Fusion battery

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Fusion battery
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QuestsPeoria mission

A sophisticated power storage device, compatible with many pre-war artifacts.

The fusion battery is a quest item in Fallout Tactics.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Brotherhood of Steel uses fusion batteries as power source for some advanced equipment. The Warrior's squad was sent to the tribal village of Peoria to retrieve fusion batteries from a pre-War storehouse over which the village was built. To complete the mission, three batteries must be found. However, by completing an additional objective, the Warrior can obtain one more battery, which can be researched by Brotherhood scribes.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Peoria bunker, northern part, in the room with several lockers and a safe (use the yellow keycard to enter the room);
  • Peoria bunker, south-eastern part, found in the blue locker;
  • Peoria bunker, south-western part, in the room with Roachor;
  • (Optional) Peoria village, given by Chevron if player manages to save villagers from being killed by turrets.