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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see George, the door guard.}
{101}{}{Can I help you?}
{102}{}{wHant see miStr tOwer!}
{103}{}{Yes. I'm here to see Mr. Hightower.}
{104}{}{I have an appointment with Mr. Hightower and I'm running very late.}
{105}{}{Let me in.}
{106}{}{Mr. Hightower doesn't see just anyone.}
{107}{}{Well, he wants to see me.}
{108}{}{How do I set up an appointment with him?}
{109}{}{I'm not just anyone, you idiot!}
{110}{}{Oh well. Goodbye.}
{111}{}{Ok. Go on in.}
{112}{}{I know all of Mr. Hightower's associates and I've never seen you before, so you'd better leave. Now.}
{113}{}{Oh, man are you in trouble! Mr. H hates it when his appointments are late. I'll let him chew you out himself. Go on in.}
{114}{}{You're not getting in here. Beat it, skag!}
{115}{}{I don't want any trouble here, so you'd better leave now.}
{116}{}{Get lost!}
{117}{}{You're not getting in this door.}
{118}{}{What the hell are you sneaking around for?!? Guards!!!}
{119}{}{Get away from that door! Nobody gets in there without going through me first!}
{120}{}{You've got a lot of nerve coming around here! Guards!!}