Guns and Bullets (Fallout 4)

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Guns and Bullets
Effects+5% critical damage per issue
Editor IDPerkMagGunsAndBullets01 to PerkMagGunsAndBullets10
Base ID00092a83 (issue 1)

00092a87 (issue 2)
00092a88 (issue 3)
00092a89 (issue 4)
00092a8a (issue 5)
00092a8b (issue 6)
00092a8c (issue 7)
00092a8d (issue 8)
00092a8e (issue 9)

00092a8f (issue 10)

Every issue of Guns and Bullets you collect adds a rank in the Marksman perk, which grants a slight increase to Critical hit damage.

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Guns and Bullets is a perk magazine that can be found and obtained in the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.

Background[edit | edit source]

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These Guns & Bullets are pre-War magazines that devoted itself to hunting, weapon articles, gun law, and the portrayal of practical use of firearms.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Reading an issue of Guns and Bullets unlocks a rank of the Guns and Bullets perk, which increases the damage of critical hits for firearms by 5%. With there being 10 issues in total, there is the potential to raise critical hit damage by an extra 50%.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Precise description
BADTFL regional office On a desk in the chief’s office, bullpen room in the western part of the building.
Cambridge Police Station In a locked safe in the station chief’s office. Available only after Brotherhood reinforcements arrive at the station.
Fraternal Post 115 On the lecturn in the stage area, by the American flag and sandbags.
Fort Hagen On the oval table in the kitchen area, top floor, southeast area.
Gunners Plaza Top floor lounge, in the table surrounded by sofas, south mezzanine offices.
Ticonderoga On the desk of the corner office, northwest corner, top floor.
S. Boston military checkpoint On a table to the right of the entrance.
Rook Family House Inside Barney’s bunker, on a metal desk near the lantern and filing cabinet.
Quincy ruins On the desk with the terminal, elevated freeway Gunners camp, between the two big-rig trailers.
The Castle On the radio operator's desk, in the middle of the Castle grounds, outside.

Gallery[edit | edit source]