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Graffiti refers to the writing or drawings placed illicitly on walls. These serve a variety of purposes, ranging from simple decoration to territorial markings.


Fallout 2

The game also reuses graffiti included in the previous game.

Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Due to the political nature of the struggle in the Mojave, a lot of graffiti is political in nature. The graffiti below is commonly used to indicate pro-NCR sentiments.

Others use it to criticize its policies.

Great Khans commonly use them to bolster morale and mark their territory.

Certain types of primitive graffiti serve an utilitarian purpose, used to note landmarks, local services, and other vital information. Collectively these are referred to as hobo graffiti, due to their cheap and simplistic appearance.

The meaning of individual marks is provided below the image in the gallery.

Finally, there's a category of graffiti that's used to tease downloadable content.

Dead Money

Graffiti in the Sierra Madre was created by various survivors who came through the ruins.

Dog/God uses graffiti to send messages to those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Some graffiti exists purely to provide a sad testament to the experiences and fate of the previous robbers.

Special Wild Wasteland graffiti also exists in the DLC:

Old World Blues

Special Wild Wasteland graffiti also exists in the DLC:

Lonesome Road

The graffiti found in the Divide often references Ulysses' hunt for the Courier.

Fallout: Tactics

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