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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a ghoul. He's currently laying underneath your front bumper.}
{101}{}{You see Lumpy. You hope he's going to be all right.}
{102}{}{You see a ghoul who appears to be in considerable pain. Maybe if your driving skills were better you could have avoided this.}
{103}{}{Oooooh! That stings!}
{104}{}{Ouch! My sacroiliac!}
{105}{}{Has anyone seen my gall bladder?}
{106}{}{My spine! My spine!}
{107}{}{I'm comin' to meet you Elizabeth!}
{109}{}{Could someone help me? I can't quite read the license plate number.}
{110}{}{Hey, buddy!}
{111}{}{Hey, lady!}
{112}{}{The name's Lumpy. Could ya' help me out here for a second?}
{113}{}{Ouchie. U okay, Lumpy?}
{114}{}{Oh my God! Are you okay, Lumpy?}
{116}{}{Oh, just peachy. Aside from several compound fractures and a hood ornament lodged several feet up my ass, I'm right as rain.}
{117}{}{Ohhh. Need help?}
{118}{}{Goodie. Bye-bye.}
{119}{}{All right, just relax. Do you need me to help you?}
{120}{}{Thank god. I thought you might be in real trouble. Well, see you later.}
{121}{}{[Lumpy silently looks you in the eyes. He blinks. He blinks again.]}
{122}{}{Uhhh... dumm quesjin. Yes?}
{123}{}{I'll take that as a yes.}
{124}{}{You're goddamn right, yes! I can barely move! Now mind you, I ain't whining. I've had worse scrapes. Why this ain't nothing compared to that mix-up years ago with the Cola truck down south a ways. Ya' shoulda seen it, kid! Caps everywhere!}
{125}{}{Aaahhh. Funnee!}
{126}{}{Wow! Imagine someone running across that in the desert! They would've been rich!}
{127}{}{You bet. Arrgh! Oww! I hate to put a damper on this scintillating conversation, but if you could help me out from under this bumper, I'd appreciate it.}
{128}{}{U sure?}
{129}{}{Are you sure? You probably shouldn't move.}
{130}{}{Ahh, don't worry about it. Everything'll pop back into place eventually.}
{131}{}{OK. Get reddee!}
{132}{}{All right. Get ready!}
{133}{}{Yeah, oops! Where the hell did you learn to drive?}
{135}{}{Well, I'm self-taught actually.}
{136}{}{It shows. Believe me.}
{137}{}{Oh. U OK?}
{138}{}{Oh... well I... hmmmm. Are...are you okay?}
{139}{}{I told 'em. 'We need traffic signs', I said. But did they listen? Noooo...let's not listen to ol' Lumpy!}

# Player float
{200}{}{Oh, crap!}