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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.


{103}{powr1}{ENCLAVE here. Why isn’t your video feed working?}
{104}{}{Uh, it’s working just fine. I can see you.}
{105}{}{It’s broken.}
{106}{}{We’re working on the visual link right now. I just wanted to test it.}

{108}{powr2}{Who the hell is this?}
{109}{}{Uh, we’re all fine here. How are you?}
{110}{}{This is caau, rit, sss, pu-, -ear me. Over.}
{111}{}{I’m the Chosen One, so you just better watch your language.}
{112}{}{This is Unit Three reporting in.}

{113}{powr3_c}{Well, your unit still doesn’t appear to be operational, Pal. Who is this?}
{114}{powr3a}{That didn’t make a damn bit of difference. I’m still not gettin' a damn thing. Who are you?}
{115}{}{Please repeat. Over.}
{116}{}{I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.}
{117}{}{I’m the Chosen One.}
{118}{}{Well, that’s not unusual, is it? Nothing works right anymore.}
{119}{}{That’s for me to know and you to find out. Goodbye.}

{120}{powr3b_b}{What are you talking about? Who-who is this?}
{121}{}{I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.}
{122}{}{I’m the Chosen One.}
{123}{}{Well, that’s not unusual, is it? Nothing works right anymore.}
{124}{}{That’s for me to know and you to find out. Goodbye.}

{125}{powr4a_a}{The President! I, uh...}

{126}{powr4b_b}{Oh? A wise guy, huh? Look, I’m tracing you right now, pal. We’ll see how smart you feel with internal security all over your fricking ass. Dickhead!}
{127}{powr4c_a}{Now, I’ve had enough of your bullshit. How would you like to play dodge-the-plasma with the Assault Squad? Huh?}
{128}{}{Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.}
{129}{}{I’ve got your trace for you, and I can show you just where to shove it.}
{130}{}{You’re putting a trace on me? Well, I’m putting a trace on you too, pal.}
{131}{}{I’d love to stick around and talk to all of your pals about that bridal shower you’ve been planning but I've got better things to do with my time. Goodbye.}
{132}{}{Well, I, uh, I’ve got to be going. Goodbye.}

{133}{powr5_a}{Try the gain.}
{134}{}{There… that should do it. Any better?}
{135}{}{Gain? What am I’m supposed to gain? I keep pretty active, I don’t think I can gain anything.}
{136}{}{I’ll just try back later. Goodbye.}

{137}{powr6_a}{Chosen One, huh? Well, uh, pardon me for not blowing sunshine up your ass, but I’m a little too busy for this bullshit.}
{138}{}{Kneel before me and I may spare your life. Gee, I like the sound of that.}
{139}{}{I no longer insist upon genuflecting. A slight bow to kiss my ring should be sufficient.}
{140}{}{Uh, I meant I was the one *chosen* to fix the comm-unit. Seems like nothing works anymore.}
{141}{}{Well, I think I’ve had just about enough of your insolence. Goodbye, peasant.}

{142}{powr7_a}{Unit Three? I thought you were still at Navarro base?}
{143}{}{Navarro base? Oh yeah, Navarro base. That’s where we are. Sure. I knew that.}
{144}{}{No, we had to get out of there.}
{145}{}{Your signal’s breaking up. Goodbye.}

{146}{powr8_a}{Huh, ain’t it the truth. Just don’t let anyone who’s got the President’s ear hear that. You’ll be making cattle-runs to New Reno ‘til the end of time, pal.}
{147}{}{The President?}
{148}{}{Only got two legs. I’d be pretty tired by the time I got there.}
{149}{}{Well, no rest for the wicked. I better get back to fixing this. Goodbye.}

{150}{powr9_a}{Yeah, that’s a new one. Since my video’s working you can see I’m rolling on the floor here. It does seem like everything’s a damn secret though, huh?. All the special ops on the mainland. I don’t see how anything gets done.}
{151}{}{On the mainland? Why, where are you?}
{152}{}{Well, it’s like that all over.}

{153}{powr10_a}{Yeah, you know how unhappy he gets when people complain. He takes it personal, like it’s a loyalty thing. Maybe that just goes with being the President of the United States. Or what’s left of ‘em.}
{154}{}{The President of the United States?}
{155}{}{I didn’t vote for him. I thought he was too interested in getting laid. I prefer a candidate that’s too old to get it up anymore—keeps their mind on the job more.}
{156}{}{Maybe so. You know, I better get back to work. Goodbye.}

{157}{powr11}{Oh, very funny. But you’d have a great place to recover from your run — at least from what I hear.}
{158}{}{So you’re not in New Reno then?}
{159}{}{Well, I better get back to work. Gotta get this link fixed. Goodbye.}

{160}{powr12}{The President of the United-fucking-States-of-America. Who’d you think I was talking about? Who the fu - Who is - What - I should kick your fucking ass, who is this?}
{161}{}{I’m the Chosen One. Kiss my...feet.}
{162}{}{I’m the Chosen One.}
{163}{}{I’m the President. You’re in a heap of trouble.}
{164}{}{You’re not important enough for that information.}
{165}{}{Uh, I better be going. Lots of work to do here. Goodbye.}

{166}{powr13}{This is ENCLAVE main comm. ...But you should know that. Who are you?}
{167}{}{Oh, I’m just…hey, you ever notice that cooked gecko tastes kind of like brahmin butt. }
{168}{}{I’m the Chosen One and you’ll learn to remember that.}
{169}{}{Nobody important. Goodbye.}

{170}{powr14}{Ah, a few more moments and I’ll have your sorry ass in a sling. Hey, wait a minute. This can’t be right... I’ve got you somewhere on the mainland.}
{171}{}{That’s right, sucker. Right where you can’t get me.}
{172}{}{That can’t be right. I’m at the comm desk right across the hall from you....Made you look. What a rube.}
{173}{}{Yeah, I’m at the Poseidon Oil power plant number 12. Come and get me.}

{174}{powr15}{I’ve got you, at Poseidon Oil, reactor number 5. Ah, well, why don’t you just sit tight and I’ll order up a little celebration for ya. Including fireworks.}
{175}{}{Oh, goodie. I just lo-ove fireworks. Send me a lot.}
{176}{}{I’m the Chosen One. You just better make sure you say that with a smile.}
{177}{}{I’m not anyone important. I’m going to go now. Goodbye.}

{178}{powr16_a}{Yeah well, whoever you are, I just dispatched a verti-assault team to your location. Have a nice day.}
{179}{}{Gee, if the video worked you could see me tremble.}
{180}{}{And what are they going to do?}
{181}{}{Well, I better get going then. I’d hate for them to show up before I get the red carpet all unrolled. Goodbye.}

{182}{powr17}{Usually they just go in shooting. They let someone else sift through the ashes to figure out what was going on.}
{183}{}{Yeah, well, they aren’t going to catch me.}
{184}{}{Oh, now you’ve got me all scared. I need to change my undies.}
{185}{}{Well, I’d hate to think I spent all day yesterday polishing my guns for nothing.}
{186}{}{Yeah, sure. I’ve killed better. Goodbye.}

{187}{powr18}{Goodbye. Next news on you will be when I read the after-action report.}
{188}{}{What? You can read!}
{189}{}{Yeah, sure whatever.}
{190}{}{Hey, you just went on my list.}

{191}{powr19_a}{You had to get out? Why? You’re on the coast. You got great defenses. I didn’t hear anything about that....Hey, who the hell is this anyway?}
{192}{}{I am the great and powerful Willie. Kneel before me and entreat my forgiveness and I may yet spare thee.}
{193}{}{Nobody important. Where’s this Navarro again?}
{194}{}{Yeah, well, we took Navarro and I found those nude pictures of your mother. Or was that just your dad cross-dressing again? No wonder you’re so fucking ugly. Goodbye, asshole.}

{195}{powr20}{Yeah, you can say that again. And everything’s always tighter out here at ENCLAVE and the fuckin' President's watching us like a hawk.}
{196}{}{The President?}
{197}{}{Out here? Where are you exactly?}
{198}{}{Well, that’s how things go. Well, I better get back to work. Goodbye.}