Grafton Dam terminals

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This page lists Grafton Dam terminals.

Knight Moreno's terminal[edit | edit source]

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Welcome text

Property of Knight Moreno

Grafton Dam: Secured[edit | edit source]


We've successfully fortified Grafton Dam and established a working base. I've sent word to Paladin Taggerdy. She'll let Harpers Ferry know we're ready to safeguard any traders wanting to make the trek to the Mire.

Sadly we haven't been able to get inside the building itself, but Martinez believes the large drainage pipes might be a way in, should the need arise.

Grafton Dam: Power Reinstated[edit | edit source]


So Scribe Grant shows up and bangs on the pipes, works with the wrench and bingo: we got power. Grafton Dam is once again providing power.

Power means we'll have an easier time keeping the Morgantown/Harpers Ferry trade flowing.

I know Paladin Taggerdy wants to keep the Brotherhood a military first outfit. But we could use a thousand Grants.

Harpers Ferry: Missing Hunting Party[edit | edit source]


Some hunting party has gone missing at Harpers Ferry. I've notified patrols to keep an eye out. Their last known location was north of Valley Galleria, but if they got hounded by hostiles, they could be anywhere. Including the trade route.

Edward Hayes has posted details on their lookout terminal, so we'll be watching for updates.