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This page lists all Fallout 76 unique weapons and their locations.

For apparel, see Fallout 76 unique apparel.

List of unique weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Type Bonus Location
All Rise Super sledge 90% less weight, +10 health Quest reward: Mayor for a Day.
Ancient Blade One-Handed Melee Event reward: Breach and Clear.
Anti-Scorched Training Pistol 10 mm Automatic Pistol +25% to Scorched, –20% to everything else Received during Main Quest: Into the Fire.
Black Diamond One-Handed Melee +1 Strength Obtained as a reward for completing Main Quest: Flavors of Mayhem.
Blade of Bastet One-Handed Melee Increased armor penetration, increased with Eye of Ra Quest reward: Forging a Legend
Bunker Buster Heavy Gun, Explosive +20% more damage Quest reward: One of Us
Camden Whacker One-Handed Melee Purchased at the Camden Park prize shop for fuzzy tokens
Civil Unrest Pump-action shotgun Quest reward: Falsely Accused
Daisy Cutter Explosive, Heavy Gun Quest reward: An Organic Solution
The Dragon Quadruple-Barreled Black powder rifle Chance to cripple. Extra limb damage.
Dross Thrown Weapon None Used during Mistaken Identity
The Fixer Rifle Improved stealth, increased speed while sneaking Quest reward: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Grant’s Saber One-Handed Melee Part of Forging a Legend
Meteoric Sword One-Handed Melee +10% damage vs. Humans, 90% reduced weight, 50% more durability Potential reward for Event: Lode Baring
Nailer One-Handed Melee Does more damage the lower your health is. Event reward: One Violent Night
Paddle Ball Exotic Weapon None Purchased at the Camden Park prize shop for fuzzy tokens
Pearly Peepers Binoculars Tracks target Quest reward: Baa Baa Black Sheep
Perfect Storm 10mm SMG Quest reward: Cold Case
Pumpkin Grenades Grenade Target takes additional damage and radiation for 5s. Daily quest reward: Trick or Treat
Pyrolyzer Heavy Gun, Energy Gun Reduce your target’s damage output by 20% for 3s Side quest reward: Tracking Unknowns
Rose’s Syringer Pipe Gun, Exotic Weapon None (quest weapon) Part of Flavors of Mayhem
Somerset Special Non-Automatic Pistol Ignore 50% of targets armour Quest reward: Final Departure
The Gutter Assaultron blade Improved damage, gain brief health regeneration when hitting enemies Quest reward: Waste Management
The Tenderizer Two-Handed Melee Quest reward: Event: Grahm's Meat Cook
Voice of Set Non-Automatic Pistol Additional electric damage vs. robots, stuns them with eye of Ra Side quest reward: Prototypical Problems
Vox Syringer Pipe Gun, Exotic Weapon Can make the target “speak” Part of daily quest Someone To Talk To

Survival mode rewards[edit | edit source]

Main article: Survival (Fallout 76)
Name Type Bonus Date available Requirements
Crushing Blow M79 grenade launcher
  • Double damage if target is full health
  • +50% Limb Damage
March 26 - April 1
Medical Malpractice .44 pistol
  • V.A.T.S. crits heal player and their group
  • +33% V.A.T.S. hit chance
  • 25% less V.A.T.S. Action Point cost
April 2 - 8
Sole Survivor Lever action rifle
  • +10% damage to players
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • +50 Damage Resistance while aiming
April 8 - 15
The Guarantee Fat Man
  • Double damage if target is full health
  • +50% limb damage
  • 15% faster reload
April 16 - 22
The Action Hero .50 cal machine gun
  • Shoots an additional projectile
  • 25% Faster fire rate
  • 15% Faster reload speed
April 23 - 29
The Quick Fix Switchblade
  • Deal more damage the more chem withdrawal effects the player has
  • 40% faster swing speed
  • +1 Endurance
April 30 - May 6
Resolute Veteran Gatling gun
  • Reduce target's damage output by 20% for 3 seconds
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • +50 Damage Resistance while aiming
May 7 - 13 Stake your Claim on the Wasteland
  • Claim a Workshop
  • Build a Turret, Trap, or Defensive Structure in a Workshop or C.A.M.P.
  • Kill a Human-like Creature
Commander's Charge Revolutionary sword
  • 40% faster swing speed
  • Damage increased after each consecutive hit on the same target
  • +1 Agility
May 14 - 20 Team Up
  • Claim a Workshop while on a Team
  • Complete a Quest while on a Team
  • Kill a Scorchbeast while on a Team
  • Revive a Player while on a Team
Night Light Tesla rifle
  • Damage increases at night and decreases during the day
  • 25% faster fire rate
  • +1 Perception
May 21 - 27 See the Light
  • Kill a Firefly
  • Kill an Enemy with an Energy Weapon
  • Take a Camera Picture in Stormy Weather
  • Build a light in a Workshop or C.A.M.P.
Kingfisher Harpoon gun
  • +30% damage to Mirelurks and bugs
  • V.A.T.S. critical shots do +50% damage
  • V.A.T.S. critical meter fills 15% faster
May 28 - June 3 Go on a Fishing Expedition
  • Kill an Aquatic or Semi-aquatic Creature
  • Cook a Meal using meat from an Aquatic Creature
  • Claim the Workshop: Lakeside Cabins
  • Complete a Quest or Event in the Cranberry Bog
Unstoppable Monster Deathclaw gauntlet
  • Does more damage the lower the character's health is.
  • 40% more power attack damage
  • Take 40% less damage while power attacking
June 4 - 10 Succumb to Depravity
  • Cook a Meal while Intoxicated
  • Eat Raw Meat
  • Kill a Critter while Starving
  • Kill a Human-like Creature with a Melee Weapon
  • Claim a Workshop while Mutated
Salt of the Earth Double-barreled shotgun
  • Shoots an additional projectile
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • 15% faster reload
June 11 - 17 Down on the Farm
  • Plant a Crop in your C.A.M.P. or Workshops
  • Harvest a Wild Plant or Fungus
  • Milk a Brahmin successfully
  • Kill a Creature with a Farm Tool
  • Claim the Workshop at Billings Homestead
Disorderly Conduct Security baton
  • Reduces target damage output by 20% for 3 s
  • +50% limb damage
  • +1 Endurance
June 18 - 24 Spread Anarchy
  • Craft a Molotov cocktail
  • Kill a human-like creature (scorched, ghoul, super mutant etc.) with an explosive weapon (eg. Molotov, grenade, etc.)
  • Destroy a robot while wielding a protest sign
  • Take a photo in a church or shrine while naked
Whistle in the Dark Assault rifle
  • Damage increases with the night and decreases with the day
  • +33% VATS hit chance
  • +1 Perception
June 25 - July 1 Perform Covert Operations
  • Kill a creature while using a Stealth Boy
  • Destroy a Turret while sneaking
  • Hack a terminal at night
  • Pick a lock at night
  • Take a camera picture of a humanlike creature at night
Mechanic's Best Friend Pipe wrench
  • 40% more power attack damage
  • +30% damage to robots
  • +1 Strength
July 2 - July 8 Destroy Different Kinds of Robots
  • The player simply has to destroy an Assaultron, Protectron, sentry bot, and a Mr Handy or Mr Gutsy (one each).
Acceptable Overkill Laser rifle
  • +30% damage to animals
  • V.A.T.S. critical shots do +50% damage
  • +1 Perception
July 9 - July 15 Kill Critters
  • The player has to kill a fox, beaver, squirrel, and rabbit
Sole Survivor Lever action rifle
  • +10% damage to players
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • +50 Damage Resistance while aiming
July 16 - July 22 Complete Events
  • Complete 20 Events