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I contributed a lot of edits a year or two ago while playing Fallout: New Vegas, as I recall this being a better community after it split from another one. Now I'm playing through Fallout 4, and I'm noticing that there are now 2-3 other Fallout 4 wikis (including the wikia one that this split from IIRC) - some of which are much more active than this one (which doesn't even have a Fallout 4 section in the forum, for example).

Is this wiki still active? Has the community changed since I was playing New Vegas and contributing? --User:HunterZ(talk|contribs) 23:48, 13 December 2015 (UTC)

Oh hell, sorry for not responding earlier, got caught up in the editing (and transcribing terminals, ugh). Yeah, The Vault is still pretty much going ahead full steam, though we put quality ahead of quantity. We have a good deal of articles finished and most importantly, nearly completed transcribing terminals as of yesterday. Tagaziel (talk) 08:12, 24 December 2015 (UTC)