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There are a number of rooms you can construct and upgrade to expand the Vault. All rooms have a particular purpose whether it be resources production, training Dwellers or provide storage space for Dwellers and items. As the vault population increase in size new room types will become available.

The Vault need power to keep rooms operating and dwellers to operate them. Every room in the Vault is linked to one of the SPECIAL stats. The better the assigned Dweller's stat is for that room, the more they influence the room's effects. Each Room level can be upgraded twice to increasing its performance, and up to 3 identical Rooms can be merged to increase their dweller capacity.

Rooms Overview[edit | edit source]

The table below is a complete list of all rooms available in your Vault. Building multiple rooms of the same type will increase its base price, but upgrade costs remain constant.

Access and Storage rooms
Name Population needed Base cost Attribute Purpose
Vault door Available from the start pre-set Strength Prevents entrance into the Vault by attackers.
Elevator Available from the start 150 Connects different levels of the Vault.
Living quarters Available from the start 100 Charisma Houses the dwellers and allows for procreation.
Storage room 12 dwellers 200 Endurance Increases available storage capacity.
Resource Production rooms
Name Population needed Base cost Attribute Purpose
Power generator Available from the start 100 Strength Produce Power
Diner Available from the start 100 Agility Produce Food
Water treatment Available from the start 100 Perception Produce Water
Medbay 14 dwellers 500 Intelligence Produce Stimpaks
Science lab 16 dwellers 500 Intelligence Produce RadAway
Radio studio 20 dwellers 500 Charisma Attracts new dwellers from the wasteland.
Nuclear reactor 60 dwellers 1200 Strength Produce Power
Garden 70 dwellers 1200 Agility Produce Food
Water purification 80 dwellers 1200 Perception Produce Water
Nuka-Cola bottler 100 dwellers 3000 Endurance Produce a lot of Food and Water
Training Rooms
Name Population needed Base cost Purpose
Weight room 24 dwellers 600 Train Strength
Athletics room 26 dwellers 600 Train Agility
Armory 28 dwellers 600 Train Perception
Classroom 30 dwellers 600 Train Intelligence
Fitness room 35 dwellers 600 Train Endurance
Lounge 40 dwellers 600 Train Charisma
Game room 50 dwellers 600 Train Luck
Crafting rooms
Name Population needed Base cost Attribute Purpose
Barber shop 50 dwellers
Outfit workshop 32 dwellers Depends on item being produced
Weapon workshop 45 dwellers Depends on item being produced

Production rooms[edit | edit source]

Production rooms produce the basic resources and medical items that to keep the Vault and its Dwellers going, each room regularly produces them in cycle over time as long as at least one dweller is assigned to operate it. production cycle time is dependent on the assigned dwellers' total level for the room's required SPECIAL skill. E.g. four dwellers with Strength 5 in a double-generator room are as productive as 2 dwellers with Strength 10 in the same room. Production times are also modified by the room's size, level, and the working dweller's happiness.

Production rooms may also be rushed in order to produce resources faster. By rushing your production, you'll gain a monetary bonus and fast access to materials, but there is a percentage chance of failure.

Training rooms[edit | edit source]

Training rooms allows assigned dwellers to train and increase their SPECIAL stats over time. There is a Training Room for each one of the seven stats. The time it takes a dweller to improve varies depending on their level, the room size and level, and how many other dwellers are working on the same skill. The higher the SPECIAL stat of a Dweller is, the longer it takes to train them to the next level. Multiple Dwellers training together in the same room decrease the training time for all Dwellers in the room.

Upgrading and Merging rooms[edit | edit source]

upgraded rooms

Rooms can be upgraded to increase their performance. Each room type save the elevator can be upgraded twice. Upgraded rooms produce more resources, increase storage capacity, train faster etc. Additionally Rooms can be merged by placing them next to each other, up to 3 Rooms of the same type and level can be merged into a larger version of the room. Merged Rooms let you assign more Dwellers to the room (up to six), while also becoming more efficient, however, they consume more electricity and increase upgrade cost.

  • Two merged production rooms double the output and provide an additional 2 resource units.
  • Three merged production rooms triple the output and provide an additional 4 resource units.
  • Upgrading merged rooms is significantly cheaper in the long term. Two merged rooms cost 25% less caps to upgrade as opposed to two single rooms. Upgrading three merged room is even cheaper, providing a 50% price cut.

Thematic upgrades[edit | edit source]

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Theme workshop Rooms must be fully upgraded and three in size to be themed. Schematics are required to create them. The broom on Halloween theme attacks attackers.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Be sure to be patient when expanding your Vault. Expanding too quickly will only make it more difficult to keep up with gathering enough resources to keep your Vault up and running and increase incident difficulty.
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