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So just yesterday I managed to be stupid and and accidentally overwrite my only save on my xbox 360 for my primary (non-hardcore) character. He was level 40, had 325,000 caps, had all the unique weapons and armor, all the DLCS released thus far completed, and all locations discovered+explored...

Anyway, basically, I have to start over and rebuild my character before OWB comes out or it just won't be very fun, or even worth getting. I already performed the mantis foreleg glitch to re-level myself to 40 (I feel I am justified in cheating in this situation) and have most of same skill levels and perks back. The next step is rebuilding my fortune and ammo stocks. I used to have thousands of rounds of every regular ammo type. The problem is, while I am already back up to 40,000 caps in 12 hours on my new character, buying ammo quickly brings that down to nothing. Does anybody have any advice for having to start over? I need to regain most everything before OWB (I'm probably the only one here glad they pushed it back to July 19th haha)

If you want caps you could do the primm glitch and make 1million in ten minutes. XxAustinA7Xxx 15:05, June 25, 2011 (UTC)xxAustinA7Xxx

So, let me see if I have this straight....

You say deleted your game only yesterday, and yet since then, you've managed to log 12 hours into a new game and your new character is already level 40.

OWB won't be out for another three weeks.

So.. uh... where's the urgency here? At the rate you're currently going, you should have more plundered most of the wasteland by then. Furthermore, are you truly of the mentality that OWB "just won't be very fun or even worth getting" if you're unable to begin the DLC carrying thousands of rounds of every type of ammo into the new area with you? OWB might possibly involve new ammo types for it's new weapons for all we currently know, and if you've completed all currently released DLCs with your previous character, then how did you manage to slog through Dead Money (a DLC that strips the character bare at the outset) with you having this "I must be a walking weapons depot or the DLC will suck." mindset?-- 15:54, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

Okay so maybe I made sort of a logical fallacy in reference to the time this occured (specifically two days ago, if one must be precise). Yes, I understand that Dead Money does not require me to be a walking tank. However, that is how I like to play. I like to carry all my favorite weapons around along with several outfits. Thank you for not helping at all

If anybody would like to be helpful, I'm interested in this "Primm" caps glitch.

Okay, here's some help: Try research. The Internet is an amazing thing. You can actually type "Primm glitch" into Google's search engine and find numerous pages in reference to the glitch you're looking for (which appears to be patched and no longer works, it seems).
As an aside, while I can appreciate players wanting to take their favorite weapons and armor into a DLC with them, the fact that you fundamentally believe the DLC would be not worth getting if you're unable to get your ammo count up into the four-digit figures in three weeks (and how is that so bloody difficult? Even without the use of glitches?) absolutely blows my mind. Ridiculous.-- 20:26, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

... I'm speaking from experience here.. so starting your game out with maxed level is booooooring. Trust me, I've made like 3 characters and just maxed in the beginning. I played for a day and got a bad taste in my mouth. My most enjoyable save is playing it fair (I did use the casino glitch for caps though). Honestly, playing the game normal is the most enjoyable way to go. Glitches are a very tedious way of cheating, just use mods if you want to cheat.--KKotton 21:43, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

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Look...I just want my stuff back without having to spend another 175 hours to get it back again, alright!?! I have a job, I have a life, I cannot spend hours every day on this game building my character back up at the moment. Thank you, to those who are legitimately trying to help and not flaming like little jackasses.

Actually, between the two of us, only one of us is flaming and that's you (with your "jackasses" remark). At worst, I've been criticizing you. Furthermore, given that you managed to log twelve hours into your current game within a two-day period, it comes as something of a surprise to see you now saying "I cannot spend hours every day on this game." That's certainly not the impression you gave at the outset.
Going back to your "I'm probably the only one here glad they pushed it back to July 19th." statement, you do realize it's possible to NOT download something, right? I mean, if the DLC were released today (before you've accumulated the nine million rounds of ammunition you apparently require in order to enjoy it), so what? Disregard it until you're ready to play it.-- 15:58, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

If it helps any, I think if you're looking to accumulate vast amounts of caps and still be able to spend shitloads of it without depleting your coffers, I would just do a speed run through dead money and get all the gold bars at the end. Whenever I start a new character that's what I like to do. I hate actually playing through dead money so it becomes something of a chore, but it gets you some nice gear and an ass load of money really fast. Hope that helps. Zac hemker 15:58, June 28, 2011 (UTC)