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Gun Runner caravan

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Gun Runner caravan
Gun Runners Caravan.jpg
Biography and appearance
AffiliationGun Runners
Location188 trading post
Base ID00000000Ref ID00000000

Gun Runner caravan are Gun Runner vendors found at the 188 trading post in Fallout: New Vegas.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Gun Runners don't limit their business to just their office near New Vegas; they sent caravans out to the 188 to deal hot lead to anyone with the right amount of caps. The Gun Runners are able to send these caravans out because, unlike other caravans, they have the firepower to survive the dangerous wasteland.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Interactions overview[edit | edit source]

This character is a merchant. Caps: 4000+
Sells: weapons, ammunition and weapon mods

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Icon armored vault suit.png
Various merc outfits
Assault carbine icon.png
Caravan shotgun
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death
No additional items

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Gun Runner caravan appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.