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Gamma gun

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Gamma Gun
Fo4 Gamma Gun.png
Damage10 (base)
Damage TypeRadiation
Ammo TypeGamma round
Ammo Cap.8
Attack Rate6.66 rps
Small dish: 32.9 m (107.94 ft)
Large dish: 58.49 m (191.9 ft)
-50% damage out of range
AP cost30
Weapon Modification
SlotsDish, Grip, Muzzle
Weapon Versions
Editor IDGammaGun
Base ID000ddb7c

The Gamma Gun emits radiation that is deadly to humans, but ineffective against almost all Ghouls, robots and Wasteland creatures.

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The gamma gun is a weapon in Fallout 4.


Surrounded by deadly radioactive fallout out in the wasteland, it comes as no surprise that survivors harness nuclear radiation as a lethal weapon. This has resulted in the gamma gun, a hand held pistol that sends a pulse of high frequency gamma radiation to irradiate targets. The weapons is especially popular with the Children of Atom who use Atom's glow to decimate those before them.


The gamma gun is really only useful against humans without particularly protective armor, given that super mutants, ghouls, and a majority of mutated creatures are immune to radiation. Still, it can be made much more lethal to these specific enemies with its variety of modifications.


With the Contraptions Workshop add-on, gamma guns can be manufactured using an energy weapon forge.





Name Damage Fire rate Range Weight Value Cost Perks required
Standard -10% AP cost 9 x Base +2.5% Adhesive 1
Plastic 5
Screw 3
Steel 5
Deep +50 radiation damage +10% AP cost

+3% iron sights transition

16 x Base +50% +50% Adhesive 2
Aluminum 10
Plastic 10
Screw 6
Science! 3
Zeta wave Stuns Lorenzo for 15 sec -10% AP cost 9 x Base +2.5% +2.5% Cannot be crafted
Lorenzo's artifact +25 ballistic damage (impact)

Major push

+10% AP cost

+3% iron sights transition

16 x Base +50% +400%


Name Fire rate Accuracy Weight Value Cost Perks required
Standard -10% AP cost 0 +2.5% +2.5% Adhesive 1
Plastic 2
Screw 2
Steel 2
Sharpshooter's -15% AP cost +15% (hip fire)

-15% recoil

+10% +25% Adhesive 2
Aluminum 4
Fiberglass 4
Screw 3


Name Effects Fire rate Weight Value Cost Perks required
Electric signal carrier antennae +40 Energy damage +30% AP cost +10% +20% Adhesive 5
Aluminum 10
Fiberglass 10
Screw 6
Science! 3
Signal repeater Fully automatic fire +10% +40% Adhesive 5
Aluminum 10
Fiberglass 10
Screw 6
Science! 4


  • Decayed reactor site: On the Child of Atom inside the reactor dome.
  • Commonly found on Children on Atom.


  • Hitting ghouls with the gamma gun will not damage them, but actually heal them. So it's ill advised to use the gamma gun on any ghoul.