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Grognak the Barbarian (Fallout 4)

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For an overview of this item's appearances throughout the Fallout series, see Grognak the Barbarian.
Grognak the Barbarian
Fallout4 grognak full.jpg
Three of the 10 issues of the magazine
EffectsCritical hits from melee and unarmed attacks do a permanent 5% more damage
Editor IDPerkMagGrognakTheBarbarian01 to PerkMagGrognakTheBarbarian10
Base ID0008e741 (issue 1)

0008e742 (issue 2)
0008e743 (issue 3)
0008e744 (issue 4)
0008e745 (issue 5)
0008e746 (issue 6)
0008e747 (issue 7)
0008e748 (issue 8)
0008e749 (issue 9)

0008e74a (issue 10)

Every issue of Grognak the Barbarian you collect adds a rank in the Barbarian perk, which grants a slight increase to melee and unarmed damage.

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Grognak the Barbarian is a perk magazine in Fallout 4.


Grognak the Barbarian was a series of comic books published and manufactured by Hubris Comics in the mid-21st century. These pre-War comic books portray the fictional adventures of an epic hero in a prehistoric fantasy setting.


These magazines consist of a 10-issue run that, upon reading, award an additional rank into the Barbarian perk, which upon unlocking, raises the critical damage of melee and unarmed attacks by 5%.


Issue Location Location description Base ID
Grognak BH.png
Wicked Shipping fleet lockup Southwest end of the main warehouse in the small office, on the desk with the key. 00000000
Grognak CTT.png
Andrew Station On the bed of the comic book fan's apartment, just north of the station. 0008e742
Grognak JBB.png
Sanctuary Hills On the counter inside the Sole Survivor's house. 00000000
Grognak BCQ.png
Corvega assembly plant On the top floor of the plant, beside Jared's terminal. Going up the stairs and jumping across a collapsed catwalk it required to get to Jared's room. 00000000
Grognak DSDS.png
Vault 75 or Vault 81
  • On the bed, inside the Overseer's office. (Vault 75)
  • Reward for completing Short Stories (Vault 81)
Grognak WMM.png
Boston Common In the bandstand, near the skeleton, close to Park Street station entrance. 00000000
Grognak FC.png
Mass Pike interchange On the toilet inside the Gunner camp, by the Power Armor Station. 00000000
Grognak LSL.png
Back Street Apparel On a table in the middle of the "living room" on the upper floor of the store. 00000000
Grognak LVE.png
Hyde Park In the raider camp on the roof of the buildings south of the main road. 00000000
Grognak WST.png
Museum of Witchcraft On the table in the dungeon, upper floor, south wall. 00000000

Behind the scenes

  • The issue entitles "Cometh the Trickster" is a reference to Thief: The Dark Project A stealth game in which the primary antagonist was named the Trickster, with a very similar physical appearance. The scene pictured mimics the cutscene in which the Trickster first reveals his true nature. The issue is notably found in a recreation of Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo's childhood bedroom. Before being hired by Bethesda, Emil was a level designer on Thief's Gold edition, as well as it's sequel, designing some of Thief II's most popular missions.
    • The mechanics of stealth in Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4 are based on the same light and sound stealth metrics of the original Thief game, albeit simplified.
    • This forms one of a few references to Emil Pagliarulo's time at Looking Glass Studios.