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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a barechested Shi man.}
{101}{}{You see the Dragon, hero to many of the Shi peasants.}
{102}{}{You see a barechested, well-muscled man whose hands look like dangerous weapons.}
{103}{}{How may I be of assistance?}
{104}{}{Dinkle humper doo!}
{105}{}{You who?}
{106}{}{Who was that you were fighting?}
{107}{}{Who are you?}
{108}{}{Teach me how to fight.}
{109}{}{I wish to challenge you.}
{110}{}{Forget it.}
{111}{}{I am afraid I do not understand your language. ::he bows:: Good day.}
{113}{}{I am the Dragon, friend. I fight oppression and my enemy, Lo Pan, who desires to control this town. I fight, and I teach others to fight.}
{114}{}{Teach me!}
{115}{}{Tank yu.}
{116}{}{Then we will begin.}
{118}{}{::he looks at you closely:: I do not believe you would use the knowledge for good. Good day.}
{120}{}{Please excuse my rudeness. I cannot speak with you right now.}
{121}{}{Duhhh... okay!}
{122}{}{That was Lo Pan. He is my sworn enemy and my rival. If he triumphs over me, then I fear for the good of the people.}
{123}{}{The people are sheep. You should serve yourself.}
{124}{}{Then you must triumph.}
{125}{}{I see. I have more questions.}
{126}{}{You truly believe this? Then perhaps you should deal with Lo Pan. Good day.}
{128}{}{That I must. Yet we are still evenly matched, I fear. Even in our followers, we are matched. It will take one person to throw the balance.}
{129}{}{I am that person.}
{130}{}{I see. Well, I have more questions.}
{131}{}{I see. Well, so long.}
{132}{}{Are you? Perhaps we should test you. I will only have him bested in honest combat.}
{133}{}{Hey, he's going to die one way or the other. What difference does it make?}
{134}{}{Sounds fair to me. How does this test work?}
{135}{}{Oh. Well, in that case, I gotta go.}
{136}{}{Those who fight without honor are no better than animals!}
{137}{}{Okay, Pollyanna. Relax.}
{138}{}{I call it smart fighting. "Honor" is a word invented to glorify killers.}
{139}{}{Got it. I have more questions.}
{140}{}{Riiight. See ya.}
{141}{}{First we determine if you wish this to be a fight to the finish, or a test of your skills against mine.}
{142}{}{To the finish. I can take you.}
{143}{}{A test of skills. I don't want to kill you.}
{144}{}{Neither. Forget it.}
{145}{}{You are not the right one for this duty. Good day.}
{147}{}{You think so? War and fighting seem unavoidable. Better we should fight with rules and codes than giving in to sheer destruction. }
{148}{}{I win any way I can.}
{149}{}{If we have to fight, then we should fight to survive. If someone is trying to kill me, I will defend myself by whatever means possible.}
{150}{}{Hm. You have a point. Well, I have more questions.}
{151}{}{Yeah, okay. Bye.}
{152}{}{Very well. Let us enter the ring and fight until one of us can no longer move.}
{153}{}{- attack now, with armor and weapons -}
{154}{}{- enter the ring, remove armor and weapons, and fight hand to hand -}
{155}{}{Ah, a warrior. I shall pit you against my men to see how well you fare. Let us begin.}
{157}{}{Yet, in a formalized fighting environment, you cannot dispute that you have entered this arena of your own choosing. Once you have so entered, should you not abide by its rules?}
{158}{}{Yes, probably. But in a live or die situation, you must do anything to survive.}
{159}{}{No, I don't think so.}
{160}{}{You have a point. Well then. If you wish to fight Lo Pan, will you do it unarmed and unarmored? If we are to ask for your aid in this, we request that you abide by our rules.}
{161}{}{Yeah, I'll do it your way.}
{162}{}{Nope. Forget it.}
{163}{}{Excellent. Then let us see if your skills are strong enough to fight Lo Pan.}
{164}{}{Let's go.}
{165}{}{Not right now. I'll come back for it later.}
{166}{}{I am the Dragon, protector of the people and sworn enemy of Lo Pan. He and I are the last masters of our fighting style.}
{167}{}{I'm not too bad at hand-to-hand combat myself. Wanna give me a try?}
{168}{}{That's interesting. Must be rewarding. I have more questions.}
{169}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{170}{}{You have attempted to dishonor my people, so now I must kill you. I apologize if I hurt you as you die.}
{172}{}{Do not speak to me, sheep of the Hub. I have no use for your kind.}
{174}{}{You have the honor of a pig and the morals of a lungfish. I do not wish to associate with you.}
{176}{}{You are truly amazing in your fighting skills. Will you fight Lo Pan?}
{177}{}{Yes. I'll do it right now.}
{178}{}{It's not really my fight.}
{179}{}{Sure. But I have some questions.}
{180}{}{I understand. Should you change your mind, you know where to find him. Simply tell him you come in the name of the Dragon.}
{181}{}{Right. I have questions.}
{182}{}{Err... okay. Bye.}
{183}{}{I have recently returned from a mission of honor. We were strong that night.}
{184}{}{Great. I have questions.}
{185}{}{Great. Bye.}
{186}{}{Lo Pan is dead! I have you to thank, I am sure. Now I am confident that my school will lead our fighting style into the future.}
{187}{}{Great. I have questions.}
{188}{}{Great. Bye.}
{189}{}{Your kung fu is no good here.}
{190}{}{I'll beat you someday, Dragon.}
{191}{}{I will be waiting for you, Lo Pan.}

{200}{}{The Dragon detects your advance and you slip by him.}
{201}{}{A thief has no honor among the Shi. Leave now.}
{202}{}{I warned you to leave. Now you shall pay.}
{203}{}{It appears that you need no more training from me.}

{204}{}{Lessons are more than just physical, grasshopper. Ponder this and return tommorow.}

{205}{}{I am Master Ziggy, your final test.}
{206}{}{I am Zurak. Be ready.}
{207}{}{I am Jimmy. Prepare yourself.}
{208}{}{I am Herb. You will get no further.}
{209}{}{I am Jobe. It is your time to be beaten.}
{210}{}{I am Master Rube. You are finished.}
{212}{}{Training is still in your future.}
{213}{}{And away we go!}
{214}{}{You have beaten the Dragon in mortal combat. Although a fair fight, his loss will be felt by many.}
{215}{}{You have already defeated my men, and you have passed my test. You are ready fight Lo Pan.}
{216}{}{Your skills will only be advanced though their use. I can no longer help you in your study.}

#training messages
{217}{}{Let us begin. Follow my lead.}
{218}{}{Training is done for the day.}
{219}{}{The Dragon is very good, but you have learned.}

{220}{}{You have already defeated my men. No others wish to challenge you.}

{221}{}{Even though you did not know, you have helped our cause by removing Lo Pan. You have our thanks.}
{222}{}{It was my pleasure. Bye.}
{223}{}{You Welcome. Bye bye.}
{224}{}{Your welcome. Can I ask a question?}
{225}{}{Welcome. Me ask?}

{226}{}{You WIN!}
{227}{}{You LOSE!}
{228}{}{Next Opponent!}

{230}{}{First, you will need to prove you can do it. I will have you go up against five of my fighters - one at a time. If you beat them then you will receive your final test.}
{231}{}{What is that?}
{232}{}{Sounds like too much trouble. Bye.}
{233}{}{Humbly, I will test your abilities myself. However, none of these battles will be to the death.}
{234}{}{Ok, let's do this.}
{235}{}{You can take care of Lo Pan yourself.}
{236}{}{[The Dragon studies you] I regretfully cannot let one of your skill level hurt themself.}
{237}{}{Ok, but can I ask something else?}
{238}{}{Fine. Bye.}