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Fisherman's son

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Fisherman's son
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Biography and appearance
FamilyWeary fisherman (father)
Proto id00000000

Well he's kind of loud and boring, and I ain't sure he's my real dad. I think he musta stole me when I was a baby. But he feeds me most of the time, so I like him, I guess.

The fisherman's son is a character fishing with his father in Fallout.


The boy is a fairly bright child, with plenty of stories about the wasteland to tell, ranging from radscorpions chewing apart raiders who fell into their nest, to his dreams of joining Roger Maxim's Brotherhood of Steel.

Curiously, it seems he might not actually be the biological son of the weary fisherman. He still feels like one, at least a bit, since he is fed and protected, like that one time when Big Henry tried to strangle him.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character has no special interactions.


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Carried items
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The fisherman's son appears only in Fallout.