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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a withered old ghoul.}
{101}{}{You see one of the several old ghouls that make this house their residence.}
{102}{}{I'm so tired.}
{103}{}{So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for yo-oo-ou.}
{104}{}{When's bedtime?}
{105}{}{What's that horrible smell? Oh, it's me.}
{106}{}{Is it 4 o'clock yet? I want dinner!}
{107}{}{Wow, I haven't broken my hip for almost an hour!}
{108}{}{Anyone seen my teeth?}
{109}{}{Where's my food?}
{110}{}{Death! I'm the one you want! Over here!}
{111}{}{Hello, Billy! I'm so glad you came back to see me.}
{112}{}{Getting old isn't for sissies.}
{113}{}{Oooops! My bowels!}
{114}{}{Does anyone have a diaper?}
{115}{}{I got a lot of wisdom I could impart, but I don't feel like it.}
{116}{}{Ghouls these days... bah!}
{117}{}{No respect... no one's got respect anymore.}
{118}{}{I remember that old Set...}
{119}{}{Wonder how ol' Jed is up in Gecko.}
{120}{}{You like muties? I like muties.}
{121}{}{I like potatahs! I like 'em mashed! I like 'em fried!}
{122}{}{I'm hungry!}
{123}{}{Wish we had some plants around.}
{124}{}{I don't like being outside.}
{125}{}{That ol' uranium mine's gotta give out soon.}
{126}{}{You ain't from Vault City, are you?}
{127}{}{I remember fightin' the Glowin' Ones under Necropolis... those were the days...}
{128}{}{Let me tell you 'bout when we opened the Vault...}
{129}{}{...what was I sayin'?}
{132}{}{I ain't got nothing to say to no-one!}
{133}{}{I need a nap.}
{134}{}{It's cold and there are wolves after me.}
{135}{}{Dogs keep waggin' their tails for HOURS after they die!}