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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a female punk.}
{101}{}{You see a female punk.}
{102}{}{You see a fairly pretty, cynical young woman.}
{103}{}{I'll bet my boyfriend offered to share me.}
{104}{}{Sometimes I get sick of traveling.}
{105}{}{It sure would be nice to live here.}
{106}{}{I'll bet we could make a hell of a scene.}
{107}{}{Have you been west across the water?}
{108}{}{I'd flirt with you, but I'm just not interested.}
{109}{}{::sarcasm:: Sure are a lot of strong women around here, huh?}
{110}{}{You expect me to roll over for you? Get real.}
{111}{}{I'm unique! Just like everyone else!}
{112}{}{Sometimes world-weary cynicism bores me.}
{113}{}{Next time, I want to find a tribe of goths.}
{114}{}{I hear the Shi Emperor is inhumanly smart.}
{115}{}{These Shi sure look funny.}
{116}{}{I'm open-minded, huh?}
{117}{}{Look at all these new punks. Posers.}
{118}{}{AHS-9 cheated us and he'll cheat you too if you let him.}
{119}{}{Next bozo who calls me "bitch" is getting flash-fried.}
{120}{}{So how was it, taking it from a mutant?}
{121}{}{Did that big strong mutie Francis hurt you?}
{122}{}{I'm surprised you can walk after what Francis did.}
{123}{}{I'd guess you'd still be bleeding after Francis.}
{124}{}{I can't believe you wouldn't help Chip.}
{125}{}{Selfish bastard. I'll bet Chip would've helped you.}
{126}{}{Everyone liked Chip. Now no one likes you.}
{127}{}{You're quite the jerk, aren't you?}
{128}{}{Ever think about anyone but yourself?}
{129}{}{Oh, look, it's the "hero".}
{130}{}{Hey, everyone! It's the selfish asshole!}
{131}{}{Oh, you again? Like anyone wants to talk to you now.}
{133}{}{Too bad about the spleen.}
{134}{}{I'll bet someone ate Chip's liver.}
{135}{}{I wonder if Chip will ever be okay again.}
{136}{}{I think Chip's the best!}
{137}{}{Even if he has no spleen, I'd do Chip in a second!}
{138}{}{Thank you for trying to get Chip's spleen back.}
{139}{}{You did your best for Chip.}
{140}{}{Here's another platitude about Chip.}
{141}{}{I wonder if the spleen tasted good?}
{142}{}{Yay! Now I can have Chip AND his spleen!}
{143}{}{I'm going to go see Chip right now!}
{144}{}{Chip's the best!}
{145}{}{I like you. You're a good one.}
{146}{}{I'm so happy for Chip.}
{147}{}{Chip's a whole man now.}
{148}{}{You want to have a good time with Chip and me?}
{149}{}{You did good with Chip's spleen.}
{150}{}{How very selfless of you!}
{151}{}{Suze is back! Good!}
{152}{}{Suze is back...Damn!}
{153}{}{Suze was always really cool to me.}
{154}{}{I like Suze.}
{155}{}{Thanks for saving her.}
{156}{}{Some people need to learn not to wander.}
{157}{}{Who knows?}
{158}{}{Poor Badger. Maybe he needs someone to comfort him.}
{159}{}{I'd better make sure Badger's okay.}
{160}{}{Badger's cute, but he's no dreamboat.}
{161}{}{I wonder why Badger farts and belches so much.}
{162}{}{Badger probably farts because he's sad.}
{163}{}{Poor Badger.}
{164}{}{It's a tough old world we live in.}
{165}{}{Suze should've known better.}
{166}{}{If you're taking the boat, we ought to be leaving it.}
{167}{}{Sorry about the state the boat's in.}
{168}{}{So you'll be taking the ship, eh?}
{169}{}{The PMV Valdez is a good vessel - it was a good home.}
{170}{}{Time to pack my stuff, I guess.}
{171}{}{Enjoy the boat.}
{172}{}{Good luck finding your people.}
{173}{}{I'll just be going now.}
{174}{}{I hope we can find another place to live.}
{175}{}{Poor Badger. He was a real cutie.}
{176}{}{Who'd want to kill Badger?}
{177}{}{Badger smelled funny but I liked him.}
{178}{}{I heard Badger was gay, but then he got a girlfriend.}
{179}{}{I always thought Badger was abusive, but in a cute way.}
{180}{}{I'll bet Badger is showing this off to his friends.}
{181}{}{Badger... ::sniff::}
{182}{}{Badger was a real fairy-tale princess.}
{183}{}{You asshole. Why'd you kill him?}
{184}{}{You think we're going to join the Hubologists now?}
{185}{}{You stupid, stupid pawn.}
{186}{}{The Hubologists are going to cheat you, too.}
{187}{}{You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!}
{188}{}{I hate you.}
{189}{}{You suck.}
{190}{}{Sheepie sheepie sheep!}
{191}{}{Crazy cultist!}
{192}{}{Some people are just naturally stupid, I guess.}
{193}{}{Hey! It's the idiot who can't think for itself!}