Guns and Bullets (Fallout 76)

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Guns and Bullets
EffectsVarious bonuses focused on ranged combat

Guns and Bullets is a perk magazine that can be found in Fallout 76.

Background[edit | edit source]

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These Guns & Bullets are pre-War magazines that devoted itself to hunting, weapon articles, gun law, and the portrayal of practical use of firearms.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Finding an issue of Guns and Bullets will temporarily give a unique bonus, like increased critical damage from ballistic weapons or additional components from scrapping weapons. The bonus lasts 30 minutes.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Issue Effects Location
The Future of Hunting?
+15% damage against robots
Lasers & Hunting: Acceptable Overkill
+30% critical damage with laser weapons
Take Aim, Army Style
+30% VATS crit damage with ballistic guns.
Little Guns for Little Ladies
+6 AP regeneration
Street Guns of Detroit
+50% components gained when scrapping weapons
The Moon: A Communist Doomsday Device?!
+10 Damage resistance at night
Void Those Pesky Gun Laws!
+10% damage with guns without scopes
Bag the Perfect Brown Bear
+15% damage to Yao Guai
Plasma: The Weapon of Tomorrow
+30% damage with plasma weapons
Guide to Hunting Commies!
+15% damage to Liberator bots

Gallery[edit | edit source]