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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a short, rotund Shi man.}
{101}{}{You see Dr. Wong Yi Tze.}
{102}{}{You see a short, rotund Shi man.}
{103}{}{May I assist you with something?}
{104}{}{Daghi nu?}
{105}{}{You who?}
{106}{}{I hear you have someone else's spleen.}
{107}{}{Who are you?}
{108}{}{What do you do here?}
{109}{}{No, thanks. That's all.}
{110}{}{I must confess, I do not speak your tongue. Perhaps you ought to speak to Ken Lee, he understands many different languages.}
{112}{}{I am Dr. Wong. I am the head scientist of this installation.}
{113}{}{More questions, please.}
{114}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{115}{}{I oversee the scientific experiments we create and run here. I also am in charge of the computer network.}
{116}{}{What are you planning?}
{117}{}{How does one get access to the computer network?}
{118}{}{I have other questions.}
{119}{}{I see. Bye.}
{120}{}{Ah, but if I tell you our plans, then everyone will know. I'm afraid they are secret plans, for now.}
{121}{}{Fine, fine. I have other questions.}
{122}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{123}{}{How about if I stick a gun under your nose and force you to tell me?}
{124}{}{Why, one learns how to hack into it, or how to make friends with one of my underlings. I'm joking, of course, about hacking into it - if you were to do that, I'd send someone after you to kill you. [He smiles to show he means no offense.]}
{125}{}{Would you really kill me?}
{126}{}{So you wouldn't have any real objections to me getting into the computer?}
{127}{}{I have some other questions.}
{128}{}{Sure you would. Bye.}
{129}{}{Then I would have to regard it as a threat and warn you that such a course of action might be detrimental to your health.}
{130}{}{Let's give it a try.}
{131}{}{I was just kidding. I have other questions.}
{132}{}{[He smiles] We must protect our honor, stranger.}
{133}{}{Err, right. So would you have any real objections to me getting into the computer?}
{134}{}{Riiight. I have other questions.}
{135}{}{I'll bet. Bye.}
{136}{}{If you can convince my subordinates into doing so. But I certainly won't.}
{137}{}{What if I shoved a gun under your nose?}
{138}{}{Great. Well, I have more questions.}
{139}{}{Hmm. I see. Well, so long.}
{140}{}{Ahh, yes! Indeed. I will prepare it with fava beans and a nice chianti.}
{141}{}{You've still got it? Good. Chip needs it back.}
{142}{}{That's a human spleen, you sick bastard!}
{143}{}{You do know that you're supposed to serve liver with that wine instead of spleen, right?}
{144}{}{That's a human spleen, you know.}
{145}{}{Who is this Chip? It's my spleen now, and I'm having it for dinner.}
{146}{}{Chip's the original owner of the spleen. He was drunk and sold it to Lao Chou.}
{147}{}{He needs it to survive, you know. It came from inside his body.}
{148}{}{Then maybe I'd better kill you for it.}
{149}{}{A deal is a deal. He can't have it. Sorry, but we made a bargain and just because Chip regrets it now doesn't mean he can go back on his deal.}
{151}{}{It's a human spleen? Lao Chou didn't tell me that!}
{152}{}{Yet, because of the rudeness of the messenger, I believe I will hold all parties to the bargain. I will experiment on it instead.}
{153}{}{Tell your friend to come by for it within the next day, and I will gladly return it to him. I just hope you can find a way to replace it in his body in time.}
{154}{}{Very well.}
{155}{}{Ha ha! Yes, I too saw that old movie. Wait... what are you saying? Are you saying that...?}
{156}{}{Yes, it's a human spleen.}
{157}{}{Actually, I would object to that. You have not shown yourself to be of good character. Indeed, I do not know why I am talking to you. Good day.}
{159}{}{Aiee! Guards! The lao wai intruder is here!}
{160}{}{You have certain schematics to give to me?}
{161}{}{Ken Lee told me to give these to you.}
{162}{}{Yes. Now what do I get?}
{163}{}{No, not yet.}
{164}{}{Speak to Ken Lee, and he shall discuss what happens in your future. Thank you. We shall be able to verify some of our test data with these. Good day.}
{165}{}{I actually had other questions.}
{166}{}{So long.}