Far From Home

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Far From Home
FarFromHome MainQuest FO4.png
Quest data
LocationNakano residence
Given ByAutomatic
Reward350 caps
Access to Far Harbor
Editor IDDLC03MQ01
Base IDxx001b3f
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leads to:
Walk in the Park

Far From Home is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Sole Survivor receives a call from Ellie Perkins, concerning a new case at the Valentine's Detective Agency in Diamond City. Upon arriving at the provided location, it turns out that the job isn't a simple missing persons case at all.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Travel to Nakano residence and talk to Kenji Nakano and Rei Nakano.
  2. Optional: Interrogate Rei Nakano for more information about the case using persuasion.
  3. Explore the boat shed. Open the safe inside.
  4. Take Kasumi's final holotape and listen to it.
  5. Talk to Kenji Nakano and inform him of your findings.
  6. Optional: Tell the Institute, Brotherhood, or the Railroad about the synth refuge at Far Harbor.
  7. Take the boat to Far Harbor.

Quest stages[edit | edit source]

Status Stage Description
Listen to Valentine's Detective Agency Radio My Pip-Boy has received a radio broadcast from Valentine's Detective Agency. I should listen to it and see what it's saying.
Talk to Ellie There's a new case at Valentine's Detective Agency. I should talk to Ellie about it.
Travel to the Nakano Residence I've agreed to take on a case for Valentine's Detective Agency. I'll need to interview the client, Kenji Nakano, at his home.
Talk to Kenji Nakano I've arrived at the Nakano Residence. Someone inside is shouting about getting his daughter back. I should see what's going on.
Investigate the Nakano Residence Kasumi Nakano has run away from home. I need to investigate to find where she went and why.
(Optional) Question Kenji and Rei Further
Investigate the Boathouse Kasumi Nakano has run away from home. I need to investigate to find where she went and why.
Listen to Kasumi's Final Holotape
Talk to Kenji Nakano I've learned that Kasumi Nakano thinks she's a synth and ran away to a place called Far Harbor. Kenji Nakano will want to know about this.
Travel to Far Harbor Kenji Nakano has given me his boat so that I can take the trip to Far Harbor to look for his daughter, Kasumi.
I've made it to Far Harbor. Now I just need to find where Kasumi went and where this group of free synths is.
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