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George Kemp

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Mentioned-only character
George Kemp
Biography and appearance
AffiliationUnited States Armed Forces
RoleMilitary liaison
Mentioned inFallout 4

Colonel George Kemp was a military liaison working with Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC in 2077.


George Kemp was a military liaison working with Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC, overseeing their research project into experimental smart materials that could be used to enhance the functionality of existing suits of power armor. Its last military contract before the war was the development of nucleostrictive lining for power armor, allowing the power armor's lining to convert ionizing radiation into electrical energy fed directly into the suit's batteries. Initial studies led the research team under D.Eng Ericka Elwood-Woolum, to hypothosize that by taking a known piezoelectric material, Lead Zirconium Titanite (PZT), and properly applying a polymer of Gold and Lithium Hydride might produce the desired effect.[1] Initial tests proved the method is sound, but due to the low shear modulus, the nano weave started to break down quickly under extended use, making it unsuitable for extended deployment. The team changed the dosing pattern on the gold to produce thinner strands through the material. The increased surface area would help dissipate the thermal energy, much like a heat sink.[2]

This approach successfully created an efficient material with a lifetime of years, rather than days, at a negligible cost to harvest rate. However, Colonel Kemp rejected it out of hand, as the new material shredded under intense use. It was unsuitable for use as power armor lining and the Colonel threatened to pull funding. The team returned to the drawing board.[3] The Colonel's anger in each conversation with the project leads was his character flaw. As such, when he called the Laboratory for a status update in the morning of 23 October 2077, Elwood immediately picked up on his unusual calm. The Colonel, well aware of the incoming nuclear warheads, requested that Elwood keep his team working in the lab until the project was completed.[4]

He soon realized that it was a warning. Although Cambridge received a direct nuclear hit, the laboratory building was spared the nuclear devastation, thanks to other buildings shielding it from the blast and its own reinforced structure. Elwood immediately issued an e-mail to the entire team, mandating overtime and lying that the project was nearing completion (leaning on his wife's authority) and promising coffee, donuts, and Spuckies for the entire team to breeze them over. As for what was happening outside? That was just training exercises performed by the United States military. In the meantime, he scrambled to find a ham radio and reestablish contact with the military, as all external connections were fried by the EMP.[5][6] Only one person on the team was privy to the truth: His wife. He asked her to maintain the lie to avoid a panic among the researchers and ensure the completion of the project, as it was the only thing the military was willing to accept in return for extraction. Conning them was out of the question, as lying about the possession of vital military assets or intelligence was tantamount to treason.[7]


George Kemp is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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    Initial studies have lead us to hypothosize that by taking a known piezoelectric material, Lead Zirconium Titanite (PZT), and properly applying a polymer of Gold and Lithium Hydride that a localized conversion of ionizing radiation to electrical energy might be achieved. This method of compact energy harvest may prove suitable for application to preexisting Power Armor currently in use by US armed forces.
    -Dr. Ericka Elwood-Woolum D.Eng"
  2. Cambridge Polymer Labs terminals; Ericka's Terminal, Thermal dissipation
    Initial tests have proved that the methodology is sound. Radioactive energy harvest is 15x higher than current automotive fusion engines. Unfortunately, there are still problems that we need to overcome. The ionic excitation in the gold that produces the harvestable electrons also create a build up of thermal waste. The heat is not substantial, from a macro perspective, but due to the low shear modulus, the gold suspension in the nano weave starts to break down quickly under extended use. We are going to attempt to change the dosing pattern on the gold to produce thinner strands through the material. The increased surface area should help dissipate the thermal energy, much like a heat sink."
  3. Thermal dissipation; Ericka's Terminal, Tensile strain
    The newer dosing patterns have been successful at dissipating the heat generated by the reaction. We've taken a slight hit to the harvest efficiency, but extended the static material lifetime from a matter of days to a several years. While this is, from our perspective, already a successful experiment, the project parameters require a flexible lining that can be applied to power armor. It seems we understimated the tensile strain the armor produces and the thinner gold weave in the material ends up shredding, so to speak, under the heavy use. Col. Kemp was less than pleased, and threatened to pull the funding if we can't produce the promised results. So we need to go back to the thicker weave and find a different way to solve the thermal dissipation issue."
  4. Cambridge Polymer Labs terminals; Bergman's Terminal, Call from Kemp
    Just got a very strange call from Col. Kemp. He asked what the status on the project was and when I explained that we were still behind schedule he didn't seem angry like he normally would. All he said was that it was very important that I keep the team working in the lab today and that I contact him as soon as the project was complete. It almost feels like he was trying to tell me something but I can't imagine what."
  5. Cambridge Polymer Labs terminals; Director's Terminal, It was a warning
    He was trying to warn me. They hit us with a nuke. The lab was built to withstand nearly anything but a direct hit, but the EMP has blown out all external communications. I told the team that there are training maneuvers going on around town, but I don't know how long they are going to buy that. I need to find a way to get ahold of Col. Kemp to see if they can extract us to a safe location. Even if I can find a working phone somewhere, I'll never be able to get through. Maybe if I can get ahold of a ham radio I can try to reach them on an open channel."
  6. Cambridge Polymer Labs terminals; Bergman's Terminal, [J.Elwood] - Mandatory Overtime
    >> Mandatory Overtime
    Good morning everyone, I know you've all been here over night and everyone is tired but I need everyone to push through just a little longer. Dr. Elwood-Woolum has said that you are very close to cracking the problem with the Nucleostrictive lining project and I have a good feeling that today will be the day. Along with our normal snacks, I've sent a runner to Slocum's Joe for coffee and donuts. We'll be ordering Spuckies later this afternoon. I also just got off the phone with Col. Kemp and he said there may be some training exercises happening around town today, so if you hear what sound like tanks or gunfire, don't panic, it's just a drill."
  7. Cambridge Polymer Labs terminals; Ericka's Terminal, [J.Elwood] - Confidential
    >> Confidential
    Ericka, I've sent an explanation to the team, but I need you to know what is actually going on. Please do not share this with anyone else, it may start a panic. This morning I got a call from Col. Kemp and he told me to keep our team in the lab, but before I could ask he hung up. The sound you heard outside was an atomic bomb going off. It seems to have hit south west of the city. The phone lines have been jammed, but I found a way to reach Kemp's liason and he informed me that they could only afford a detail to escort us to safety if we have vital military assets or intelligence. That is why we need to get the project finished.
    I love you and I know you can do this.