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Generic Brotherhood dialogue
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file[edit | edit source]

1[edit | edit source]

Dialogue file
Topic GREETING GREETING NCR military transmissions say the robots on the Strip have been upgraded. Wish we had eyes-on intel... VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B83_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Mr. House is out of the picture. Probably killed by his own robots. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B84_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I heard you took out Caesar by yourself. Proves the Legion is just a bunch of savages, like we thought. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B85_1
Topic GREETING GREETING With their leader gone, the Legion will likely tear itself apart. It's what most violent tribal societies do. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B86_1
Topic GREETING GREETING NCR military radio keeps talking about Mr. House agreeing to join the NCR. What changed his mind? VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B88_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Someone blew up the monorail the NCR uses to travel to the Strip and back. We should use this time to strike! VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B89_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Seems the destruction of the monorail didn't slow the NCR down much. How many troops do they have? VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B8A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING There's a rumor going around that you saved the NCR president's life. I'm surprised you have the stones to show your face around here. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B8B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING There was an attempt on the NCR president's life recently. Too bad it didn't succeed. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B8C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Were you the one who killed the NCR president? I'd like to shake your hand! VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B8D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Did you hear? Someone actually managed to assassinate the NCR's president! And we just sit here! VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B8E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The other day I heard some bigwig in the NCR military died. Hopefully it disrupts their chain of command some. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B8F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Did you hear about that NCR higher up that died? That he was trying to sabotage them? Hope he wasn't the only one. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B90_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Seems the NCR is making friends. We've had reports of them making overtures to some gang in Freeside. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B91_1
Topic GREETING GREETING We just had word that the town of Primm is now part of the NCR. At this rate, they'll be running the whole region soon. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B92_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I heard some special squad of Rangers is on its way to the Vegas area. I guess the NCR is finally getting serious about fighting the Legion. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B93_1
Topic GREETING GREETING There've been reports that the NCR is moving more and more troops into the area. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B94_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It's the quiet before the storm up top. For once I'm almost glad we're down here. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B95_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Keep an eye on Veronica here. She's a sharp one. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B9E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Try to keep Veronica out of trouble, would you? VDialogueB_GREETING_00154155_1
Topic GREETING GREETING If you're planning to take Veronica with you, be sure to have a good pair of earplugs with you. I'm kidding, Veronica! Put the power fist down! VDialogueB_GREETING_00154156_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What a fascinating animal. I'm sure the scribes will want to take a look at him. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154157_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Is that a {Mark}Mk. III Support Model you have with you? I've seen references to them, but never with my own eyes. I imagine he makes a great pet. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154158_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Where did you get that Eyebot? I've never seen one modified quite like that. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154159_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Keep that mutant in line, or we'll put it down. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015415A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Oh good, now I have to put up with the stench of rotting ghoul as well. I hope the air filters are working. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015415B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I've heard that your friend there can put some of the senior scribes to shame. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015415C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why is your friend there glaring at me like that? Did I bump into him or something? VDialogueB_GREETING_0015415D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Don't bother me. I'm on patrol. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015415F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hello, outsider. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153B9F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I've important work to do, so no time to talk. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Does Ramos know you're walking around without a guard? VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Keep up the good work, outsider. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hear you've been making yourself useful. Unlike some people I could mention. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Are you adjusting to the bunker, outsider? VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Just between you and me, I'm glad you're here. This place needed a fresh face. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You've been a great help, outsider. Thank you for all your hard work. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Greetings, {outsider}out- excuse me, I guess I need to stop calling you that, don't I? VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So you're one of us now, eh? Truly it is a rare honor. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Oh, it's you. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BA9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'd rather not talk to you, outsider. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154160_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'd rather not associate with you. Excuse me. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154161_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why the Elder didn't just have you shot is beyond me. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BAA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Don't talk to me. You've caused more than enough damage. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BAB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Ramos is keeping an eye on you, outsider. Remember that. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154162_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You certainly make life more interesting, outsider. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BAC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Some of the others may look the other way, but I don't trust you. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BAD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're going to have to clean up your act if you want some respect around here, outsider. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BAE_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Just when I think I've got you figured out, you go and surprise me. VDialogueB_GREETING_00153BAF_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I don't trust you, outsider, but I can't help but like you. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154163_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're alright, outsider. Most of the time, anyway. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154164_1

2[edit | edit source]

Dialogue file
Topic GREETING GREETING We have a duty to preserve the past. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015417B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Only a few people get to venture outside, usually to trade for food. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015417C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You've been outside. Is the NCR really still hunting us? VDialogueB_GREETING_0015417D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING McNamara's done a pretty good job, given the situation he was handed. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015417E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Our former Elder, Elijah, was obsessed with new technology. That's why we were at HELIOS in the first place. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015417F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hardin owes his life to McNamara. That's why he won't challenge him outright. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154180_1
Topic GREETING GREETING As much as I'm sick of Taggart's VR sims, I have to admit we wouldn't be combat ready without them. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154181_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Doc Schuler is a lifesaver. I was hurt in training the other day and she fixed me right up. VDialogueB_GREETING_00154182_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The Lucky 38's reactor has been restarted... it can be seen from miles away. VDialogueB_GREETING_0015E228_1