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Generic White Glove Society dialogue

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Generic White Glove Society dialogue
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file

Dialogue file table
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Adieu. VMS18_GOODBYE_0011BCC3_1
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Farewell. VMS18_GOODBYE_0011BCC4_1
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Pleasure speaking to you. VMS18_GOODBYE_0011BCC5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING That business at the Tops could never happen here. We don't admit that sort of riff-raff. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015814A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I know Benny was murdered, but if you ask me, the real crime was that checkered jacket. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015814B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING A little bird told me Benny might be gone for good. He must've been in some delightful scandal to have run off so suddenly. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015814C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Amused}Those Omertas. Always plotting, never relevant. Bravo for putting them in their place like that. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015814D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Impressed}Word has it you were spotted entering the Lucky 38. How ever did you get on that guest list? VDialogueW_GREETING_0015814E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Is it me or do the Securitrons seem... sassier? VDialogueW_GREETING_0015814F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Such a shame about Mr. House. He used to send a Securitron to our dinner parties sometimes, like an uninvited but harmless uncle. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158150_1
Topic GREETING GREETING There's a rumor going around that you killed Caesar! I'm dying to know... is it true? That he used a hairpiece, I mean? VDialogueW_GREETING_00158151_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Caesar may be dead, but I think the toga is here to stay. You simply can't buy better thigh accentuation. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158152_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The Kings will be missed. Not by me, of course. But who will buy the food at the Tops now that no one needs it to grease their hair? VDialogueW_GREETING_00158153_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It sounds like the Kings made nice with the NCR in Freeside. Seems there was room for two flies on the same bit of dung after all. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158154_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Trying to elevate your status by being seen with me? It won't work. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158158_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You look like you'd be more at home at one of the other hotels. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158159_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm sorry, I prefer to converse with interesting people. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015815A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Disdainful, at first}I hear you've been clawing your way up the social ladder. {then, confidentially}What's your secret? VDialogueW_GREETING_0015815B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING People are talking about you. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015815C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I like the cut of your jib. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015815D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Well, if it isn't the toast of New Vegas. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015815E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Welcome to the pinnacle of society. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015815F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Would you mind staying here a moment? I want people to see that I know you. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158160_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're an odd duck. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158161_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You've been acting awfully strange towards us. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158162_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What are you playing at? I'm really starting to wonder about you. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158163_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm having a little get-together later, but you are not invited until you learn to behave. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158164_1
Topic GREETING GREETING How can you be such a dear and such a bother at the same time? VDialogueW_GREETING_00158165_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You'll never be at the top until you learn some manners and common decency. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158166_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {repulsed}What's that smell? Oh, it's you. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158167_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Please, you're lowering my status. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158168_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Shouldn't you be in Freeside with the other thugs? VDialogueW_GREETING_00158169_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You vile cad. I've half a mind to give you a solid thrashing with my cane. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015816A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Remove yourself from my sight at once. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015816B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Loathsome wretch. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015816C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Life at the top is immensely satisfying. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015816D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It must be horrible to live in places without luxury. VDialogueW_GREETING_0015816E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Being an honorary member isn't the same as being a real member, but it still makes you better than everyone else. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158170_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So you've joined the Society. It feels different, doesn't it? Like you're entitled to the best things life has to offer. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158171_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You mustn't ask why we wear our masks. We are forbidden to speak of it. VDialogueW_GREETING_00158172_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The Lucky 38's perpetual glow these days... it's rather gauche, don't you think? VDialogueW_GREETING_00163C14_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Mr. House agreed to surrender Vegas to the NCR}If Mr. House is going to lower his standards, we'll just have to raise ours! VDialogueW_GREETING_00163C15_1