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Map MarkerGoodsprings
BuildingsDoc Mitchell's house
Goodsprings gas station
Goodsprings general store
Goodsprings home
Goodsprings schoolhouse
Prospector Saloon
Victor's shack
Powder Gangers
DoctorsDoc Mitchell
QuestsAin't That a Kick in the Head
Back in the Saddle
By a Campfire on the Trail
They Went That-a-Way
Ghost Town Gunfight
Run Goodsprings Run
Barton the Fink
Exhumin' Nature
Ringo's Caravan Rules
Trudy's Radio Repair
We Must Stop Beating Like This
We Must Stop Meeting Like This, I
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Goodsprings loc map.jpg

I moseyed into town, oh, ten, fifteen years ago? Before that, I... hmmm, I can't quite seem to recall. Odd. Anyway, it's a right peaceful town and I reckon it's as fine a place to settle as any.

Victor discussing Goodsprings, Fallout: New Vegas

Goodsprings is a town in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. This is where the Courier recovers from being shot in the head, after being rescued by Victor and "patched up" at Doc Mitchell's house.

Background[edit | edit source]

A mining community since the early days of Nevada, Goodsprings is a quiet, small town that sees little activity. It was settled recently under a New California Republic grant in order to develop a low-risk mining environment near a reliable source of clean water, the Goodsprings source. The town's population dropped to about a dozen after the prison break at the NCR Correctional Facility and a deathclaw infestation at the Quarry Junction caused trade along the Long 15 to dry up.[1] As a result, the town's primary products, namely water, bighorner meat, and skins, have a hard time reaching traders. To add on, most traders simply pass through toward their primary destination of Primm, unless they're in dire need of supplies.[2]

Other than a recent lack of trade, Goodsprings struggles with two major problems. First, the Powder Gangers, led by Joe Cobb, are attempting to locate and kill a Crimson Caravan merchant named Ringo who survived their attack on the caravan. Second, geckos and other wildlife are constantly finding their way into town, dipping from its water supply and occasionally attacking residents and bighorners.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Doc Mitchell's House is located in the west. It will be the first house you'll come out of when you start the game. The Prospector Saloon and Goodsprings general store with a Mojave Express dropbox located outside are to the north. Several settlers live in the town's houses, and farm bighorners.

There are three locations in Goodsprings which can be used for safe storage. Everything in Doc Mitchell's house is considered unowned, except the bed. Victor's shack is also considered unowned, but has few storage containers. The house due south of the Saloon is the most convenient, as it is the closest to the fast travel point. It has open beds and safe containers. Easy Pete sleeps there nightly, and a settler may wander in, but one bed is usually free.

Goodsprings contains an abandoned schoolhouse with some loot. An abandoned gas station west of Doc Mitchell's home contains some minor loot and can be used as a safehouse, as it contains a bed and safe storage, but it is locked until the Courier goes there to meet Ringo.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

  • A copy of Lad's Life can be found in the storage room of the same house with the second Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, on the step-ladder right before the room with the star bottle cap. (Must be stolen)
  • Meeting People: A copy can be found in the Prospector Saloon, on a crate near the side door closest to the entrance. (Must be stolen) A second copy can be found under a shelf in a camper north of Prospector Saloon. A third copy can be found in the Goodsprings schoolhouse, on the floor near the safe by the ruined school desk.
  • A copy of Fixin' Things is on the bathroom sink of the first house Southeast of Mitchell's house
  • Programmer's Digest and 1 Salesman Weekly in the school house. One by the broken terminal and the other lying on the floor in the corner by broken shelves.
  • 1 Programmer's Digest lying on the counter next to the lockers in the School House.
  • A doctor's bag and a copy of Boxing Times can be found in the gas station to the right of Mitchell's house. The Boxing Times is on a shelf, and the doctor's bag on the floor against the back wall.
  • A single shotgun and some 20 gauge shotgun shells inside Sunny Smiles and Trudy's house.
  • 24 5.56mm rounds: South of the Prospector Saloon is a water tower with a large tank. The ammunition is on a wooden plank in the pile of rubble in the adjacent ruined house frame, on the West side.
  • Random skill magazines can be found in the various mailboxes in the town, although most will contain miscellaneous items or be empty.
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Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As the starting location for the player, the Goodsprings area and related quests offer examples of all the non-combat skill-based checks found in the game: Barter 25 (Chet, Trudy); Explosives 25 (Easy Pete); Lockpick 75 (Trudy's safe which can be opened via computer, otherwise 50 for a safe in one of the houses, and just 25 for schoolhouse, gas station); Medicine 30 (Doc); Repair 25 (Doc's, Trudy's); Science 25 (Victor, Doc's, Trudy's, schoolhouse); Sneak 25 (Trudy); Speech 30 (Doc, Trudy, Chet, Joe Cobb).
  • It's possible for nearby enemies in adjacent areas to appear in the town. This can happen if an enemy is drawn near the town and killed. When they re-spawn, if they are close enough to detect friendly, non-player characters (or creatures they are antagonistic towards), they may investigate and attack instead of moving back to their default spawning point as normal. The threat posed is usually very minor (coyote), but it does have the potential to be very disastrous if very dangerous creatures (giant radscorpions, deathclaw) are led too close to town.
  • The town of Goodsprings is one of the three Goodsprings locations (the others being Goodsprings source and Goodsprings cemetery) that make up the tutorial area. The tutorial boundary exists whether or not the player accepts Sunny Smiles offer of training.
  • The state flag of Nevada flies above the entrance to Doc Mitchell's house. It is the only instance of an animated Nevada state flag in the game, and additionally one of the few instance of the flag in game (another being the state border sign found in Nipton).
  • According to a front page newspaper story, before the War, a kind doctor was murdered in the town, shocking the citizens.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Goodsprings is based on the real-life location of the same name.[3] Several landmarks, such as the saloon, store, schoolhouse and windmill are all present in real-life and reproduced with a decent degree of accuracy in-game.
  • The Prospector Saloon's real-life counterpart's name is the Pioneer's Saloon. Though not mentioned in-game the real-life Pioneer's Saloon has a mineshaft built under it which isn't the case for the Prospector Saloon in Fallout: New Vegas
  • Goodsprings was designed by Eric Fenstermaker and Travis Stout.[4]
  • Megan Parks was responsible for layout, prop placement, decoration, terrain shaping, and vistas in this location.[5]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Goodsprings appears only in Fallout: New Vegas

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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    The residents of the town come to your aid after a Securitron named Victor witnessed your shooting and burial over by the Cemetery. There are few people in Goodsprings. It has never been that populace, and the troubles with Deathclaws, Raiders, and Powder Gangers hasn't made it any more appealing. A few folks have hold up here to wait things out, but overall its quite "sleepy"; almost a Ghost Town if there weren't the odd settler, attempting to eke out an existence among the ruined ranch homes. Local activities include going to the spring (Goodsprings Source), hunting Geckos, Mole Rats, and Coyotes, and loafing around in the Prospector Saloon."
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