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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{101}{}{No weapons in here!}
{102}{}{Watch it!}
{103}{}{Get 'em!}
{104}{}{Quit sneaking around!}
{105}{}{No sneaking around in here!}
{106}{}{Hey, you! Quit trying to hide, or get out!}
{108}{}{Hey, can I ask you a few questions?}
{109}{}{Can you spare a few caps?}
{110}{}{Never mind, sorry.}
{112}{}{I'm on duty. Make it quick.}
{113}{}{No. Go away.}
{114}{}{Can you tell me about your boss?}
{115}{}{What else is there around this town?}
{116}{}{What are you, stupid? Go away.}
{117}{}{No. Go beg somewhere else.}
{118}{}{Buzz off.}
{119}{}{We don't have a use for paupers here.}
{120}{}{Gizmo's a fair man. Pay's good, work's easy. Don't make trouble and everyone will be happy.}
{121}{}{Go catch a few drinks at the Skum Pit. Good grog. Opens at four. Now leave me alone.}
{122}{}{Why don't you go shopping at Killian's? His store is southeast of here. Now beat it.}
{123}{}{Talk to the dealers.}
{124}{}{Hey, if you wanna have a little fun, stop by the Crash House and ask for Sinthia. She's worth it.}
{125}{}{No cheating.}
{126}{}{Debtors will be shot.}
{127}{}{Boy, my neck hurts.}
{128}{}{This job bites the Bone.}
{129}{}{I love this place.}
{130}{}{Think I'll visit Sinthia tonight.}
{131}{}{Get outta here, you moron.}
{132}{}{No weapons in here!}
{133}{}{Hey! You! Put your piece away!}