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Freddy Wood

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Mentioned-only character
Freddy Wood
Photo freddywoodportrait d.png
Biography and appearance
FamilyMolly Wood - MotherDeadIcon dead.png
Arthur Wood - Father
Otis Pike - UncleDeadIcon dead.png
Mentioned inFallout 76
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Frederick "Freddy" Wood (2070 - ?) was the child of Arthur Wood, the owner of Grafton Steel before the war.


The son of Arthur Wood and Molly Wood, Freddy was the heir to Grafton Steel company which employed nearly all working class people around Grafton. After the death of his mother Molly, Freddy was put under the constant care of a Miss Nanny called Miss Annie and was given a KidSecure ID to keep track on his location (because like most rich kids, Freddy was thoroughly spoiled and did whatever he wanted). This wouldn't stop Otis Pike, however, who was determined to get to Freddy's father for his unethical dumping of toxic sludge into the waters around Grafton.[1] On October 17, Otis, following Freddy and Miss Annie to Wavy Willard's Water Park, would approach Freddy and get him to remove his KidSecure ID under the promise of a gift.[2] Once the ID was removed, Otis took Freddy with him to the Grafton Dam to hold him hostage 6 days before the Great War.

Otis and Freddy would spend 6 days together. In those 6 days, Freddy would transform from pleasant to annoyed and into a menace. Freddy would grow quickly bored as his uncle would refuse to play with him and after a while, he would begin to lay traps for his uncle and attempt to get him hurt. The traps were very serious, however, as Otis Pike would be trapped upside down after slipping on a patch of oil and getting his foot stuck in some railing.[3] Freddy did nothing to help him and would instead escape back to his Home where he would be met up with a Vault-Tec official to transport him to a Vault. Freddy would not see his father again but would leave a quickly scrawled note for him should he have returned back to the house, not knowing the full reality of the situation.[4]


Freddy Wood is mentioned only in Fallout 76.