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Hello fellow patrons! My name is Leon, and I am both the proprietor and bartender at the local cantina around these parts - the Strategic Nuclear Moose. For those of you not familiar with the Moose, our cantina was born at Nukapedia as a humble blog, and now we have grown into a large community site looking to bring together the gaming community, similar to other sites of the same design such as No Mutants Allowed and Duck & Cover. So why am I here today, and where exactly does the Moose fit into what I'm wishing to propose to The Vault? Well, I'm here today because I'm looking to enact a mutual partnership, in which our two sites would sponsor each other. So let's get into the fine details for why I'm wishing to discuss this proposition with you all today:

What does the Moose have to offer?

  1. We provide a plethora of community aspects such as a fora, an official Twitch channel, multiple chat-rooms for specific game-topics, and even a server for voice chatting!
  2. Our War Room will provide gaming content in the form of hosting second-party clan owners. The only game we're currently hosting in the War Room is Rust, but we are also looking to bring in other clans for games such as Minecraft and Fallout. Our clans will provide content in two different ways: by hosting servers on Multiplayer games, or by regularly hosting Twitch streams of single-player games.
  3. Our Patrons' Lounge will provide community content in the form of spotlighting our users with exceptional skills. Whether this is in the form of independent Twitch streams/Let's Plays, contests, web-comics, professional/amateur game critiques, etc. etc. etc. is up to you! Just sign up in the fora and you'll have your own page for content within the day.
  4. A completely ad-free environment! Never will our users have to worry about invasive pop-ups are ad corners, as the Moose is solely financed from my own pockets or through donations.

What would be expected from both sides?

  • The Strategic Nuclear Moose - We would provide a public and easy to find link to The Vault as an affiliate site, as well as hosting The Vault news and community content (with consent from community content owners). As well as this, The Vault will be used as a primary source, and would be regularly linked to on the home-page as a professional reference site. Lastly, I will remain as an ambassador, and will regularly convert news and community content over to The Vault.
  • The Vault - The only thing I'd ask is to be linked to as an affiliate site/sister site, and for The Vault to appoint an Ambassador of their own to the Moose. Ambassadors: Will receive Adminisitrator rights, and would have full access to the site-tools needed to post content on the Moose and copy news over from the Moose to The Vault.


  1. The Strategic Nuclear Moose will focus primarily around the Fallout universe. However, in an attempt to grow into a true community website, the Moose will also be integrating and reporting on other games/communities that involve sci-fi apocalyptia.
  2. The website is finished, but a few features haven't been entirely ironed out yet. Expect regular maintenance and updates - this does not mean there will be site downtime.
  3. The Vault will not be the only sponsor. At this time, we are also reaching out to: Nukapedia, Duck & Cover, No Mutants Allowed, The Escapist, the Legion Organization, the Unwashed Villagers, and the RPGCodex.


  • One may find the Strategic Nuclear Moose here.

Community Discussion[edit source]

As a final note, what I am hoping to accomplish with the Moose is to create a true community website, with both Nukapedia and The Vault as our closest friends. I am seeking for the Moose to be a complimentary site, in which we can all get together, form a whole community instead of remaining split, and simply, to just have fun and appreciate each other (as well as amending the horrible chat system we currently have at Wikia). At this point, I'd love to hear what the community thinks, and I'll be looking forward to responses on here. 40px Some Assembly Required! 19:53, February 3, 2014 (UTC)

Any feedback? Tag seems keen on the idea, and I am hoping to also gain a general understanding of how the rest of The Vault feels about this prospect. Leon934 (talk) 02:17, 4 February 2014 (UTC)
Indeed, I feel this is an excellent opportunity for us to reach out to the community and help develop it. Articles, op-eds, videos... Possibilities are... Limitless, to quote my favourite sc-fi scientist. Tagaziel (talk) 06:09, 4 February 2014 (UTC)