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Generic Freeside dialogue

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Generic Freeside dialogue
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file

Topic GREETING GREETING You hear about that band of crazy old ladies running around? I hear they're real vicious when they mug folks. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175766_1
Topic GREETING GREETING If the Lucky 38 coulda been giving us power all along, why all the fuss with Hoover Dam? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175767_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Try sleeping with that Lucky 38 all lit up above you. Just try. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175768_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Your lady friend needs to lighten up. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017576A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good to see Rex still around and kicking. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017576C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING That's one ragged Ghoul you've got with you. Seems like a good guy, though. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017576D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Odd company you keep. I thought all Super mutants were crazed cannibals. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175770_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Weird robot. I don't think I've ever seen one of those before. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175771_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Check out the Wrangler if she needs booze. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175774_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Keep your guns to yourself and there won't be any trouble. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175775_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're not doing yourself a favor by having him tag along. NCR aren't welcome here. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175776_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm surprised to see Arcade venturing out of the Old Mormon Fort. I thought science types preferred to stay indoors. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175779_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Howdy. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017577A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017577B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING One of these days you'll get what's coming to you. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017577D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Eat shit and die. That clear enough for you? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017577E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Annoyed}We don't take kindly to your type around these parts. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017577F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Annoyed}Leave me alone, scumbag. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175786_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Annoyed}You're a real piece of work. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175787_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Annoyed}Great. You again? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175788_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're one crazy bastard, you know that? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175789_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I can't decide if I should shake your hand or make a run for it. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017578A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good? Bad? You're the one with the weapons, eh? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017578B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Decisions are hard, aren't they? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175792_1
Topic GREETING GREETING We're all hoping you'll eventually figure out which side you're on. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175793_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good? Bad? You're the one with the weapon. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175794_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks for everything you've done. It really means a lot. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175795_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hope some of the thugs around here follow your shining example. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175796_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You've been a godsend to Freeside. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00175797_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks for helping out around here. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017579E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good to see you're still around. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0017579F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey, good to see you. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757A0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hmm? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757A1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Yeah? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757A2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What's up? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757A3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I wish I were there to see you take Benny down. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757A4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Well, it looks like we won't have to worry about NCR or the Legion messing with us now. I just hope the Securitrons can keep the peace. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757A6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Can't say I like all the tin cans shuffling around, but this new Securitron Army shouldn't have much trouble keeping things safer around here. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757A8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why not just put the slave collars on us yourself, you bastard. With the Legion at the dam, it won't be long before they enslave us all. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757AA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I heard the Legion is bringing in giant mutant dogs to assault the dam. I hope the NCR death squads packed steaks to distract them. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757AB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Don't be fooled. As soon as the Legion and NCR start fighting, the robots will invade and kill us all! vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757AC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hope the Legion gets destroyed. If they take the dam, we'll all be slaves. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757AD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Normally, I'd say screw the NCR, but if the Legion takes the dam, I think we're all screwed. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757AF_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It looks like the Legion might be preparing for another run at the dam. This can't be good. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757B1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Well, aren't you just special? Everybody likes the new guy, but me? I'm chopped liver. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757B2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hear you're building quite the reputation on The Strip. Don't forget about the little guys when you make it big. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757B3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING That new Ranger armor is downright impressive. I'd hate to be on the business end of one of their revolvers. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757B5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I've been hearing rumors of the Rangers getting some heavy reinforcements soon. Hope they don't try to start anything around here. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757B7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good news for Freeside. The Kings have decided to work with NCR for a change. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757B9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I don't get why the Kings are dead. They weren't a bad bunch of guys. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757BB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I heard the Khans went wild at Hoover Dam. I suppose they were looking for one last blaze of glory. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757BD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING People say the Khans got wiped out at Red Rock. That's one less bunch of crazies to worry about. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757BF_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The Great Khans moved out? One less mob of degenerates to worry about, if you ask me. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757C1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So, the Great Khans signed up with NCR. Who would have thought those two would settle their differences? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757C3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Those sick Legion bastards had the brass balls to attack Bitter Springs? I bet that was one messy fight. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757C4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Maybe it'll be a little safer to travel, now that the Fiends' bosses are dead. We owe their killer a debt of gratitude. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757C5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I heard Motor Runner got taken down. Maybe the Fiends will finally destroy themselves now that he's gone. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757C6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hanlon was apparently sabotaging NCR's efforts in the area. Now, I kind of wish he hadn't died. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757C8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Chief Hanlon is dead? I hear that guy couldn't order himself out of a cardboard box, let alone command troops vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757CA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING My friends say Kimball's assassination was all an Illuminati plot to reclaim power. I say they're crazy. How do you kill someone with a flashlight? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757CB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Kimball getting killed is going to make a mess of things around here. The troopers coming through here are mean enough already. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757CC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Killing Kimball is going to make a mess of things around here. The troopers coming through here are mean enough already. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757CE_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So, I hear that assassination attempt on Kimball didn't quite turn out the way you planned. Now, the NCR are going to be even pissier than usual. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757D0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I suppose you did the right thing saving Kimball, even though it means we're still screwed here in Freeside. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757D2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You freed that Silus guy from McCarran? Guess you've got your reasons for helping the Legion. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757D3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I guess the monorail getting bombed wasn't all bad. Freeside is getting a lot more business now. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757D5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING With the monorail down, we're going to have a lot more NCR goons wandering through here. Yay... vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757D6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Never thought I'd see House settle for being an NCR lapdog. What the hell happened? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757D8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING People say Caesar is dead. I hope someone worse doesn't replace him. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757DB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING All hail the slayer of Caesar! It's about time that slavemaster got his! vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757DD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I don't need to read no obituary to know House was an asshole. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757DE_1
Topic GREETING GREETING With no House to boss Vegas around, the NCR's gonna want that job. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757DF_1
Topic GREETING GREETING House dead? Good riddance. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757E1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Better give the Securitrons a wide berth if you know what's good for you. Those new upgrades look nasty. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757E2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING House must have special plans for you to get into the Lucky 38 and come out alive. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757E3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hear you made a real mess of the Omerta's plans. Hopefully, the new management does a better job running Gomorrah. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757E4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Impressive work fighting off Benny's thugs! I know I wouldn't have survived that. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757E5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I heard you made a run on The Tops. You've got guts, kid. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757E6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Figures that Benny would run. Sorry coward's nobody without his thugs to back him. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001757E7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING With the Kings gone, who is going to keep Freeside safe? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0015557A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING If the King is working with the NCR, he must have a damn good reason. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite us. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0015557D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Do I know you? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0015559A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING And you are? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0015559B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Need something? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0015559C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm hearing good things about you, friend. Good things. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555A0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good to see someone helping out for a change. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555A1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING People say you've been helping out around town. Much appreciated, friend. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555A2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You've done good, kid. Happy to have you around. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555B5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm amazed by how much you've accomplished here in Freeside. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555B6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING We've been really fortunate to have you helping Freeside. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555B7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Helping on a consistent basis wouldn't hurt you, would it? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555BE_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You've done a strange mix of things since coming to Freeside. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555BF_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Does it get painful sitting on the fence like you do? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555C0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It seems you've decided to be indecisive when it comes to helping Freesiders. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555D3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Throwing caution to the wind yet again, huh? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555D4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I guess no one is ever going to change a crazy freak like you. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555D5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What did we ever do to you? Can't we all just get along? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555DC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why the hate for Freeside? We're not all bad. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555DD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What the hell do you want? vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555DE_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Go to hell you two-faced bastard. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555F3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Go away, you rotten bastard. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555F4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Way to stab us in the back, asshole. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001555F5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Howdy, doc. Strange to see you wandering around. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00155982_1
Topic GREETING GREETING She looks like she knows how to handle herself in a fight. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0015598D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hope you programmed that thing to be friendly to Freesiders. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00155994_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Super mutant? You don't look so super to me. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_00155997_1
Topic GREETING GREETING How's it hangin', old man? Oh, sorry. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_0015599E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey, Rex. I see your new master is keeping you polished up. Good for you. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001559A1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Cheer up, lady. You've still got your youth. vDialogueFreeside_GREETING_001559AB_1