village (R) Eastern edge of the platform with the living room, near the distillery.

Cranberry Bog[edit | edit source]

Location Description Map image
AMS Corporate Headquarters Near the crashed Vertibird at the road junction, just outside the HQ.
Appalachian Antiques Between the chairs on the front porch.
Big Bend Tunnel East Outside the tunnel entrance, in the tarp tent and the power stations there.
Bootlegger's Shack (R) Raider: Standing by the rusting truck cab along the inside of the wooden west perimeter wall.
Drop Site V9 At the entrance to the concrete building.
Firebase Hancock By the battlements, near the office pods.
Firebase LT Outside the eastern tent, near the defensive wall.
Firebase Major Outside the tent, between the makeshift wall and the jeep.
Fort Defiance Upper floor of the Asylum, near the power armor station.
Forward Station Delta Power armor station near the steps.
Kerwood Mine Standing in the water at a dead-end tunnel, off the main hub cavern.
Lost Home On the roof of the western shack, near the sleeping bag.
Quarry X3 By the lamp post and the office pod.
RobCo Research Center Inside the RB-2851 facility, at a power armor station.
Survey Camp Alpha At a power armor station protected by the tarp.
The General's Steakhouse Metal shed outside the allotment area.
Watoga Civic Center Inside the center, near the ground-level court with the BoS flags.
East of the Civic Center, on the roof of the residential building, near the Vertibird.
Watoga Emergency Services On the roof, around the corner from the elevator.
Watoga High School Southeast roof corner, use the emergency stairs outside the building.
Watoga Shopping Plaza East of Drumlin Diner, on the sidewalk.
Watoga Transit Hub Inside the level 3 locked generator room and armor, behind the information desk.