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Fort Hagen debris field

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Fort Hagen debris field
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Relay Tower 0BB-915)
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Fort Hagen debris field is a a hillside north of Fort Hagen, filled with vehicle wrecks and assorted junk.


The weekend of Saturday, October 23, 2077, several soldiers from Fort Hagen got drunk while off duty and stole a heavy tank. Caught by their sergeant and turned over to their superior colonel Kemp. He cave them an ultimatum; ordering them to return the tank by 0600 the next morning, quote "spit shined so I can see my face in it," or he would quote "will kick your asses up between your ears before I throw you in the brig for the duration!"[1]

Motivated, they took a van to the site and started digging. The tank being stuck on a rock outcropping and ditch. When the nuclear detonations from the Great War struck the radiation killed them where they were. Their skeletons lie at the base of the tank, shovels at their feet, and a liquor bottle near one.

This however is not the whole story of the site; with the blast wave from the bombs several aircraft crashed into the hillside. The remains of a blended wing aircraft and VB-01 Vertibird are plain to see. Furthermore there is a rusting infantry fighting vehicle to the east. If this vehicle – and its occupant – was there to help recover the tank is unknown, for in its personnel compartment lies a crate of three fragmentation mines.

Despite the easily accessible supplies that were left by the soldiers, the site would mostly remain untouched for the next two hundred and ten years. Several adjacent structures were made from the debris from the wreckage, the scavenger's trailer to the far north and the lean-to at the mireurk pond to the far west.


This hillside forest is filled with debris and detritus from the Great War. In the south is an infantry fighting vehicle. Inside is the skeleton of a soldier, next to whom - on the floor - is his weapon and a silver locket. On the bench is a wooden crate of fragmentation mines. To the south of the box is a pack of gum drops, to the north is an Army helmet and a can of Cram.

To the west is the debris field itself. A refrigerator lies amongst the ditch, to the south, is a Heavy tank and a van. Next to the tracks are the skeletal remains of two soldiers who were trying to dig the monstrosity out of its position. To the far north is the remains of a commercial aircraft and a VB-01 Vertibird. Past this is the scavenger's trailer, to the far west of the debris field is the mirelurk pond. Both of these locations have structures that were probably constructed from this debris.


This location is titled "Rusting APC" on page 321 of the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide.

Notable loot


Fort Hagen debris field appears only in Fallout 4.