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Generic Primm resident dialogue

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Generic Primm resident dialogue
Game Information
NPCPrimm resident
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file

Dialogue file table
Topic GREETING GREETING You come to the wrong place, traveler. Primm's dying. If you got any sense, you'll be moving on. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Quite a town we got here. Sheriff gets murdered, and Deputy Beagle dragged off for ransom to the Bison Steve. That should bring back the tourists. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Rather be left alone to my misery, if you don't mind. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Before the Powder Gangers came to town, Johnson Nash ran the local store and the Mojave Express station. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I ain't got nothing for you to eat. If you're hungry, see Ruby Nash. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks for freeing the deputy. A bit, anyway. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks for freeing Deputy Beagle. He's better than nothing. Maybe. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Now you freed Deputy Beagle, all Primm needs is a law man who can shoot a gun without wetting hisself. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hear you're going to help find Primm a new sheriff. Mighty kind of you to take an interest. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So you're the one's going to bring the law back to Primm? I'll believe it when I see it. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41F9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hear you aim to bring rule of law back to our town. God knows we need the help. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41FA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks for bringing the NCR to town, stranger. Things're finally looking up for Primm. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41FB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks to you I got a mess of soldiers watching every move I make, plus I got to pay taxes for the privilege! vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41FC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Those soldiers you brought down on us is all business, stranger. Better than lawlessness, though. So you've got my thanks. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41FD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING This new Sheriff Meyers you brought to us is a lawman through and through. Primm's looking up, stranger. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41FE_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks for convincing Meyers to come sheriff for us. First time I feel safe in a long time. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E41FF_1
Topic GREETING GREETING This Sheriff Meyers you found for us is working out. Knows his business. We owe you a debt. vDialoguePrimm_GREETING_000E4200_1