Fallout 76 unique weapons

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This page lists all Fallout 76 unique weapons and their locations.

For apparel, see Fallout 76 unique apparel.

List of unique weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Type Bonus Location
All Rise Sledgehammer 90% less weight, +10 health Quest reward: Mayor for a Day.
Ancient Blade One-Handed Melee Event reward: Breach and Clear.
Anti-Scorched Training Pistol 10 mm Automatic Pistol +25% to Scorched, –20% to everything else Received during Main Quest: Into the Fire.
Black Diamond One-Handed Melee +1 Strength Obtained as a reward for completing Main Quest: Flavors of Mayhem.
Blade of Bastet One-Handed Melee Increased armor penetration, increased with Eye of Ra Quest reward: Forging a Legend
Bunker Buster Heavy Gun, Explosive +20% more damage Quest reward: One of Us
Camden Whacker One-Handed Melee Purchased at the Camden Park prize shop for fuzzy tokens
Civil Unrest Pump-action shotgun Quest reward: Falsely Accused
Daisy Cutter Explosive, Heavy Gun Quest reward: An Organic Solution
The Dragon Black powder rifle Chance to cripple. Extra limb damage.
Dross Thrown Weapon None Used during Mistaken Identity
The Fixer Rifle Improved stealth, increased speed while sneaking Quest reward: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Grant’s Saber One-Handed Melee Part of Forging a Legend
Meteoric Sword One-Handed Melee +10% damage vs. Humans, 90% reduced weight, 50% more durability Potential reward for Event: Lode Baring
Nailer One-Handed Melee Does more damage the lower your health is. Event reward: One Violent Night
Paddle Ball Exotic Weapon None Purchased at the Camden Park prize shop for fuzzy tokens
Pearly Peepers Binoculars Tracks target Quest reward: Baa Baa Black Sheep
Perfect Storm 10mm SMG Quest reward: Cold Case
Pumpkin Grenades Grenade Target takes additional damage and radiation for 5s. Daily quest reward: Trick or Treat
Pyrolyzer Heavy Gun, Energy Gun Reduce your target’s damage output by 20% for 3s Side quest reward: Tracking Unknowns
Rose’s Syringer Pipe Gun, Exotic Weapon None (quest weapon) Part of Flavors of Mayhem
Somerset Special Non-Automatic Pistol Ignore 50% of targets armour Quest reward: Final Departure
The Gutter Assaultron blade Improved damage, gain brief health regeneration when hitting enemies Quest reward: Waste Management
Voice of Set Non-Automatic Pistol Additional electric damage vs. robots, stuns them with eye of Ra Side quest reward: Prototypical Problems
Vox Syringer Pipe Gun, Exotic Weapon Can make the target “speak” Part of daily quest Someone To Talk To

Survival mode reward[edit | edit source]

Name Type Bonus Date available Requirements
Crushing Blow M79 grenade launcher
  • Double damage if target is full health
  • +50% Limb Damage
March 26 - April 1
Medical Malpractice .44 pistol
  • V.A.T.S. crits heal player and their group
  • +33% V.A.T.S. hit chance
  • 25% less V.A.T.S. Action Point cost
April 2 - 8
Sole Survivor Lever action rifle
  • +10% damage to players
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • +50 Damage Resistance while aiming
April 8 - 15
The Guarantee Fat Man
  • Double damage if target is full health
  • +50% limb damage
  • 15% faster reload
April 16 - 22
The Action Hero .50 cal machine gun
  • Shoots an additional projectile
  • 25% Faster fire rate
  • 15% Faster reload speed
April 23 - 29
The Quick Fix Switchblade
  • Deal more damage the more chem withdrawal effects the player has
  • 40% faster swing speed
  • +1 Endurance
April 30 - May 6
Resolute Veteran Gatling gun
  • Reduce target's damage output by 20% for 3 seconds
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • +50 Damage Resistance while aiming
May 7 - 13 Stake your Claim on the Wasteland
  • Claim a Workshop
  • Build a Turret, Trap, or Defensive Structure in a Workshop or C.A.M.P.
  • Kill a Human-like Creature
Commander's Charge Revolutionary sword
  • 40% faster swing speed
  • Damage increased after each consecutive hit on the same target
  • +1 Agility
May 14 - 20 Team Up
  • Claim a Workshop while on a Team
  • Complete a Quest while on a Team
  • Kill a Scorchbeast while on a Team
  • Revive a Player while on a Team
Night Light Tesla rifle
  • Damage increases at night and decreases during the day
  • 25% faster fire rate
  • +1 Perception
May 21 - 27 See the Light
  • Kill a Firefly
  • Kill an Enemy with an Energy Weapon
  • Take a Camera Picture in Stormy Weather
  • Build a light in a Workshop or C.A.M.P.
Kingfisher Harpoon gun
  • +30% damage to Mirelurks and bugs
  • V.A.T.S. critical shots do +50% damage
  • V.A.T.S. critical meter fills 15% faster
May 28 - June 3 Go on a Fishing Expedition
  • Kill an Aquatic or Semi-aquatic Creature
  • Cook a Meal using meat from an Aquatic Creature
  • Claim the Workshop: Lakeside Cabins
  • Complete a Quest or Event in the Cranberry Bog
Unstoppable Monster Deathclaw gauntlet
  • Does more damage the lower the character's health is.
  • 40% more power attack damage
  • Take 40% less damage while power attacking
June 4 - 10 Succumb to Depravity
  • Cook a Meal while Intoxicated
  • Eat Raw Meat
  • Kill a Critter while Starving
  • Kill a Human-like Creature with a Melee Weapon
  • Claim a Workshop while Mutated
Salt of the Earth Double-barreled shotgun
  • Shoots an additional projectile
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • 15% faster reload
June 11 - 17 Down on the Farm
  • Plant a Crop in your C.A.M.P. or Workshops
  • Harvest a Wild Plant or Fungus
  • Milk a Brahmin successfully
  • Kill a Creature with a Farm Tool
  • Claim the Workshop at Billings Homestead