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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a kid.}
{101}{}{A child.}
{102}{}{This kid looks much like other kids.}
{103}{}{You look mean.}
{104}{}{Don't hurt me, 'kay?}
{105}{}{What's wrong with your eyes?}
{106}{}{Is that a lao wai?}
{107}{}{What are you?}
{108}{}{Does anyone like you?}
{109}{}{You're not going to hurt my mommy and daddy, are you?}
{110}{}{I'm going to go play now.}
{111}{}{Ha ha! Four eyes!}
{112}{}{Dork alert! Dork alert!}
{113}{}{::the kid's eyes widen as Marcus marches past::}
{114}{}{That's a big green mister.}
{115}{}{Why is that man wearing a skirt?}
{116}{}{Does that man want to be a girlie?}
{117}{}{Eeek! Tribal!}
{118}{}{Hey, mister! You have a bone in your nose!}
{119}{}{Eeeek! A zombie!}
{120}{}{Mommy, is that man contagious?}
{121}{}{Cute doggy! Good boy!}
{122}{}{Eeeee! A monster!}
{123}{}{Lookit the dorky tagalong!}
{124}{}{Is that your mommy?}
{125}{}{Help! There's a robot coming after me!}
{126}{}{Help! There's a robot coming after me!}
{127}{}{Does it get hot in there? Hello? Can you hear me?}
{128}{}{What are you? Are you a person?}
{129}{}{You're awfully big.}
{131}{}{Don't hurt me!}
{133}{}{Help, Mommy!}