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For an overview of karma in the Fallout universe, see Karma.
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Karma, name "general reputation" in-game, is the reflection of all good and evil choices you make during the game and how they are perceived by the inhabitants of the wasteland.

Besides general reputation, the character can be endowed with various reputation titles.

Obtaining karma points[edit | edit source]

Positive[edit | edit source]

  • If you talk to the cook in Shady Sands and pass a LK check, you get to compliment her on her cooking and gain +1 karma.
  • +10 karma when you leave the exploding Cathedral.
  • +5 karma when starting the destruction countdown of the Mariposa Military Base and +5 karma when you leave the exploding base.
  • +2 karma when you return to Irwin in the Hub after clearing his house of raiders.
  • +5 karma for finding out what happened to the missing caravans and explaining how mutants were the cause.

Negative[edit | edit source]

  • Each time you are sent to jail in Junktown, even if it's just to keep you out of the way when Killian deals with Gizmo, you are fined 100 caps and get -1 karma. If you don't have 100 caps, you lose a total of -3 karma instead.
    • If you blow up the jail door with an explosive, then go and get caught opening Killian's door, he will throw you into jail but since there is no door, you can just walk out of there without getting any XP or turning Junktown hostile. Return to Killian and he will act as if nothing is happening. You can repeat it as many times as you like for infinite bad karma.

Effects of karma[edit | edit source]

  • Improve Garret check reaction for rewards in the quest Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed.
  • With 16 karma or higher, you are able to choose a reward for completion of the quest Rescue Initiate from the Hub.
  • With -2 karma or less during the confrontation with Jacoren at the end of the game, you will automatically draw a 10mm pistol and kill him (this doesn't happen if your violence setting is below "normal").
  • With -21 karma or less in the random encounter with Trent Barrister, you can tell him to hand over his things, in which case you get 1x knife, 1x Desert Eagle, 20x .44 magnum FMJ and 20x .44 Magnum JHP.
  • With IN < 4, a karma between -30 and 29 inclusive and you have not the Childkiller title, during the random encounter with the weary fisherman, he will give you a Rad-X.
  • With 20 karma or above, and if you have already discovered Lost Hills, during a random encounter with Brotherhood of Steel paladins, you can ask them to take you to Lost Hills.