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H. Lector

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Mentioned-only character
H. Lector
Biography and appearance
AffiliationUnited States of America
United States Army
Mentioned inFallout 2

Dr. H. Lector was a scientist and physician stationed at the Sierra Army Depot in California, responsible for unethical experimentation on prisoners of war and military prisoners assigned to the facility by the Army. The chemical cocktails used at the facility included various combinations of commercial and experimental drugs, such as Buffout, Mentats and Psycho. Lector never saw his patients as anything more than guinea pigs, although he did express remorse when his favorite test subject died. The subject was highly intelligent, going from IQ 39 to 200 on a steady diet of Mentats and Lector's proprietary enhancers, though deformed due to overgrowth of the brain and the skull. Not all of Lector's experiments were successful - when he fiddled with Buffout mixes, he inadvertently caused the subject to become violent, requiring sentry bots to restrain him. [1]

Beyond torturing prisoners, Lector was also responsible for creating the cybernetic brain together with Skynet. The project continued apace and required the doctor to regularly harvest brains from test subjects for processing. In one notable instance, the doctor was at the receiving end of a prank by logistics personnel, who rigged the organ extractor to remove the late Private Callow's colon instead of the brain. The doctor took revenge on them by hardwiring the machine to remove only brains... But not before he extracted Callow's liver, cooked it, and sent it up to the pranksters with a bottle of chianti and some fava beans. They didn't suspect a thing, thinking it a present from the general.[2]

Despite the importance of his project for the Robobrain initiative, the Depot was sealed up and evacuated following orders from command and Lector, reluctantly, obeyed.[2][3]

Behind the scenes


H. Lector is mentioned only in Fallout 2.


  1. Fallout Bible 6: "X. I've read all the updates and still I'm curious about one thing. Why the Sierra Army Depot is not mentioned at all? I think the Sierra Army Depot is not an insignificant part of the game's plot. Just on the contrary I believe that it has something to do with the F.E.V. experiments or with development of futuristic weapons and armor. It doesn't look like it's just a weapons storage facility. Otherwise why was it inserted into the game if it has no particular reason?(or a place where one can find some stuff to sell and gain an NPC(probably one of the best)) So my question is: What is the role of the Sierra Army Depot in Fallout and what it has to do with the F.E.V. experiments and weaponry development or maybe some kind of an artificial intelligence development?"
    "[...] Biological Research: In addition to biological weapons and drug testing, the Sierra Army Depot performed many illegal experimentations on prisoners of war and military prisoners (especially U.S. military prisoners and deserters – the ones that weren't used to "stock" robobrains, however), attempting to enhance their intelligence and fighting skills, but the chemical cocktails that the Sierra Depot crew were feeding their subjects had nothing to do with the FEV research taking place in West Tek and the Mariposa facility. Many of the brains extracted in the Sierra Army Depot found their way into Robobrains throughout the U.S. military."
    "Furthermore, the Sierra Army Depot kept many prisoners and soldiers in stasis, most likely for medical or testing purposes (such as Private Dobbs). [...]"
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