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This page lists all Goodneighbor terminals.

Bobbi's Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the second floor closet (formerly bathroom) within Bobbi's place. It is locked Average.


Welcome USER: Bobbi_N_Nose

Recon Notes[edit | edit source]



I finally got my hands on a map of underground Boston! I knew planting one of my men at the Mass State House would pay off.

As expected, the Raiders there weren't hard to work. Those idiots can't even read! They kidnapped some luckless scavenger to read through what they find, looking for some big treasure in there. The fools don't know the importance of what they are holding!

That's the problem with Raiders. They think too small.

The Map[edit | edit source]


So, here's what I know.

The map was drawn under orders of some city planner at the State House, a Sebastian Mullins. And right before bomb day! Looks like the city was planning on expanding the subway system, but the big kaboom ended that. At least somebody'll be able to make use of it.

The map shows a subway tunnel not too far from my own basement here in Goodneighbor! And from there, a network of underground utility areas that lead right to that bastard's strongroom. All I have to do is dig through and I'm in like Flynn!

Looks like I am picking up where you left off, Mr. Mullins. Let's go dig some tunnels!

Rant[edit | edit source]


Hancock had a word with me today. Said he was worried about me hiring up. That he suspects I'm up to something.

I told him I'm always up to something. Told him to get out until he has news for me.

I am so sick of Hancock and his dumb smug mug. The second anybody else gets any power around these parts, he comes in and squashes it.

He thinks everyone who has the privilege of living in this dump owes him everything.

He's wrong. He owes me for the time I wasted here. I'm gonna be somebody. I'll show him.

Hotel Registry[edit | edit source]

Note: This wall terminal is located behind the receptionist desk within the Hotel Rexford.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Clair Hutchins, Hotel Manager

Fred Allen[edit | edit source]


Despite my sensible objections, Marowski has allowed Fred Allen to relocate the trifling remains of this family's once vast chem business to the basement.

At least that oaf sleeps down there instead of in the guest rooms. Heaven knows what kind of sty he's wallowing in.

Stan Slavin[edit | edit source]


Stan will always have a place here, of course. And to think, we used to have dozens of good men like him looking after this place.

Ghoul from Vault-Tec[edit | edit source]


No other name given. He's upstairs in the guest rooms and rarely leaves. At least he's quiet.

Magnolia[edit | edit source]


Occassionally rents a room here for "the acoustics" whatever that means.

Rufus Rubins[edit | edit source]


Mister Rubins has a standing deal to trade room and board in exchange for various handyman services.

Staff[edit | edit source]


Our entire staff for this hotel comprises myself and one remaining janitor, who I think only works here for easy access to Fred's chem stash.

Fred Allen's Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on a cabinet in the basement of the Hotel Rexford. It is locked Novice.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink


When In Doubt, Do It All

Top Experiment: Try Everything[edit | edit source]


The secret to being a great chem dealer? Personal experience, man. That's why I'm going to try everything. But chemistry is like, science, you know? So we're gonna log every hit I take.

The better I can understand the high, the better I can sell that to the customers. I swear, sometimes I scare myself I'm so smart.

Chem Diary: Jet[edit | edit source]


Oh, man. JET! That's why they call it JET, man! Wooo! I'm flying! FLYING BABY!

Chem Diary: Mentats[edit | edit source]


Oh man, I feel, like, "loquacious." I don't even know what that MEANS, man! But it's like my brain is just putting it all together faster than I can even process it.

Chem Diary: Buffout[edit | edit source]


Experiment One: Punch through a board.
Results: Oh yeah. That was easy.

Experiment Two: Punch through TEN boards.
Results: I'm invincible! This is like, some comic-book level strength.

Experiment Three: Punch through STEEL boards, man!
Results: Typing with my left hand. Gotta cook some Stimpaks.

Chem Diary: Psycho[edit | edit source]


Had to get Rufus to rebuild this terminal. I was on the Psycho high and I was typing and I just... man it was like I couldn't NOT be angry. Just started PUNCHING the keys, man! PUNCHING THEM! PUNCHING AND PUNCHING AND...

I think maybe I should lie down...

Hancock's Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk within Hancock's room of the Old State House.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Stay Free, Hancock. Stay Free.

Monthly Collections[edit | edit source]


Third Rail (1,000) - Gotta hand it to Charlie and Magnolia, they keep the caps coming.

Hotel Rexford (100) - Marowski ain't what he used to be.

Kill or Be Killed (550) - Kleo's good at the "sexy and scary" routine. I can relate.

Daisy's Discounts (480) - Good old Daisy. Can buy/sell anything.

Intel Report: Quarry[edit | edit source]


Traders report increased gunner activity around quarry. Keep an eye on this.

Intel Report: Valentine[edit | edit source]


Diamond City: Rumors that Valentine has gone missing. Skinny Malone possibly involved. Assasinated? Doubtful, Valentine is more resourceful than that.

Intel Report: Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

Note: This entry only appears after the Brotherhood of Steel arrive in the Commonwealth.


Brotherhood of Steel just showed up in a big way. Need to get some eyes there. Can't afford not to know their plans.

Irma's Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk within the second floor bedroom of the Memory Den. It is locked Novice, although it can be accessed with Irma's Terminal Password.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Here's to Good Times and Good Memories.

Client: Kent Connolly[edit | edit source]


All of his memories are about that Silver Shroud radio show he's always going on about. That reminds me, I keep telling him to keep all of his posters and toys inside his room. They always seem to spill out into the main floor.

Poor Kent. People may gossip about the Den taking advantage of him, but the truth is he's our biggest charity case. If I lived to be over 200, I know I'd be tired of the real world, too. What's the harm in letting him dream a little longer than the next fella?

Amari put in some safety settings into his Memory Lounger so he doesn't starve himself to death. Far as I'm concerned, if he wants to live out the rest of his days plugged in and occassionally waking up to eat and stare at his poster collection, that's his choice.

Client: Hancock[edit | edit source]


Mayor Hancock's memories are... well, let's just say if you thought he was handsome and dangerous now, you should've seen him before he turned ghoul. And I thought I knew how to have a good time...

Client: Fred Allen[edit | edit source]


Fred Allen at the Hotel Rexford keeps coming in, high as the day is long. One day he comes in on Jet, and asks for a memory of him being on Buffout. He says it's "for an experiment."

Getting stoned on Jet, and then playing a memory of yourself being stoned on Buffout WHILE you're still stoned on Jet...

Well, you have to admire his committment.

Client: Clair Hutchins[edit | edit source]


Clair's memories are quite vivid. Amari says she must have "one of those brains" with great attention to detail. Maybe that's why she's so meticulous.

Oh, and she sure had a cute husband back when she was younger. I can see why she misses him.

Client: Daisy[edit | edit source]


I love the irony of a staunch opponent of the Den coming in to sample the goods. Temptation. It gets us all in the end.

Reminder to myself: Daisy may not look it now, but there's a reason she's lived to be such a ripe, old age. Best that no one knows she ever came here. I don't need a reason for the hellion side of her coming out, looking for pay back.

Kleo's Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This wall terminal is located on the western wall of the second floor of Kill or Be Killed. It is locked Novice.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Have a Plant to Kill Everyone You Meet

Contingency Plan: Daisy[edit | edit source]


Laser shot at long range. She is too close to home for outright assault to be viable without suspicion.

Contingency Plan: Hancock[edit | edit source]


Kill bodyguard first. Strangulation while she sleeps. Then load all doses of chems in the Old State House with poisons. Collateral damage possible, but losses acceptable without too much disruption to the business.

Contingency Plan: Neighborhood Watch[edit | edit source]


Wait until Super Mutant or Raider attack. High explosives at key areas of the defensive perimeter. Relocation necessary afterwards as Goodneighbor would be left vulnerable.

Contingency Plan: Bobbi[edit | edit source]


Sensors picked up digging sounds recently. Workers and guards being hired at high rates.

Wait until night. Sneak into hideout. Dismantle lights then kill one by one.

Contingency Plan: Whitechapel Charlie[edit | edit source]


Pay off one of his associates. Good help is so hard to hold onto these days.

Contingency Plan: Magnolia[edit | edit source]


A fellow working girl. Deserves a chance.

Burn down the Third Rail as a warning. If she resists after that, clean shot to the head.