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Fallout 76 random encounters

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This page lists all random encounters in Fallout 76.
  • For random encounters in other Fallout games, please see "Random encounter".
  • For an overview of Fallout 76 content, please refer to "Fallout 76".


Random encounters return in Fallout 76 and work much the same as in Fallout 4. Each random encounter has a specific type and it can occur in one of the locations set up for that kind of random encounter (see map below for detailed locations).


Map of spawns

Assault encounters

Assault encounters are triggered when the player enters the cell, placing buildings with defensive markers plus distant markers for attackers to spawn at.

Name Description Screenshot ID
Sheepsquatch vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultDWD01
Sheepsquatch vs. Scorched RE_AssaultDWD02
Sheepsquatch vs. Mole Miners RE_AssaultDWD03
Feral ghouls vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK01
Scorched vs. Robots RE_AssaultKMK02
Mole Miners vs. Scorched RE_AssaultKMK03
Anglers vs. Scorched RE_AssaultKMK04
Gulpers vs. Scorched RE_AssaultKMK05
Fog Crawlers vs. Scorched RE_AssaultKMK06
Mirelurks vs. Scorched RE_AssaultKMK07
Liberators vs. Scorched RE_AssaultKMK08
Mole Miners vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK09
Anglers vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK10
Gulpers vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK11
Mirelurks vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK12
Scorched MegaSloth vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK13
Sentry Bot vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK14
RadScorpions vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultKMK15
Super Mutants vs. Scorched RE_AssaultMD01
Yao Guai vs. Honey Beasts RE_AssaultMJP01
Mothman vs Glowing One RE_AssaultMJP02
Greaser Scorched vs Radroaches RE_AssaultMJP03
Scorched Baseball vs Yao Guai RE_AssaultMJP04
Super Mutants vs. Scorched RE_AssaultMP01
Deathclaw vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultMP02
Ghouls vs. Scorched RE_AssaultMP03
Deathclaw vs Ants RE_AssaultMP04
Ghouls vs. Liberators RE_AssaultMP05
Super Mutants vs. Robots RE_AssaultMP06
Super Mutants vs. Deathclaw RE_AssaultMP07
Gulpers vs. Mirelurks RE_AssaultMP08
Yao Guai vs. Super Mutants RE_AssaultMP09
Canines vs. Megasloth RE_AssaultMP10

Object encounters

Object encounters will spawn an object and sometimes an NPC in a cell.

Name Description Screenshot ID
Pumpkin House Revealed RE_ObjectCMB01
The Rusty Pick Revealed RE_ObjectCMB02
Prickett's Fort Revealed RE_ObjectCMB03
Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield Revealed RE_ObjectCMB04
Hawke's Refuge Revealed RE_ObjectCMB05
Dead Miner RE_ObjectCMB06
Raider's Last Laugh RE_ObjectCMB07
Archaeologist RE_ObjectCMB09
Dead and Dismembered RE_ObjectCT01
Free States Loner RE_ObjectCT02
Lemonade Stand A lemonade stand with a Mr Handy tending the stall. Offers lemonade and other consumables for purchase. Mr Squeeze.png RE_ObjectDWD01
Super Mutant Massacre RE_ObjectDWD02
Brahmin Quill Attack RE_ObjectDWD03
Pitcher Plant Patch RE_ObjectJM01
Brotherhood Caravan RE_ObjectJM02
Scorchbeast Leavings RE_ObjectJM03
Wrecked vertibot to loot RE_ObjectJM04
Crashed vertibird with feral ghoul crew RE_ObjectKMK01
Satellite Crash RE_ObjectKMK02
Wendigo w Dead Caravan RE_ObjectMJP01
Backwoodsman: Get Off My Lawn RE_ObjectMJP02
Merchant killed by Ghouls RE_ObjectMP01
Merchant killed by Scorched RE_ObjectMP02
Satellite Crash w/ Robots RE_ObjectMP03
Survivor Camp vs. Scorched RE_ObjectMP04
Survivor Camp vs Supermutants RE_ObjectMP05
Deathclaw vs Merchant Caravan RE_ObjectMP06
Destroyed Survivor Camp RE_ObjectMP07
Fresh Grave RE_ObjectMP08
Deathclaw Nest vs Scorched RE_ObjectMP09
Deathclaw Nest vs Super Mutants RE_ObjectMP10
Suitcase Mystery RE_ObjectMP11_GQ
Personal Meltdown RE RE_ObjectMTNZ04
Raider. Trap RE_ObjectOB01
Mistress of Mystery Corpse RE_ObjectSC01_MoM
Fujiniya Intelligence Base Scientist Corpse RE_ObjectSM01
TEMPLATE - duplicate to use RE_ObjectTemplate
Crashed Vertibird RE_ObjectTS01
Glowing Radroaches RE_ObjectTS02
Wrecked tank with robots RE_ObjectTS03
Lone Traveler RE_ObjectTS04
Undetonated Ordnance RE_ObjectTS05
MTR - Seismic Activity RE_ObjectTS06
Sheepsquatch Empty Nest RE_ObjectTS07
Sleeping Sheepsquatch RE_ObjectTS08

Scene encounters

Also called scene markers, these are triggered on cell load.

Name Description Screenshot ID
Tameable animal RE_Scene_AnimalTaming01
Tameable animal RE_Scene_AnimalTaming02
Tameable animal RE_Scene_AnimalTaming03
Mama's Rage RE_SceneBB01
Save the Animals RE_SceneBB02
Supermutant Defectors RE_SceneBB03
Crashed Plane RE_SceneBB04
Valley Galleria Eyebot RE_SceneBB05
Berkeley Springs Eyebot RE_SceneBB06
Brahmin Wrangler RE_SceneCMB02
Mechanical Blues RE_SceneDRE02_CUT
Mama Bear RE_SceneDRE03_CUT
First Date RE_SceneDRE05_CUT
First Date RE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
Nuked: Frenzied Robots RE_SceneDWD02
Military Recruitment RE_SceneDWD03
Free Samples - General's Steak House RE_SceneDWD04
Free Samples - Wavy Willards RE_SceneDWD05
Escaped Inmate RE_SceneDWD06
Sheepsquatch vs Albino Radstags RE_SceneDWD07
Watoga Patrols RE_SceneJM01
Lewisburg Ad Eyebot RE_SceneJM02
Liberator Attack RE_SceneJM03
Conflicted Robot RE_SceneJM04
Note to dungeon RE_SceneKMK01
Note to dungeon RE_SceneKMK01_GQ
Random air drop RE_SceneKMK02
Random air drop RE_SceneKMK02_GQ
Follow the Trail RE_SceneKMK03
Scorchbeast attack RE_SceneKMK05
Vertibird sweep RE_SceneKMK06
Critter Tracking RE_SceneKMK07
Critter Tracking RE_SceneKMK07_GQ
Wise Mothman! RE_SceneKMK08
Wendigo returning to cave RE_SceneKMK09
Autominers digging RE_SceneKMK10
Autominers digging RE_SceneKMK11
Sad mole miner RE_SceneKMK12
Morse Code Eyebot RE_SceneKMK13
ScorchBeast flyover RE_SceneKMK14
ScorchBeast flyover - unaggressive RE_SceneKMK15
Wendigo RE_SceneKMK16_Nuke
Fog Crawler RE_SceneKMK17_Nuke
Megasloth RE_SceneKMK18_Nuke
Deathclaw RE_SceneKMK19_Nuke
Behemoth RE_SceneKMK20_Nuke
Hermit Crab RE_SceneKMK21_Nuke
Dead Cultists RE_SceneMD01
Wolves and dead brahmin RE_SceneMD02
Dead Brahmin Herd RE_SceneMJP01
Scorched Statues RE_SceneMP02
Mannequin Friends RE_SceneMP03
Paranoid robot about to explode RE_ScenePS01
Story time with Miss Nanny RE_ScenePS02
Prizewinner - Mr. Handy delivers a player a prize RE_ScenePS03
Uncanny Caverns Free Pass Winner Willie's dead corpse with The Golden Holotape. Willie Wonka.png RE_SceneSM01
2 Mr. Handy's talking back and forth in endless loop RE_SceneSM02
Tyler County Fair Traveling Barker RE_SceneSM03
Insult Bot Personally roasted by Insult Bot and given You have been insulted! Insult Bot.png RE_SceneSM04
TEMPLATE - duplicate to use RE_SceneTemplate
Dead Responder RE_SceneTS01
Dead Responder RE_SceneTS01_GQ
Revenge For a Settler RE_SceneTS02
Revenge For a Settler RE_SceneTS02_GQ
Glowing Deathclaw vs Glowing Ones RE_SceneTS03
Nuked: Protectron Ghoul Defense RE_SceneTS04
Treasure Hunter RE_SceneTS05
Disabled Protectron RE_SceneTS06
Bandit Bot RE_SceneTS07
Distant Sheepsquatch Howl RE_SceneTS08

Travel encounters

Travel encounters can be the most difficult to happen upon: They are triggered when the player enters the cell where the trigger is located and spawns characters that travel between these markers. Typically, they travel along roads, rather than overland.

Name Description Screenshot ID
Yao Guai RE_TravelCMB01
Assaultron RE_TravelCMB02
Wandering Grafton Boss RE_TravelCMB03
Wandering Scorpion Boss RE_TravelCMB04
Wandering Deathclaw Boss RE_TravelCMB05
Ghouls vs. Grafton RE_TravelCMB06
Angler vs. Mirelurk RE_TravelCMB07
Molerats vs. Ghouls RE_TravelCMB08
Ghouls vs. Robots RE_TravelCMB09
Liberators vs. Robots RE_TravelCMB10
Wandering Ghouls RE_TravelCMB11
Free Roaming Gutsy RE_TravelCT01
Eyebot Evangelist RE_TravelCT02
Eye Bot Pied Piper RE_TravelDWD01
Handy Walker RE_TravelJM01
Super Mutants vs. Feral Ghouls RE_TravelKMK01
ScorchBeast vs. Super Mutants RE_TravelKMK02
Super Mutant Patrol RE_TravelKMK03
Mothman! RE_TravelKMK04
ScorchBeast flyover RE_TravelKMK05
Wendigo by night RE_TravelKMK06
Sentry Bot patrol RE_TravelKMK07
Autominers vs. Mole Miners RE_TravelKMK08
Mole Miners vs. Strikebreaker bots RE_TravelKMK09
Damaged Autominer RE_TravelKMK10
Eyebot - Whitesprings RE_TravelKMK11
Morse Code Eyebot RE_TravelKMK12
Responders Eyebot RE_TravelMD01
Scorched Patrol RE_TravelMD02
Bloodbugs w Dead Settler RE_TravelMJP01
Scorched vs. Super Mutants RE_TravelMP01
Wandering Scorched Boss RE_TravelMP02
Robots vs. Scorched RE_TravelMP03
Mirelurks vs. Super Mutants RE_TravelMP04
Scorched Beast vs. Feral Ghouls RE_TravelMP05
Super Mutant Boss vs. Scorched RE_TravelMP06
Dog Fight! RE_TravelMP07
Bug Swarm! RE_TravelMP08
Bears vs. Deathclaw RE_TravelMP09
Wendigo vs Ghouls! RE_TravelMP10
Mistaken Identity RE_TravelPS01
Wandering Responder Protectron Merchant RE_TravelTS01
Sheepsquatch Hunt RE_TravelTS02

Whitespring encounters

All of these encounters take place exclusively around The Whitespring.

Name Description Screenshot ID
Robot Defenders RE_WhitespringAssaultSC01
Enemy Takeover RE_WhitespringAssaultSC02
Standard Attack RE_WhitespringAssaultSC03
Special Attack: Behemoth & Super Mutants RE_WhitespringAssaultSC04
Special Attack: Super Mutant Bombing RE_WhitespringAssaultSC05
Special Attack: Scorchbeast & Scorched RE_WhitespringAssaultSC06
Special Attack: Yao Guai RE_WhitespringAssaultSC07
Special Attack: Deathclaws RE_WhitespringAssaultSC08
Special Attack: Bees! RE_WhitespringAssaultSC09
Special Attack: Grafton RE_WhitespringAssaultSC10
Special Attack: Wendigos RE_WhitespringAssaultSC11
Special Attack: Super Mutant Big Guns RE_WhitespringAssaultSC12