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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a ghoul with a shaved head.}
{101}{}{You see Jeremy, the ghoul in charge of supplies.}
{102}{}{You see a tall, thin ghoul who seems to be very busy.}

{110}{}{Hello there. My name’s Jeremy. I’m in charge of the all-powerful supply cabinet here. I keep track of all our stored supplies.}
{111}{}{Hello again. Come to visit the all-powerful supply cabinet, or do you just need something from storage?}
{113}{}{I need something from storage.}
{114}{}{I don’t need anything. I was just looking around. Goodbye.}

{120}{}{Well, if you want something from storage you need a Request Authorization Form. Do you have a Request Authorization Form?}
{121}{}{Yes, I do. Here it is.}
{122}{}{Uh, no I don’t. Where do I get a Request Form?}

{130}{}{Well, this looks like it, all right. What do you need?}
{131}{}{I need a 3-step plasma-transformer.}
{132}{}{I need a 3-step plasma-transformer. Want to know what I need it for?}
{133}{}{I need a moss-covered, three-handled gredunza.}

{140}{}{I think I have one right here in this cabinet. Ah, yes. Here it is.}
{141}{}{Hmm, not the latest model, but it’ll have to do. Thanks. Goodbye.}

{150}{}{I don’t even want to know. I think I have one right here in this cabinet. Ah, yes. Here it is.}
{151}{}{Hmm, not the latest model, but it’ll have to do. Thanks. Goodbye.}

{160}{}{Can’t help you now. I’m way too busy.}
{161}{}{You see, it’s all about stuff.}
{162}{}{You see, it’s all about ideas.}
{163}{}{You see, it’s all about words.}
{164}{}{You see, it’s all about Natas.}
{165}{}{You see, it’s all about bald-headed monkeys.}
{166}{}{You see, it’s all about secrets.}
{167}{}{You see, it’s all about marketing.}

{170}{}{Okay, maybe not all-powerful. But it’s pretty damn important. What do you want?}
{171}{}{I need something from Storage.}
{172}{}{Uh, nothing. I was just looking around. Goodbye.}

{180}{}{I can’t believe what they let in here these days.}
{181}{}{Dumb as they come, aren’t you?}
{182}{}{Don’t walk into the reactor pit.}
{183}{}{Uh, I’m too busy to read you a story right now.}
{184}{}{Keep moving... go ahead. That’s a good smoothskin.}

{190}{}{You need a what? Well, there’s a waiting list for those. Need anything else?}
{191}{}{Uh, I guess I’ll just settle for a 3-step plasma transformer.}
{192}{}{Damn. Nope, nothing else will do. I’ll just have to come back. Goodbye.}

{200}{}{Hmm, you’re not a friend of Skeeter’s, are you? He’s always trying to get me to give him valuable supplies. Then he just pulls the stuff apart and breaks it. I wouldn’t trust him to fix a toaster.}
{201}{}{Uh, well, actually I was getting it for Skeeter.}
{202}{}{Skeeter who? I just need to bring this part over to the reactor control-room to fix the... Hey, look! Is that a rat over there?}
{203}{}{I don’t know what they’re going to do with the thing. I’m just picking it up.}

{210}{}{I should have expected that. How the hell did Skeeter get anyone to authorize him getting a part, though? I just he doesn’t blow anything up this time. Oh well. Not my business, I suppose.}
{211}{}{Uh, the part? I need to pick it up now.}

{220}{}{Well, you could get one from either Harold back in the settlement, or you could get one from Festus right here in the main reactor control room. I don’t care who you get it from, as long as you get it. No Request Authorization, no parts -— that’s the way it works.}
{221}{}{Did you get your Request Authorization form yet? Gotta have the form before I can give you any parts.}
{222}{}{Oh, okay. Well, I better go get one, then. Goodbye.}